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I'm tired of the waiting,
For the end of all days.

Let me start by saying that if I had known what the outcome would be, I would never have gone down this path..
Being an Angel of the Lord is a burden that I was glad to have but there were times when I wished it wasn't mine to bear.
But isn't that how it always is? You wish things were different but they aren't. You bear a burden as large as Heaven itself, so many endless possibilities running through your head, that it starts to overcome you; you become something entirely different than what you started out.

The prophets are preaching,
That the gods are needing praise.

It started out as a search for God.
While Dean suggested he was on something called a "flat bread" I had my ideas of where he had gone. Dean wasn't happy when I asked for his necklace and I cannot blame him. Had I known where this would all lead to I wouldn't have asked anything of him.
I started in Heaven, going to Jeremiah and asking for guidance. Jeremiah gave me the run-around and I was asked to leave the Garden and to stop my search. I left the Garden but did not give up on finding my Father.
I searched far and wide and yet there had been no sign of him. Every time I felt I was getting close, a barrier would stop me from reaching my destination. Whether it be demons or angels, something was always in the way and I know now it was my Father who sent them.

The maniac messiah,
Destruction is his game.<

While searching for God there was one question running through my head: Why? Why would he leave at such a pivotal time?
As I watched my brethren fighting each other, ripping Heaven to pieces to make the Apocalypse happen, I could not understand why my Father would leave. As we fought amongst ourselves, I watched love turn to hate, hate turn to agony. As much as Raphael blamed Lucifer for the damage done to our brothers and sisters, I know it wasn't just him orchestrating this. Lucifer was both cunning and intelligent, but there was a methodical chaos to it all.
A chaos I had seen before, long ago, in the First Battle against Hell.

A beautiful liar,
Love for him is pain.

Lucifer had been struck out of Heaven by Michael. In retaliation Lucifer gathered the hell-spawn he created and came at Heaven from all sides.
The war was brief, the damage great. Michael had been wounded in a way we had never seen and was out of commission. God himself came to battle and using his love as a weapon, defeated Lucifer and struck him out once more. He twisted Lucifer into thinking that his love for him was unconditional. He manipulated Lucifer to turn on his armies, to rid Heaven of his spawn and when Lucifer knelt once more full of hope to come home to his Father, God struck him down. Lucifer fell farther than he had before and stayed down.
God was celebrated that day. I joined in the celebrations, not caring of his methods.
That is, until this Apocalypse had started. Everywhere I turned, I saw love used to manipulate my brothers and sisters into warfare. And when I realized what was happening, I finally understood why.
God had never left; he was the center of it all.

The temples are now burning,
Our faith caught up in flames.

As I walked through the ashes and dust of death to the Temple we had built for our Father, I knew my faith would be lost soon.
I looked up and saw the white columns that were built with love mixed with a fear that wasn't meant in a negative manner and felt an anger start in my stomach that I had never felt before.
Ignoring the fire that had started inside the Temple, I sat on the steps. I took off the necklace Dean had given me in a moment of need and I felt it grow warmer. Without looking up I knew my Father had come.

"I have been searching for you for months, a barrier at my every turn. And yet I did not give up, I still searched because I had faith. I believed in you and what you stood for.
Why did you come now?" I asked, unsure if I wanted the answer.

"I came to end this," He said.

"By this I imagine you mean me," I replied, looking up now. I saw in his eyes the truths I had ignored for many years and knew what needed to be done.

"Why would I end you, my child? I speak of what your fallen brother has started," He replied after a long pause.

"You dare blame this on him?" I said, getting up. "Look around you Father, this is not only his doing."

God sighed and looked down. "You know nothing of what you speak."

"I know enough of your methods to see you in everything that goes on in this world. You are supposed to be a God of love, a God to be feared yes but not feared in such a manner that you have made others fear Lucifer."

He looked at me, lightening in his eyes. "You dare accuse me of starting this war when it is obvious Lucifer is the mind behind it?" he spat at me.

"No Father, you are at the heart and mind of this carnage. I will not stand idly by and watch you destroy everything we have worked for. I will do what must be done to rid this world of your influence."

"So be it," he said viciously and disappeared confirming my worst thoughts.

I sat on the steps again unsure of how to proceed. I was not an Arch-angel. I was not a warrior.
And I had just declared war against God.

The serpents are singing,
A song that's meant to say.

I went to Dean and explained the situation. He offered his help but I said no. He had already done so much, lost so much, I could not ask more from him. I gave him back his necklace and thanked him for his kindness and left him to seek out a different kind of help.

The demons name was Crowley. He was a crossroads demon, low on the payroll and in hiding. He had this theory that once Lucifer took over heaven the demons would be the first thing to go on his To-Do list. I cannot fault his logic for it was right on track.
I found him easier than I expected to and with minimal damage done to myself by his hell hound. I entered his hide-out, ridding it of any demon guards he had. He was in his den sipping red wine and reading, of all things, the bible.

"The last thing I expected was you, Castiel," he said not looking up as I walked over to the chair he was sitting on. "Is this a social call?"

"I need your help," I said at which point he looked up.

"Well isn't this interesting? The Saint coming for help from the Sinner. And they say us demons are stupid," He sipped his wine.

"Heaven is practically in ruins, Hell isn't far behind it and you sit here doing nothing. I seek to end this bloodshed on both sides" I told him calmly.

He laughed. "Having Daddy issues, Castiel? Honestly I'm surprised any of you winged-idiots figure it out, let alone you-"

I slammed his drink out of his hand. "We don't have time for this. You will help me,"

Crowley stood up and looked into my eyes. "You sound confident on this subject so tell me, what makes you think I'm going to help you?"

I stood to my full height and looked down on him. "It will benefit us both in the end and from what I know of you, Crowley, if it benefits you you'll do it."

"Ah," he said hands in his pockets and he walked around me to pour himself a new glass of Cabernet. "If you know me well enough to make that assumption then you'll need to be more specific than that. How does helping you benefit me?"

I turned to look at him, disgust filling in my being. " You will get to live, is that not enough for you?"

Crowleys gaze turned cold. "Is that a threat?"

I stepped towards him, "That's a promise," I responded. "I've asked you nicely once, Crowley. If I have to ask again I will not be so congenial."

"You came into my home, uninvited seeking my help for your revenge and you expect me to just go along with it because you asked nicely?" He set the wine glass down. "Remember who you're dealing with, Castiel. I'm not some bumbling moron who will be your pet, I will raise Hell on you if you so much as think to threaten me again."

I hated to admit that he had a point but I did, to myself at least. "This war needs to end, Crowley. I have ideas but I cannot accomplish this without you."

He downed the remnants of his wine and looked at me dubiously. "Tell me of your "ideas," he said.

So we sat and discussed them.

I need a new direction,
Cause I have lost my way.

As the war raged on in Heaven, I was at war with myself. I was conspiring against my Father, against my brothers and sisters and I was conspiring with that which I despised.
Days turned to months and when the final showdown between Lucifer and Michael happened I chose to be there to help my friends. Aside from being blown to bits then revived again, it was a good day for the Earth as Lucifer was defeated and put back in his cage to fight with his brother for all eternity.

I knew the moment I was revived why I had been so and by whom. God did not forget or forgive as easily as the bible made him appear to. I knew he would be coming after me at some point and I needed to be ready for that day.

Crowley helped me start a Civil War in Heaven. I was seeking to bring Heaven back to its former glory, I thought I was doing it for the sake of my brothers and sisters but I realize now that it was my own selfish ambitions I was sating. The blood of angels on my hands is more than I care to think about, and more than there was during the Apocalypse. In my search for revenge I didn't care what the cost was.

All we need is faith.
All we need is faith.
Faith is all we need.

When the final day came, God sought me out. We met at the Temple in which we had our last meeting. The Temple was mostly in ruin as I had made sure it did not get repaired. He looked up at it and I saw a kind of sadness in his eyes for a moment but when he turned away to look at me I saw it replaced with his anger.

"You have turned many of the angels against me," he observed. "I was hoping we could settle this amicably but I can see from your resolve it will not be so."

"You conspired with Lucifer to bring about the Apocalypse for your own amusement. Many angels died in that battle that should not have had that fate."

He laughed coldly. "Do not speak to me of death, Castiel. From what I understand your Civil War against Raphael has claimed more lives than my skirmish did."

"What do you know of the war with Raphael?" I asked, although I knew the answer before he divulged it.

"Where do you think he gets his orders from?" he responded, the cold mirth back in his eyes. "Certainly not a demon."

"Crowley was a necessary tool. He will be dealt with once this is over." I felt myself getting defensive over my actions, over Crowley.

"Now, now Castiel. Didn't I teach you better than this?" He snapped his fingers and a staff appeared in his right hand. "I think its time I teach you another lesson."

He struck at me sideways. Moving to the right I avoided contact with his staff. I let loose the two Angel Blades I carried with me always, swiping right then left although I, too, did not make contact with anything solid.

"I did not come here to fight, Father," I said although my defensive position said otherwise.

God rested his arm on the staff and sneered. "You claim that you do not wish to cause violence here but look around you, Castiel. There is violence everywhere. This used to be a temple of Love and now it is in ruin. Heaven used to be a safe place and now it is ruled with fear. Do you think you can keep me out of here forever? I alone hold the keys to all its majesty. I alone can return it to its former glory.
And when I do you will be cast out in the same manner as Lucifer."

There was a blinding light and I felt a searing pain as my wings were burned away. I dropped my blades as I fell to the ground trembling.
"You should have known better, Castiel, than to think you could take me on."

I looked up at my Father. "What happened to you? When did you become this?" I asked imploringly.

"When you have seen what I have seen and done what I have done, you are never the same being from the years of hardship." He raised his staff and knocked me me out.

All we need is faith.
All we need is faith.
Faith is all we need.

The next thing I remember is waking up on the grass. Standing up I took stock of myself; I was bloodied and bruised, with no memory how I'd gotten here. My back was sore from where the wounds left by my wings had been cauterized. I looked to the sky, unable to keep the tears from my eyes.

I had been cast out of Heaven.
I was alone in the world.
I fell to my knees and cried out in anger.

My Grace was gone.
My faith was gone.

Fanpet for Castiel from Supernatural.
I do not own any of the characters, just the plot I have put together.
Song Lyrics from End of All Days by 30 Seconds To Mars
Story by me
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