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The Custom Sweetheart Sheeta
Owner: kenny

Age: 5 years, 5 months, 2 weeks

Born: May 2nd, 2015

Adopted: 5 years, 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: May 2nd, 2015

Pet Spotlight Winner
November 15th, 2017


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

herbalist & tea lover.

Cool Citrus Serenity was Chamomile's favorite tea blend of all the brews she had created, a unique mingling of flavors that soothed the throat and nerves with each sip. It was the sheeta's usual breakfast drink of choice, enjoyed from the plush violet chair to the rear of her small tea shop.

It was the prime seat, situated beside the fireplace for chilly winter days and with a view which allowed her to observe every table from a distance. Warm amber light crept gradually across the floor as the sun cast fiery halos over the rims of the skyscrapers to either side of the shop. Chamomile could always see the beauty in small details. She admired the rosy hue cast over the latticed backs of the bistro chairs, their seats polished with a dark finish that gleamed.

She needed no clock to tell her when it was time to move to the kitchen just as she needed no measuring spoons to get the mixtures for her brews just right. Chamomile had a gift. She could tell by one sniff not only what a tea mix contained but whether the mixture's balance was ideal. Over thirty flavors had passed the lips of her customers and all had sold well. She kept only her six most popular custom teas brewing year-round, along with the more traditional blends. Seasonal options were released for a limited time to lure in regulars and new customers.

Teapots hand-crafted by Saheric sages were bubbling merrily when Chamomile's two assistants came in the back, frilly white aprons draped over their arms. Though the dragarths were sisters, they could not be more different. Matcha's bubble gum pink curls and toothy grin invited customers to talk about their days. It was impossible not to return her smile and she would refill a teacup before the customer even had a chance to ask. Sencha favored black lipstick and a brooding look but her knowledge of herbs and their uses was unrivaled in Centropolis. She made a beeline for those intellects that claimed a corner chair and proceeded to lose themselves in their writing. She was not hailed as frequently by customers, but she tended to get larger tips.

Matcha bustled between tables, refilling napkin holders and seeing to it that spoons and napkins were placed just so. Sencha's concern was with a new recipe she and Chamomile had been working on for nearly a week.

"I just can't seem to get the proportion of orange peel to ginger root right."

Chamomile held up a spoonful of the herbs at Sencha's station, sniffing cautiously. It would not be the first time she'd had a noseful of fire due to some mix-up in ingredients. Though the sisters were talented, they were young and prone to error.

"You're close but I can't detect any anise seed."

Sencha slapped her forehead. "That's right! I was going to send Matcha to the market when she went to pick up cream and brew paper. She got me looking at the display in Torte's window on the way there and I completely forgot."

Chamomile smiled at the name. "Torte does such beautiful work, one can hardly blame Matcha for admiring it. Don't worry, Sencha. This blend is for the summer line anyway. We'll get it right."

Chamomile was ready when the first customers of the day walked in. The pair of pherrets were regulars, always coming in to enjoy a cup before their shift at the Weapons Warehouse. They both waved to Chamomile as Matcha trotted over to take their order. They were soon followed by the usual string of Subetans looking for a morning pick-me-up. Chamomile was pleased to see that the posters Matcha had designed were causing many to stop and glance at the brand new line of Survival Shakes. Her signed portrait of Louis L'amour graced the north wall above the short section of booths.

Truffle was whistling some song off the latest Horns & Roses CD as he stepped inside. He made straight for Chamomile's corner.

"You simply must set me up with one of those peanut butter cup pie shakes, dear Chamomile. My mouth floods at the exquisite image on your sign." he put a paw to his mouth as some of the other flavors caught his attention. "Though the mint chocolate chip crush is also terribly tempting..." He trailed off as the next menu over caught his attention. While cutesy chocolate blends appealed to many seeking to please their sweethearts, the needs of the unliving could not be forgotten. "I must say that not even a chocolate connoisseur such as myself would be daring enough to sample that chocolate caramel creepy crawlies option. I'd be picking bits out of my teeth for a week."

Chamomile blushed as a pair of graveyard keetos at the next table over gave Truffle a look. She liked the spunky jollin with the chocolate fur and whipped cream ruff but he had a tendency to say whatever came into his mouth. He slurped the shake Matcha handed across the counter, oblivious to the looks. He enjoyed the treat so much that he used his fingers to get the last few drops from the cup.

"I'm probably the only Subetan that doesn't mind biting my fingers." He smacked his lips. "Another wild success, I must say. If only Dolly wasn't so concerned with the new lolly line...but I've said too much. I know you won't reveal my secret, Chamomile."

"I wouldn't dream of it."

He offered her a small bow, caving in and ordering a minty shake to go. He held the door for Torte who was just entering with a large white pastry box in one paw, tapping the imitation marble floor with the cane he used in place of his tired eyes. Chamomile rose from her seat, hurrying forward to greet the portly anyu.

"It was so good of you to visit, Torte. I know how you hate to walk the streets. Why don't you come sit in my corner and join me for a cup of tea?"

She took care to guide him around the maze of tables, concerned for his safety. He sank into a chair with a grateful sigh, placing the box carefully on the table in front of him.

"It's really not so bad at this early hour. Bixby and I just put the finishing touches on these special strawberry biscotti and I know from experience how perfectly they go with your tea. I've got a large order of love muffins that's just come in and I wanted to get these to you while they were fresh and crispy."

"I would've been glad to stop by and pick them up, Torte."

He waved the offer away with a massive paw. "I must pay a visit to The Bake Stop anyway. It is truly amazing how much cherry filling one baker can go through at this time of year. Don't you go trying to overpay me this time, Chamomile. My eyes may not work as great as yours but the ones in the back of my head have a real knack for math."

She did insist he take a bag of her custom lemon herb chai tea, knowing how much he loved the blend. She was sorry to see him leave; she could easily spend an afternoon talking to Torte. Doing so would be much more enjoyable than her current plans.

It wasn't that she didn't love Sundae: the bubbly celinox was simply too active, always dashing from one place to the next and wanting to be amid the nearest crowd, no matter its size or members. Why couldn't she be quiet and aloof like other celinoxes? Sundae had been insisting on a girl's night for weeks and would not take no for an answer this time. She showed up right on the minute as Sencha flipped the open sign to closed.

"Chamomile, my darling! This is going to be the night of nights, I can assure you. We'll start our search at Subeautique and if Esmerelda is too sluggish about stocking her wares we will move right on to Clothing Rack." Sundae put a paw to her whipped cream mane, fluffing it indignantly. "It's not very glamorous shopping off the rack but I simply refuse to stand around for one whole hour just to stare at Cece Hound pieces. I'm sure they have their following here in Centropolis but I am not among them."

"I don't need a dress, Sundae. Really. I'll go to offer my support but I simply have no interest in attending the Atebus ball."

Sundae rolled her eyes. "It's time to get over your shyness, Cham. You'll never meet a handsome guy sitting in your shop all day; and with that adorable coat of yours, you deserve someone gorgeous. Now come on: you're buying a gown if I have to hold you down and strap it on."

Despite her protests, they did have fun, and Sundae was certainly amusing as she tried on various masks, scowling like a grumpy old mortiking and attempting to roar like an archan. Sundae ended up with an outfit of stunning electric blue hues while Chamomile insisted on a simple white gown with a silver mask highlighted with pearls. Sundae ceased eyeing a gaudy mask heavy with diamonds when Chamomile threatened to walk out of the store but perked up at the register. She would not let Chamomile spend a single coin, insisting this was her treat.

They went to Chamomile's cottage, indulging in cocoa whip gelato brought over from Sundae's shop and cinnamon spice tea that Chamomile had brought home for the occasion. Sundae insisted on going through every detail of the shopping adventure, beginning with the look a cute illumis had given her walking in and ending on the adorable pair of shoes in her closet that would be just too perfect with her new outfit. This led Sundae to insist they go through Chamomile's meager shoe collection. A pair of silver pumps was deemed passable, though Sundae would not leave until she'd secured a promise that they would visit Shoe Shack for some serious fashion updates.

Chamomile waved until Sundae was out of sight, sighing in relief as she retreated to her herb greenhouse. The peace and quiet of tending her precious plants was the perfect way to recover from an evening of chaotic crowd surfing. Not one leaf was brown and aphids did not dare set one tiny foot in her soil. The contentment of Chamomile's herb plants was almost tangible, a life-filled joy that eased the tension in her shoulders and allowed her to relax.

subeta's premiere gastronauts


she's always so upbeat! it must be the caffeine in all those coffee beans.


this celinox is sweeter than a triple fudge banana split with extra sprinkles.


a sweet, chubby p√Ętissiere with failing eyesight and a great sniffer.


a chocolate fanatic who personifies the phrase 'you are what you eat'.


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