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Age: 5 years, 7 months, 1 week

Born: March 11th, 2015

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Adopted: March 11th, 2015

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July 15th, 2015


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 12
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

it is the day of the dead.
The Ofrendas have been painstakingly built and lavishly decorated in remembrance of each family's late loved ones. Candles cast a cheery - if not out-of-place - glow all around the cemetery. This is not a mournful occasion, no — there is music in the air, and children shrieking with laughter dance and chase each other around the brightly-colored tombstones. Families kneel beside the shrines to their ancestors and speak fondly of the departed, remembering happy times in life and hoping for happier times in the afterlife. Stories are shared, songs are sung, food is enjoyed: it is Dí­a de los Muertos, and everywhere, there is joy.

Well, not quite everywhere.

A woman weeps at the foot of her sparsely-decorated Ofrenda. It is her first Day of the Dead alone, and she can find no reason to be happy; memories that should bring her joy instead bring her sorrow. As she weeps, she prays to the patrona del amor perdido - the patron saint of lost love - that her husband has passed peacefully and without incident into the Land of the Remembered.

The smell of marigolds and the soft strumming of a guitar fill the air.

"—señora, why are you crying?"
The woman looks up to see a creature perched atop her husband's altar. He is as big as a stallion, yet he does no harm as he steps among the offerings of old photographs and tequila. She recognizes him immediately as a torero: his brilliant red-and-gold tails would attract any toro's attention, and his ironclad head and wickedly-pointed horns would meet the bull head-on. Dark sugar-skull curls are etched into his bone-white face, and cuffs of gold encircle his wrists and ankles — he must be a cherished and decorated ancestor of someone in the town. Clutched in his cruel-looking claws is a worn guitar, whose strings he gently - lovingly - strokes, creating a tune that soothes the ache in her spirit. And then she sees it — the crowned heart, emblazoned upon either of his shoulders; and she weeps for an entirely different reason, for her prayers have been answered.

"—my husband is dead," she tells the beast of bone.

The torero makes a mournful rattling noise that may have been a sigh.

"—I know," he replies. His voice is like the smoothest tres leches cake. He plays a dramatic chord on his guitar; again, the smell of marigolds comes upon her.

The world holds its breath.

That's when she hears it — the familiar gravelly rumble of her husband's laugh; and when she turns, she sees him, in all his sugar-skeleton glory. For a split second, she dares not believe: this must be some sort of cruel trick. But it cannot be so, for all around, the Remembered are reuniting with the living, as though they have never left! Bony hands clasp with fleshy ones; laughter and song rise from lungs both empty and full. Indeed, in every corner of the cemetery, the dead have come to dance with their loved ones. She tearfully embraces her husband, and as she turns to praise the torero for his gift, he has already begun to walk away, going unnoticed among the rejoicing families. He must be going to the Ofrenda of his own family, and she knows there is only one family of bullfighters in this town.

No family is remembered quite as fondly as familia Sánchez. Their corridas are legendary; people would come from miles around to watch a Sánchez take down a bull. Each Sánchez moved with unparalleled skill and courage — some would say they make bullfighting look easy. However, the family seems to have fallen on hard times ever since the passing of their last son...

(The black sheep: a lazy cabrón who squandered his incredible talent for the life of a mariachi. An outrageously-skilled and handsome bullfighter who wouldn't kill the bull. A disgrace.)

In spite of their recent tribulations, the Sánchez family Ofrenda is one of the most decorated and visited in town, and indeed, the beast of bone is there; from a distance, he watches his two best friends as they exchange stories and place flowers at the base of the altar, though he dares not approach them. He knows the damage his death has wrought. Instead, the torero - the black sheep, the would-be mariachi, the patron saint of music and lost love - conceals himself in the feverishly-dancing crowd and picks at the strings of his guitar, and he plays until the sun rises and the Remembered vanish with the dawn.

He is the last of them to leave, taking the scent of marigolds with him.

Fanpet for Manolo Sánchez from The Book of Life. I don't own the character, only the changes made to suit Subeta.
Story, profile, and coding by kenny.
Overlay and pet art by kenny with help from the amazing (and patient) Folara!

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Book of Life

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Day of the Dead Sugar Skull

Happy Skull Bead

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Calavera Bride Painted Eyes

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Calaca Groom Grinning Mask

Blooming Skull Sticker

Laughing Skull Sticker

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