Maven has a minion!

Iris the Defeye

Legacy Name: Maven

The Graveyard Mahar
Owner: Zombie

Age: 14 years, 6 months, 1 week

Born: December 12th, 2009

Adopted: 7 years, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: June 7th, 2017

Pet Spotlight Winner
February 16th, 2019


  • Level: 92
  • Strength: 174
  • Defense: 57
  • Speed: 57
  • Health: 57
  • HP: 57/57
  • Intelligence: 347
  • Books Read: 332
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Hotel Chain Owner

You've heard the stories about her. The creature who lives in a cave high up in the mountains. Maven, the one who holds infinite knowledge.

People visit her with questions, and she answers. She'll tell you whatever you want to know. Her responses are given freely, with no kind of payment or reward needed.

There's just one rule - visitors must stay at the front of the cave while they ask questions. No one is allowed to enter any further. No one has ever actually seen Maven in person.

You decide you're going to be the one to change that, and you're not going to tell a soul about your plans.

It's a warm, sunny day when you set out. You've bought food and water for the trip, and a camera. It's going to be all the proof you need. The path leading to the cave is wide and well-worn. Maven has had a lot of company over the years, but today you're the only one on the trail.

After a few hours, you arrive at the entrance to the cave and peer inside. You see the the ground, covered in pebbles and dirt, and nothing else. It's too dark to see more than a few feet in front of you. You shiver as a cool draft billows out of the gloom.

"Hello," you say loudly, proud of yourself for sounding so bold.

A few seconds of silence, and then, a reply from the depths of the cave.

"Hello, what can I help you with today?"

"I'm here to take a picture of you."

She cackles at that, seemingly very amused by your idea. "A picture, hmm? I'll tell you right now, that isn't a good idea. How about I just answer a question or two, instead?"

"Please, only one picture, and I'll be on my way. You're the greatest mystery around here; people are curious about you."

"Well.. if you're sure.. but I must warn you I'm not a pretty sight these days."

You hear her footsteps start then, slow, scratchy little noises. Squinting into the darkness, you see a dragon-like shape coming closer - four legs, two horns, a long tail.. Then Maven stops in front of you, in the full light of day, and all thoughts of mythical reptiles vanish from your mind.

She looks like a dead thing. Her body is a putrid shade of gray-green, full of scars and small, round lumps of flesh. Your gaze falls upon her eyes, bottomless pools of wisdom and sadness. She looks back at you, but you can't tell if she's really seeing you at all. Maybe she's looking into you instead.

You almost recoil in disgust, but you catch yourself and keep your face neutral. The poor creature already knows how pitiful she looks; no wonder she has kept herself hidden away for so long. Still, you came here with a goal, and you're going to get it done. Your hand shakes imperceptibly as you raise the camera.


Maven shivers, and one of the small lumps on her body cracks open.

It's an eye. A pale, wet blue eye overrun with swollen blood vessels. It spins around weakly in its socket, once, and then it is still.

Little by little, more eyes are revealed, twitching, blinking, fluttering. The last one, on Maven's forehead, glances around a couple of times and settles on you. As if on cue, all of the other eyes turn simultaneously to land on your face.

There's too many of them. All staring, all judging you, a stranger. An intruder in a place not meant for any earthly being.

You feel them slipping around inside your head. They know your thoughts, they're studying your memories. Going into the deepest recesses of your consciousness and taking over, until you're not in control anymore.

You drop to the ground in a lifeless heap. The last thing you hear is Maven's voice, heavy with sorrow.

"I told you it wasn't a good idea."

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Pet Treasure

Gouged Mahar Eyes

Cursed Licorice Hard Candy

Cursed Cinnamon Hard Candy

Cursed Grape Hard Candy

Cursed Blueberry Hard Candy

Cursed Apple Hard Candy

Single Blind Rubber Cyclopean Eye

Single Gray Rubber Cyclopean Eye

Single Green Rubber Cyclopean Eye

Single Gold Rubber Cyclopean Eye

Single Khaki Rubber Cyclopean Eye

Magenta Eyeball Beanbag

Green Eyeball Beanbag

Brown Eyeball Beanbag

Blue Eyeball Beanbag

Gray Eyeball Beanbag

Pile of Blue Eyeballs

Pile of Violet Eyeballs

Pile of Hazel Eyeballs

Pile of Dead Eyeballs

Pile of Green Eyeballs

Indigo Jellied Eyeball

Blue Jellied Eyeball

Pink Jellied Eyeball

Blind Jellied Eyeball

Bloodshot Jellied Eyeball

Professor New Zombelle Replacement Eye

Forgotten Brides Loose Eye

Diseased Eyeball

Slimy Eye

Harvested Eyeball

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