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Crystal Shop Restock

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I don't like how wet these Crystal Shop items are.

Rule Change: No More Site-Specific Options Needed For Commission Spots

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Hello, everyone!

Subeta has had a long-standing rule for several years now that users offering creative products or services need to have at least one commission quote that cites a price in CSC or other site-specific options. This was intended for several purposes, one of the big ones being to prevent scammers from setting up shop in pure USD.

This rule has been subject to a lot of discussion and debate, along with pleas to re-examine it, and we’ve decided to give that a shot! We’re going to rescind this requirement for ALL commission types (coding, writing, artwork, etc.) and give it (about) a sixty-day period to look at how it’s going. At that sixty-day period, if it has dramatically increased site traffic to the point where there’s a very clear cost of relaxing it versus how much we’re paying on servers and database, we’ll explain what’s going on and solicit further feedback on how best to balance the situation. Or, if we need more data, I’ll post to that; the big take-away is that y’all will get an update at sixty days.

EDIT FOR FURTHER EXPLANATION: To clarify at what the sixty days assessment is meant to be, it is not that the site-specific slots rules go back into effect at that point, the change about not needing site-specific commission spots is in effect unless otherwise and SPECIFICALLY noted. The sixty days is us assessing how it is going on backend from everything to server traffic that affects and does not offset the change in base Subeta operating costs to overall pattern of site of activity. IF this incurs a huge amount of site traffic that pushes Subeta way into the red and affects our ability to deliver a fun experience to all our users, OR if there is an increased pattern of scammers specifically showing up for USD and then bouncing without delivering, thus making it harder for the creative community overall, we will be laying out those issues to y'all, the userbase, and discussing what changes are useful and feasible to find a balance if it is even necessary. It is not about making anyone justify keeping the change, it is about us being transparent in what we're taking into account and why IF issues crop up.

We still encourage people to keep offering your CSC/sP/etc spots in addition to USD, of course, and we know the people who’ve already paid for those openings look forward to getting their completed work. But we hope that being more flexible with the established and aspiring creative community going forward gives you more reasons to support Subeta and invite others to do so as well!

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Tempest: New Item

Hoodie Tempest Doll
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