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Saherimos (The Sacred Lands)

Saherimos is the name of the eastern-most continent on Subeta, as well as a large country within its borders. Unlike many other places on Subeta, "Sacred Lands" is a fairly faithful translation, the actual meaning of Saherimos being "Sacred Sands."

All of Saherimos is a large coastal desert. Affected by cold ocean currents and strong local winds, the environment can be very complex and unstable. Saherimos has the iconic dunes that one would expect from a desert, but is also prone to dense morning fog that helps to support a variety of life.


Saherimos is home to the Saheric, an indigenous race of Subetans. Unlike many other native populations on Subeta, relative isolation has maintained a healthy population, and they have kept much of their complex cultural identity. The Saheric are the most ancient race on Subeta, and the first recorded Subetan history can be found carved into the walls of their temples, or in the remnants of crumbling books.

They are a strongly built people, with wide, flat features. They have an olive-brown skin tone, jewel-toned eyes, and typically have fair hair (though deep reds and auburns are not unheard of). Like many native Subetan races, they have pointed ears.

Because they have largely kept their cultural identity, they also have a particular style of dressing. They wear free-flowing, but covering, clothing in pale colors, accompanied by head scarves to protect themselves from the harsh desert climate.


Saherimos is one of the only regions of Subeta to boast its own government, mostly free from the influence of Centropolis. Saherimos is ruled by a monarchy, a long dynasty of caliphs stretching back to ancient times. According to their legends, this family was chosen by the Sand Spirits to lead their people based on their heroic deeds. While the monarchy ultimately makes the final decisions, nearly all day-to-day minutia is handled by a vast network of ministers.

Saherimos has a rich trade relationship with Centropolis and its colonies, and wealthy merchants and trade princes are not uncommon among the Saheric. Equally common are the stories of these merchants bribing ministers in order to get government contracts or other special privileges.


Surprisingly, the arrival of Shinwa to the Sacred Lands was not such an upheaval as one might have thought. The Saheric had a complex system of Sand Spirits whom they worshiped, and were able to draw strong parallels between Shinwa and some of their mystical figures.

Retellings of many ancient stories, even those with origins pre-dating the arrival of Shinwa, use her name and the names of their Sand Spirits interchangeably. Whether they believe she is another form of a Sand Spirit or whether they simply do not care enough to differentiate between the two is unknown.

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