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Riverside is a large area of land, lying at the mid-point between Centropolis and the Veta Lake area. Surrounding the banks of the Peka River, Riverside is a combination of grassland and wetland, and home to Peka Glade National Park, a protected area. Because of the often marshy terrain, Riverside is home to more animals than people.

Aside from the wetlands, which are home to a wide array of life, Riverside is also known for its rich mining deposits, especially those of precious jewels. This area was especially economically important to the first Human settlers of Subeta, as the wealth of gemstones and precious metals allowed settlers to open a trade relationship with Subeta's native inhabitants. In moderns times, the area still has many operational mines, though the proximity of these mines to the protected Peka Glade area and a variety of threatened plant and animal species causes frequent problems with environmentalists.

Because of the marshy terrain, farming is generally not an option, and so supplies must be shipped in to the miners and prospectors at great cost and annoyance. As one might expect, permanent settlements are hard to maintain in Riverside, as areas may flood as seasons change. Instead, most settlements are generator powered, hastily constructed shanty towns that move easily from mine to mine as needed. This lends the area the appearance of a rough frontier land, despite its proximity to the beacon of civilization, Centropolis.


Like neighboring Veta Lake, Riverside did not appear to have a native population at the time of Human settlement. While there are some historical records that indicate the Lake District may have once been home to a great empire, Riverside is rarely mentioned. However, there are some cave systems in the area whose even and manufactured appearance suggest that they may have once been ancient mines for an unknown people.

Currently, this area has a mix of Human and Subetan residents that work the mines. Ji Meneb migrants are especially common in Riverside, as their knowledge of mining gained in the tricky climate of The Darkside make them invaluable as project leaders and specialists.

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