Centropolis (sen-trop-o-liss) is the name of a city state located on the Western-most continent of Subeta. It is the most populous area of Subeta, the capital of Subeta, and the seat of the Chancellor. This was the original landing site of human explorers on Subeta. The name of the city comes from a blending of ancient human dialects, centro meaning "in the center" and polis meaning "city"/"town".

The area immediately around Centropolis is primarily temperate grassland, with mild summer and winter seasons, and mineral rich soil that is well suited to crops. This area of Subeta could easily be described as Earth-like, and so has remained a popular area for humans to live and work.


While the Centropolis area is the most common place to find human settlers, it is also a popular place for native Subetans to live and work. You can find people from almost every region of Subeta living in Centropolis, including those of mixed-race, which is traditionally more uncommon in other areas of Subeta due to the large distances between land masses.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Centropolis is the number of ethnic enclaves, representing cultures and traditions of both Subeta and Earth. In addition to providing an interesting look into the traditions of other cultures, as well as a more familiar place for migrants to start a new life in Centropolis, these areas are frequently praised as sources for imported goods that may be difficult to find in most mainstream shops.

The oldest ethnic enclave (and, indeed, one of the oldest neighborhoods in general) in Centropolis is Little Shadowveria (sometimes also referred to as Shadowtown), which was founded by Tehb traders several hundred years ago. This area is especially popular around Morostide, when many traditional celebrations can be enjoyed by all.

Other Notes

    The seat of the Chancellor is in an area of the city called King's Quarter, a reference to the monarchy that existed before the current system of law.
    In addition to being ethnically diverse, Centropolis is also architecturally diverse. Different neighborhoods of the city may look very different from one another, based on when they were built and the cultural climate at the time.
    Centropolis is a very expensive city to live in! Rather than living in the city proper, many people choose to live in smaller townships around Centropolis, or may even choose to commute from neighboring regions such as Veta.

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