Charity (CHAR-i-tee) is a girl in Riverside Valley who gives free food to the less wealthy citizens of Subeta. If you have under 10,000sP and pay her a visit she will give you three random food items for your pets.


Charity had never known hunger, it seemed. The girl's mother, who had the sense of a professionally trained chef and the power to conjure up any ingredient known to Subeta with the mere flick of her ladle, spent more time serving delicious meals to her family than she did actually cooking them. As a result, Charity spent her childhood dining on five-star meals, her indulgent chef of a mother constantly attending to her stomach as if she were a prized restaurant patron. Having known nothing but her cozy home and the fine foods that quite literally materialized out of thin air, she assumed that everyone lived this way.

Imagine her shock when she found that it isn't so! Naive and well-meaning, having somehow avoided becoming spoiled in the midst of all of these luxuries, she entered school. Before she had even introduced herself, however, she had been singled out by the others as the odd one out, her strange appearance having given her away as not quite human. Her shocking purple hair and pointed ears set her apart, and she could do little to hide her differences. Dismayed yet optimistic, the girl befriended the only children who didn't regard her with such critical scrutiny; those who had also been systematically shunned for other arbitrary reasons.

Despite the fact that they had little in common, the little group sat together at lunch each day, munching away at whatever their parents had prepared for them. Their meals were quite obviously simpler, and while Charity wondered why their parents didn't magic them better meals, she had the respect to refrain from questioning them. Soon enough, however, she became aware of their differences; their parents, it seemed, did not have the ability to create anything they wanted! Perhaps the others were impressed with the idea of calling something into existence upon whim, but she was even more impressed with the idea of going through so much work to achieve something. Even the lunches she took for granted- the lunches that came so easily- took time and effort to prepare!

Her hobby began innocently enough. Every so often, she would swap lunches with a friend who had gotten something particularly repulsive or hand hers over to someone who had forgotten his or her meal. As she grew out of her sheltered childhood, however, she realized that other Subetans suffered more serious problems. There were some who couldn't even afford a meal, much less a good one! Horrified at the idea of going hungry, Charity made it her goal to provide food to those who needed it. It seemed her parents had chosen her an appropriate name.

The now teenage Charity, however, was in for another surprise. To her dismay, she had not inherited her mother's talent, and found herself absolutely powerless like the other children, despite being cursed with her unique appearance. Still, she was determined to do whatever she could, and so took up the arduous task of learning to prepare food the long and hard way.

No one could have been more dedicated to a cause. Eventually, Charity learned to cook, and while her food was decidedly simpler than the food she had grown up with, she knew that the hungry would appreciate it. Once she reached adulthood, she decided to open a kitchen for the poor, whose doors are always open to anyone who can't afford a meal. To this day, she can be found in Riverside Valley, ladling generous portions of whatever she's decided to cook up to the masses.

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