The harvester is something of an enigma - in fact, there are many people who claim they simply do not exist. Those that have experienced the touch of a harvester know better, of course, and cherish its presence and friendship beyond all others.

Harvesters are benevolent spirits, created by feelings of loss and despair. Because of this, they are most often found in graveyards, where they hang out in the shadows cast by anything from trees and headstones to mourners placing flowers on graves. They are not harmful, but rather a neutral being attracted to those that are most innocent. For that reason, they often attach themselves to children. Once a harvester has decided to befriend a person, they will become visible to that person only, and will even talk to them - though it often sounds as whispers in their head, and many believe they are simply hearing their own thoughts and feelings. Because they are not visible to those not personally selected by them, many adults simply believe a child has invented an invisible friend of sorts.

Harvesters become protectors of the children they befriend, feeding on their fears and nightmares - hence the origin of their name, as they 'harvest' the darkness. They do not stop nor control negative feelings. Instead, they help children with how to cope with them, learn from them, and provide them with the encouragement needed to get through them. Although most adults cannot see them, if they have attached themselves to you as a child, you will have a friend for life.

In rare cases, they have been known to attach themselves to adults. Adults usually cannot see them as clearly, but they can feel their presence. At first this can be quite frightening, but people soon realize that it will not hurt you, and after time and trust, will learn to call their new harvester a friend.

Those adults who do believe in harvesters may choose to seek them out, and if they are lucky, could find a harvester that has for some reason lost its original person and is seeking a new companion.

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