Calvin Blackmoon

Calvin Blackmoon (CAL-vin BLAK-moon) is the young dictator of Atebus, cousin of Sebastian Phoenix, and president and CEO of Blackmoon, Inc., the company responsible for the manufacture of cadogres and endeavors.


Calvin has always been intelligent--even to a greater degree than his cousin, the esteemed Sebastian Phoenix. Orphaned at a very young age, he was adopted by his aunt and uncle, the distinguished Gloria and Gunther Phoenix. He first began to turn heads when he began reading at the age of two, while Sebastian, the same age, was still potty training. As Calvin grew, he demonstrated a marvelous adeptness with machines, and would take the family's devices apart at the tender age of four. By the time he was five years old, he was building his own toys out of spare parts he either found on his family's estate or salvaged from other equipment, and by his tenth birthday he had created a fully functioning robot he called the cadogre, which he released in limited quantities to the public.

Neither the new owners of these cadogres, nor his adoptive parents knew that little Calvin's plan was to amass an army of robots, pets and owners to assault the moon Atebus. He built massive amounts of cybernetic creatures to aid him, and lured many pets and owners to his side with promises of power and glory. Years went by as he secretly built his army and schemed against Atebus.

When the blow against Atebus finally came, it was absolutely crushing. Though the forces of defense on Subeta's moon put up a good fight, they were decimated by Blackmoon's superior numbers and weaponry, and Calvin's own brilliant strategical mind. The war was over in a matter of days.

As Atebus had been a strictly experimental settlement, the loss was quietly accepted by Subeta's government and quickly covered up. As for Calvin, he set out to build a sprawling technologically-dependent city on the moon. Everything would be manufactured at Blackmoon Incorporated, the very same company that produced the cadogres and the now-heavily-modified endeavors he discovered were already in use by the previous leadership of Atebus. Soon after construction of the city Ziara, Calvin invited anyone from Subeta who wanted to come live in his city to do so.

Many still suspect and fear that Calvin Blackmoon, still as diabolical as ever, is planning a full scale attack on Subeta, though he denies anything of the sort. Still, on occasion a ship flying his flag will be seen soaring slowly over Subeta, and no one but Calvin is quite sure what his next move will be.

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