To many, the idea of a soul-possessing demon is not synonymous with a soft, lovable, sentient plush toy -- but then, those people are likely not familiar with the dillema. All demons were once feared as dark beings that had the potential to destroy all they came in contact with. However, the dillema has truly shown how kindness and love can lead to the redemption of any creature.

Mere decades ago, Maleria had an idea to grow an army right under the noses of nearly every Subetan. She cast a spell that sent demons into the world desperately looking for souls. Her goal was to have them possess the most innocent object found in almost every home: plush toys. This could then lead to the corruption of children, and in turn adults; in no time, she would have a faithful army willing to do her bidding, and what would Shinwa be able to do about it? Unfortunately for Maleria, her powers had been bound and weakened upon her exile to Subeta, and the spell failed - or at least, did not go as planned. The bodyless demons did go out into Subeta and did possess plush toys, but they were not the evil, mindless beings that Maleria had hoped for. Instead, the demons connected with the first spirit they came into contact with, absorbing many of their traits and personalities. For the first dillemas, these were mostly children, and the dillemas themselves became innocent and curious - just like these children.

At first confusion arose about where they had come from; many parents just assumed they had bought their child a very strange toy that they did not recall, as the demons changed the appearance of what they possessed to the dillema Subetans know today. However, when it became clear these were more than toys, many parents panicked. The magic behind dillemas was brought to the attention of the Old Wizard. He observed and studied them for many moons before realizing they were, despite their connection to Maleria, harmless. The dillemas were returned to their delighted child owners, and more of Maleria's lost demons continued to roam Subeta, looking for a toy to possess.

Dillemas come in many sizes, as it will be relative to the toy they possess. The majority of dillemas are kind, although they do take after whatever soul they are closest to. Because of this, there is a fair share of dillemas that are known for their malevolence; some are downright conniving and are happy to do whatever evil deed their masters require of them, thus helping Maleria realize her dream, even on the smallest scale. However, as dillemas will constantly feed from the soul of those they are closest with, it is possible for even a fallen dillema to redeem themselves when given a proper chance.

Unfortunately for her, Maleria cast her spell without a way to repeal it, and dillemas continue to appear to this very day. These days, it is considered a huge gift to be presented with a dillema; many children and adults alike discuss it excitedly. Although there are dillemas for adoption - in more of a toy store setting than a true pound! - several people wait to see if they will get one of their very own.

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