Recycle Beast

The Recycle Beast (ree-SY-kul beest) is a large creature found in Riverside Valley who accepts donations of various common or inexpensive items in return for Recycle Points which may be spent at his shop.


A rather large and intimidating creature, the Recycle Beast--so named because as of yet no one has been able to identify his species or his true name--has lived in a massive landfill on the edges of Riverside Valley for as long as anyone can remember. His fur has long since become foul and green from the filth of his living conditions. Despite his horrendous appearance, though, he is surprisingly friendly. He insists he means no harm to Subeta--indeed, his collections aid the economy by removing the most common items from circulation. Therefore, despite not knowing who or what he truly is, the residents of Riverside Valley seem to generally appreciate his presence.

The Recycle Beast is one of Riverside Valley's more bizarre residents, obsessively collecting surplus items from citizens of Subeta in exchange for a unique currency only accepted at his shop. In this shop, he displays and sells beautiful articles of clothing, unique minions and toys, as well as powerful weapons. As the beast is a talented craftsman, all of the items found in his shop are made by his own hands, using only what items he receives from the Subetans who visit him.


Every day, the Recycle Beast asks for several common items from Subeta members. Unlike most other quests on Subeta, he requests the same items from everyone, which usually results in an increase in the value of these usually inexpensive items. Once surrendering these items to the Recycle Beast, he will reward you with a sum of Recycle Points, spendable at his shop.

He is also willing to exchange raw sP into Recycle Points with his sP Smelter at a rate of 100,000 sP to 10 RP.

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