Old Wizard

The Old Wizard (old WIH-zerd) is an aged man in the Sacred Lands, known for asking members of Subeta to retrieve items for his spells in return for wizard tokens or a random item.


Between his odd requests, pink bunny slippers, and the humorous way he's been portrayed in official merchandise in Subeta, the Old Wizard has gotten a bit of a quirky reputation. While he may indeed be slightly strange, the Old Wizard is also a very patient, kind and appreciative old man, rewarding even those who take half an hour to retrieve the items he requested.

Not much is known of his past or his identity, largely due to his age and failing memory. He seems to have forgotten much about himself and has had little success in helping Subeta learn more about him! Therefore, Subetans speculate often about the extent of his powers and what he truly does with the items brought to him, resulting in several humorous theories and items in his likeness.


Although unmarried, the Old Wizard does not spend his days alone. His kumos, Luna, can be found at his side at all times as his faithful companion. With his weakening eyesight and unsteady legs, she serves as his trusty guide whenever he leaves his home in the Sacred Lands. Although she has no special abilities of her own, it would seem that the Old Wizard rewarded her loyalty with a uniquely beautiful coat color and markings, clearly identifying her as his pet.


The Old Wizard can send members of Subeta to retrieve anywhere from one to three items per quest. These items are usually common and easy to come by in Subeta's many shops, and the Old Wizard will reward Subetans based on the time taken to bring these items back to him. This reward usually comes in the form of wizard tokens, an alternative currency in Subeta used to purchase items from the Token Shop and Blackheart Hollow, to play Balloon Hunt, and to use the various vending machines and pet zappers.

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