The Element Mage

The Element Mage (EL-uh-ment mayj) is a wizened old chai who has recently lost his magical amulets. They are rare and valuable so if you find and return one to him, you will be rewarded.


Although not as old as the Old Wizard, the Element Mage, so named for the various elemental amulets he is known to wear, is an aged chai who makes his home in Shadowglen Graveyard. He uses his amulets in battle to summon powerful elemental creatures to come to his aid.

While he was growing up, the Element Mage found he had an affinity for both white and dark magic, which put him in an awkward position. Most of the other mages and wizards were strictly aligned to either white or dark magic; no one had the aptitude to study both with as much success as the Element Mage.

Shunned by both groups, he spent all his time in study. Instead of allowing himself to develop a spirit of resentment and devote his time to study for the sake of revenge, the goodness in his heart motivated him to study so hard because of his sheer love of the magical arts. He simply wanted to learn all he could of both spectrums. He felt he could better preserve everything held dear to him with this knowledge.

Many wars have broken out during his lifetime, and in every one of them, he allied with the side of good, using his knowledge of dark magic to effectively counter whatever the enemy could throw his way. He is an invaluable ally to the Oracle, Shinwa and any others champions of goodness and white magic.


Upon finding one of the Element Mage's missing amulets, members of Subeta may visit him in Shadowglen Graveyard to return the missing relic. He will then reward you with either a tome or shard corresponding to the element of the amulet he was given. The tomes are powerful training tools for pets of Subeta, whereas the shards are invaluable defensive weapons in the Battle Coliseum.

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