Blake Steele

Blake Steele (blayk steel) is the senior partner and CEO of Steele Excavations (formerly Steele Industries). He is the permanent host of the exploration of the crypts in Shadowglen Graveyard, as well as other excavation-related projects as needed.


Though reasonably friendly, Blake seldom speaks about himself, and what is known of him is a matter of public company knowledge. Steele Industries belonged to Blake's parents, and though originally used for mining purposes, the company also found itself involved in the occasional archaeological project. These were the kind of things that captured Blake's heart at a young age - he had no interest in mining, but uncovering the mysteries of Subeta one at a time was an irresistible call.

When Blake was 24 years old, his father tragically passed away in a transport accident, and the company was left to Blake and his mother. With his mother's reluctant approval, Blake went about changing the company into Steele Excavations, shaping his childhood dream of exotic adventures and lost treasure into his reality.


Likely owing to his sheltered upbringing as heir to the Steele holdings and fortune, Blake can often be socially awkward, having a tendency to over share or assume an unusual amount of familiarity with strangers. If you are able to get past this eccentricity, you would find a man that is passionate about adventure and exploration, and equally passionate about sharing his interests with others.

Probably also linked to his upbringing as a wealthy only child, Blake can be a bit spoiled - he will often let people accomplish difficult tasks for him, as long as it doesn't affect his ability to take the credit and accept the praise for them.

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