Merana (mer-AH-nah) is a sea witch who was once imprisoned within the Omen Islands and was only accessible to those who had completed an Unchartered Land Map. During the events of September 2016's 'A Bad Omen' plot, Merana was able to swim free of her capture, and as she gains strength can be found around Subetan shores on the Explore map. Through sending Subetans on errands to retrieve certain spell reagents, Merana promises to bless their pet as a reward.


In years past, Merana was a beautiful Subetan woman and a powerful practitioner of black magic. Quite infatuated with her own beauty and grace, she found it impossible to believe that anyone could resist her will, and she regularly punished those who did.

The Goddess Shinwa saw her actions and realized that Merana's natural jealousy and vanity had twisted her and made her a monster within. In order to spare the innocent from her wrath, Shinwa banished her to the Omen Islands. Once brought to the islands, Shinwa realized that the native population would not be spared, and so she told Merana tales of their Guardian Beast, a creature that lived at the top of the nearby mountain.

Merana, furious at her banishment and at the Goddess' words, attacked Shinwa with her strongest magic. Shinwa deflected it back onto her. In that instant, Merana was changed into her current serpentine form, her own magic used against her. Before leaving, Shinwa placed a magical seal on the islands to prevent Merana from straying far from the coast.

Outraged at her treatment, Merana found a lone telenine on one of the smaller islands and, as her first act of revenge, turned it into her slave. She then pledged to do the same to anyone foolish or unlucky enough to seek her out. Merana still resides in the coastal waters of the islands, rarely venturing onto land for fear of the rumored Guardian Beast of the mountain.

For years, this was her fate, until the events of 2016 when Blake Steele and Saggitarius led an adventure to the Omen Islands. This consequentially freed Merana from her Island prison. Still trapped in her serpentine form, Merana is currently recharging in the Subetan Ocean, occasionally visiting shores to make contact with the odd member of the Subetan population.

Once finding her around the Subetan shores, travelers are approached by Merana with a request. If they obtain certain spell items on her list, she promises to bless one of their pets as a reward. Seldom do people witness the changes to her telenine, Daemon, before completing these quests, and they are caught unawares by Merana's definition of a "blessing".

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