Shinwa (SHIN-wah) has been designated by the members of the High Circle as the Goddess of Light, sent to Subeta to watch over Maleria from her temple in the Sacred Lands.


Shinwa is the strong-willed and somewhat conceited Goddess of Light, considered by many Subetans to be the personification of all that is pure and good. A member of the High Circle on her now destroyed home world of Selenis, her peers bestowed her title upon her as well as her duties of watching Maleria's actions closely.

Although incredibly powerful, Shinwa's abilities come at a price. If she leaves her temple in the Sacred Lands, she also leaves her powers until she returns, effectively making her a prisoner. If her temple were ever destroyed, it is feared that shinwa too would become powerless and equal to any other resident of Subeta.


"I don't understand why you have such power, miss," the old wizard said, easing down into the bright, fluffy pink chair his hostess had provided him with. "Magic isn't a rare commodity as I'm sure you know, but never have I seen someone so young wield it so perfectly." He chuckled, leaning back into his seat and taking an ample sip from his equally-pink teacup. "Even my talent is exceeded by your own, and that is no small matter, miss...?"

A birdsong voice twittered in reply: the lovely creature across from him brushed her hair aside, shifting in her own fluffy seat. "Shinwa. It's Shinwa. I'm so glad you could come." They certainly made a pair, the famed old wizard and the mysterious goddess...

Small talk ensued, lingering on subjects like pets and the weather, before the wizard jumped to his prior topic: "So, miss, you really must tell me. I know you've not been in the Sacred Lands long--how did you come about your power?"

And Shinwa's face grew distant.

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, but very far away, the planet Selenis spun silently in its orbit. From space it had once been a green and blue planet, much like Subeta . . . yet now it was aflame with red and gold and sickly purple--war burned through the veins of the earth.

It had been Maleria's fault, naturally.

Shinwa felt the magic sparking through her, more powerful than ever before. She could crush mountains, evaporate oceans! A grin rippled through her mouth--she could sense the magical energy of her ralliers behind her. The air crackled with it. How many thousands were part of her cause?

But it wasn't enough, not yet--not yet--

The entire planet had been thrown into utter, utter chaos, and it had all been Maleria's fault. Even now her dark matter sentries zipped through the air like evil homing pigeons, leaving streaks of purple behind them; far too many of them to strike down all at once. Civilians had been evacuated long ago, and now all that was left was Shinwa and her fighters--and the mind-slaves Maleria had harnessed with her obscene powers. Rumors darted around that they weren't slaves at all, but willing servants--yet Shinwa could not bring herself to believe that.

The entire planet had been encompassed. It was being destroyed.

Deep in her mind, Shinwa knew her cause was right, her means justified. Maleria would have devastated or enslaved the entire planet had action not been taken. To think they had been friends once!

Another dark matter zoomed over her head and she called her troops to rest, mind meandering over the past. Yes--she recalled themselves as school children. Bright. Hard-working. Gifted in magic. Oh, magic, that delicious, deadly fruit. Shinwa had always followed the righteous path, the light magic. The lure of dark magic was for the weak-hearted, and only the weak-hearted answered its call. That, of course, was Maleria. She had always been the weak one.

And, of course, initially no one beyond Maleria's family had worried. Dark magic was forbidden, but so many fell into its trap that long ago measures had been set into place to lock its victims away forever. It had become a sad routine; every class would lose at least a handful of its members to the lure of dark magic before graduation.

Then, the unthinkable happened.

Maleria broke free.

Maleria broke free, and began to wage a war against a planet--one she was winning.

Another dark matter zinged past her, tagging her ear and making it numb with cold. The rebel leader hissed and began to plan her next attack.

The planet of Selenis spun still in its orbit,--ugly, destroyed--a scar on the solar system.

The war was waged, and lives were lost, and all of it for nothing. Maleria was apprehended by the Great Preservers, the council-race who oversaw the universe, and what few followers she still had were sealed away. Her powers were bound drastically, and though she screamed bitterly her sentence was carried out: exile, to be carried out on a distant planet by the name of Subeta. And just as Shinwa began to breathe easy again, she was arrested, had her magic bound, and was informed she was to receive the same punishment as Maleria for letting her magic get so obscenely out of hand, white or not--and on top of that, it would be her duty to watch over Maleria and ensure she did not wreak havoc again.

The Preservers, in accordance with their unyielding laws, sent one more of their number to observe both of them: she is known only as the Oracle, and makes her home in the Sacred Lands.

For now, it is a cycle: the Oracle watches Shinwa; Shinwa watches Maleria, much to her chagrin; and Maleria uses the little magic she still has to throw terrible storms against the red mountains of Darkside in fury and frustration, and coaxing stray visitors to do her bidding.


Shinwa sends members of Subeta on a quest to retrieve the five pieces of her bracelet, which Maleria has broken and hidden. In order to retrieve the shards of this bracelet, Shinwa sends Subetans to perform quests for several other quest givers. After retrieving each shard, returning to Shinwa will result in her sending questers to the next step. Once all five shards are returned, Shinwa will grant one of her items as a reward.

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