Jim (jim) is a trainer in Riverside Valley who will coach your pets into top shape for the Battle Coliseum for a small fee.


There are many frightening creatures in the land of Subeta, such as disgruntled worms, mind-controlled zombies, and even mechanical monsters beyond your wildest imaginings. There are also much more dangerous foes, such as the powerful dragon slayer Saggitarius. Thankfully, these enemies will only attack if your pet decides to challenge them to combat in the Battle Coliseum. But most pets are not born with enough battle prowess to even remotely stand a chance against these opponents, let alone defeat them.

There is a simple way to ensure that your pet can defend itself when venturing into battle, one that can be found in the peaceful area known as Riverside Valley. There you will find the gym, the place to take your pets when they need to feel like real warriors. And who owns this wonderful establishment? That would be Jim, a likable young man whose top priority is to keep the pets of Subeta in shape and at peak battling condition!

In his younger years, Jim was an average boy of below-average build; he was a scrawny little thing, and was often targeted by bullies. Jim would try to fight back, but the kids picking on him were always much larger and would easily shove poor Jim into the dirt. After several years of dealing with this abuse, Jim had nearly given up hope. But then he discovered the wonders of weight lifting. He would always feel invigorated after a long session of pumping iron, and soon branched off in to other fields of training. Soon Jim was at peak physical condition. While he was still a rather small young man, he soon proved that he could lift and toss a man twice his size and weight with ease.

The days of Jim being bullied are long since past, but he still remembers the pain of feeling helpless against those more powerful than him. That is why he opened up his own gym. For a small fee, he will train any of your pets for a certain period of time depending on their previous training experience, his prices and workout periods slowly rising as your pet's physical condition increases. It may seem unnecessary at first, but you'll be thankful that you left your pet's training in Jim's capable hands when the day comes that your pet ventures into the Battle Coliseum is hopes of being the strongest there ever was!

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