Alexander the Ontra

Alexander the Ontra (al-eck-ZAN-der) is a diligent and determined ontra in Centropolis on a mission to collect books for the underprivileged youth of Subeta with the aid of member donations.


Alexander has never been one for water. As an ontra, of course, this is rather unusual, but he had decided long ago he hated water. He hates the way it clings in droplets on his fur. He hates how the scum on the top of the pond feels between his paws. He hates how he can get his feet and tail tangled in the reeds at the bottom. And most of all, Alexander hates water because it ruins his precious books beyond repair.

Oh yes! Alexander is a bookworm. Fortunately for him, ontras are very kind, albeit playful creatures, and he was seldom targeted for mocking as a youth due to his out-of-place fascination. He was, however, absent from many, many social activities and the like--whether he was simply not invited or chose not to attend.

As Alex grew up, he seldom suffered loneliness. He was, however, intelligent enough to discern that while it was atypical for ontras, surely, he could not have been the only one with such an admiration for literature. And so it was a very eager Alexander who ran off to Centrolopolis, one day, to find others like him.

Unfortunately, it was to his terrible surprise that no one his age cared a bit for books. No, they had neither read the Old Wizard's or Element Mage's books on magic nor the Oracle's visions for the future, and what was worse? They did not want to! Reading was boring, they said. Alexander was broken-hearted but determined, and gave away some of his precious books to those he met in the vain hope that perhaps someone might come to love them as he did.

Weeks passed and Alexander chose to take up a job in the local library still hoping to meet pets his own age with an appreciation for books. And then one day, while he was busy cataloging, there was a tap on his shoulder.

It was one of the young pets, a preadolescent cybill, to whom he had given a book weeks ago. There was something alive in his face as he returned the book to Alexander and began to go on in great detail about the story and how reading it had been the most fun he'd had in a while.

Alexander's idea had worked!

And now Alexander lives in the library's basement, happier than a mallarchy in water. It is here that kind souls supply him with books in exchange for small items and gifts of money, all so Alex can distribute them to those who have not yet discovered the true magic that comes from a good book.

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