Darkheart Phantom

The Darkheart Phantom (DARK-hart FAN-tuhm) is the former leader of the SAI, but currently the leader of a band of thieves working for Maleria.


In the blackest depths of night Darkheart Phantom strikes, breaking into the tombs of Shadowglen Graveyard and recovering relics of enormous value. Darkheart Phantom is a most dastardly demi that leads a band of grave robbers working with the Maleria in order to gain power.

Darkheart Phantom's true name and identity has been lost to the ebb and flow of time. There are tales, however, that speak of the young demi leader who founded SAI. This demi led SAI courageously through several years before a series of events, so dark and mysterious that no storyteller dares to relay that portion of the demi's history, started him down the path to destruction. A terrible power was welling up within him. It soon took such a firm grip on his mind that he could hardly concentrate on the events around him, let alone effectively lead a growing organization. When he was asked by the other higher-ups of SAI to step down as leader, the poor demi's fragile mind completely snapped. He showed no outward signs of his complete loss of sanity, but in his mind, he was now completely controlled by darkness.

The demi put on an appearance of calm and acceptance when he was asked to resign. He solemnly agreed and relinquished all power he held as the leader, and founder, of SAI. That night, however, the first and only break-in to occur at SAI Headquarters took place. A figure that was neither seen nor heard made its way into the records room, burning every single record relating to the founding of SAI and the demi who had breathed life in to the organization.

Darkheart grew to hate anyone who dared to consider him or herself good or righteous. He believed that the title of good was merely being used as a shroud to cover up the person's selfish ways. Darkheart's hatred soon grew into a vendetta and he did everything in his power to attack the forces of good, beginning by allying himself with Maleria. He soon began leading raids into the Sacred Lands, attacking such landmarks as Shinwa's Temple and the Oracles shrine. It was during one of the raids on Shinwa's Temple that Darkheart encountered Liara, the Princess of the Sacred Lands that had been shamed and banished by Shinwa. Liara despised Shinwa and the other goodly denizens of Subeta as well, leading the two to create a partnership that soon led to a relationship.

Darkheart Phantom continues his reign of terror and vengeance with Liara, the only person that he truly shares his life with, at his side. Together, the two of them plot attacks upon Shinwa and all of the Sacred Lands, determined to destroy the heros of Subeta once and for all.

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