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Sitting along the east coast of the Western Continent, Delphi (DELL-fye; DELL-fee) is a thriving seaside resort community known for its white sand beaches, artist community, fairgrounds, and thriving night life. The area has some of the classiest restaurants, hotels, shops and museums in all of Subeta.

Delphi has only recently established its reputation as a vacation destination. In years past, the rocky cliffs overlooking the sea were very poor for farming and travel. However, after some help from technology provided by Blackmoon Corp, roads were paved, cliffs were terraced, and Subetans began to appreciate the true beauty of this east coast gem. Artists would travel from Centropolis to set up their canvases on the coastline and paint the gorgeous sunsets, cliffs, and ocean waves. It wasn't long before these images were gracing many homes around the world, thus instilling in people a desire to see these areas for themselves.

Delphi has very warm, semi-arid climate with low annual rainfall making it ideal for beach goers. Although it is so close to the ocean, the air is fairly dry, and winters are usually fairly pleasant, despite it being the rainiest season of the year. The thunderstorms of Delphi are few and far between, but are truly a sight to behold if one ever has the opportunity to view one.


Little is known about the people indigenous to Delphi, if ever there were any, considering how worthless the land was upon its discovery. Currently, Delphi is populated by a mixed community of native Subetans and human immigrants from all areas of Subeta. The majority of its population, however, is made up of Centropoli and Omen Islanders.

There is also a large summertime population of Omen Island pirates, who come each year to hawk their wares on resort goers. While those in Delphi for the first time might be turned off at the site of these dirty pirates, most are used to it and accept them easily into their eccentric community.


Although Delphi is officially a colony of Centropolis and Sebastian Phoenix and therefore bound by the same laws and regulations as the rest of the Western Continent, there are unsurprisingly a number of citizens in favor of Calvin Blackmoon, especially thanks to the technology provided by Blackmoon Corp during the founding and development of the resort community. It is said that without this help, Delphi would be nowhere near the prosperous area it is today, and might still be a barren cliffside.


The culture of Delphi is largely considered an easy-going, almost hippie culture, that promotes acceptance of neighbor and enemy alike. As long as one has an appreciation for the environment around them, very little else matters. Despite being one of the wealthiest areas in Subeta, it is not a culture driven by currency and material possessions at all. Being home to one of the greatest fairs in all of Subeta, it is also a very light-hearted area centered on pure enjoyment and the celebration of fun.

Its eccentric nature has also brought forth many well known artists and fashion designers such as Eddie Bell and Giselle.

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