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ATTN: Rule Update [Updated: 6/27/2011] 1 Prose Prose 11/24/10 at 8:38pm
Warrior Cats Conquer OOC 60 archaic trystopia 05/21/17 at 6:02pm
Looking 1X1 Partner 1 Morien Morien 05/21/17 at 10:15am
1x1 Search [Updated][Skype/Discord/Email] 18 Tod American_Country_Girl 05/19/17 at 1:46pm
OnexOne 2 Tmanosaur American_Country_Girl 05/19/17 at 1:43pm
Searching 1x1 [OC/IM] 9 Puffeh American_Country_Girl 05/19/17 at 8:24am
Craving 1x1 roleplays 1 American_Country_Girl American_Country_Girl 05/19/17 at 8:21am
hit me up for RP (discord, skype) 3 raumlet Korin 05/16/17 at 9:24pm
SEEKING 1x1 RP (Lit, LONG TERM) HOBBIT/FANTASY/etc 5 grumpybilbo Dill 05/16/17 at 7:00pm
Avatar the Last Airbender One x One Roleplay 4 archaic Urge 05/6/17 at 2:06pm
1 on 1 (Malexfemale or malexmale) 1 tlbearer tlbearer 04/26/17 at 8:54pm
Nutsy Nefarious Nights 3--OOC Thread 336 GreenRowan bcsam 04/22/17 at 1:29am
Looking for 1x1 Roleplay, What a Shock! 5 monster_bait monster_bait 04/19/17 at 12:23pm
Looking for RP Partners! {Still} 12 Parselmouth Hexx_what 04/16/17 at 10:28pm
The Agency- OnexOne 1 RayneStorm RayneStorm 04/14/17 at 11:46pm
Group would be nice. If not 1x1. OCs. Flexible. 1 PapillonMask PapillonMask 04/7/17 at 1:25pm
surching for 1X1 Rps Via Skype 1 MaplePolarBear MaplePolarBear 04/5/17 at 11:47pm
Searching for a 1x1 RP 1 CrossFox CrossFox 04/4/17 at 8:30pm
Seeking 1X1 Rps Via Skype 2 Baikou CrossFox 04/4/17 at 10:13am
Fandom/Genre 1x1 via Skype/Discord 1 LadyGaga LadyGaga 03/19/17 at 11:36pm
Seeking a pet RP or two! 6 Yoshi Yoshi 03/18/17 at 2:22pm
[LF] dragon/shapeshifter onexone 5 Perdurue Perdurue 03/17/17 at 4:10pm
The Twelve [LF a Group] 39 RubyLove Parselmouth 03/17/17 at 3:37pm
Original and Fandom RP Partner Search 5 Kouji WindKitsune 03/10/17 at 11:54pm
[Original] One x One Roleplay [Subeta Pet] 4 Omamori Manta 03/8/17 at 10:50pm
Digimon Rp anyone? (Season One based) 5 Baikou Baikou 03/2/17 at 10:40am
Searching~ 1 LostMarii LostMarii 02/27/17 at 11:34pm
Time for One x One searches! <3 2 PuffPinky Omamori 02/27/17 at 12:53am
rp partner for pet-based rp 3 Kaguya Kaguya 02/21/17 at 4:11am
Looking for some one on ones. 1 shaunathedead shaunathedead 02/13/17 at 2:34pm
seeking onexone pet/oc roleplays! 2 Lust Erection 02/2/17 at 10:42pm
1x1 roleplay search! (Still looking as of 1/27) 2 xXIvyXx Omamori 01/29/17 at 5:31pm
1x1 Fandom Hunt 9 Greymane HalfBlood 01/26/17 at 1:23pm
[Interest Check] Gravity Falls AUs? 1 Threnody Threnody 01/26/17 at 3:53am
Looking To Start A Pet Roleplay! 1 SincerelyThatOneGirl SincerelyThatOneGirl 01/19/17 at 3:32am
One on One Search / OC or Fandom 6 Kendra Parselmouth 01/10/17 at 4:11pm
Seeking onexone Rp. Still looking as of 3-21 4 Calico Calico 01/10/17 at 1:25pm
(subeta pets maybe) one x one? 2 carson Omamori 01/9/17 at 4:24pm
Looking To Start A Pet Roleplay! 4 SincerelyThatOneGirl Falia 01/2/17 at 11:22pm
One on One Roleplay Search 3 RayneStorm RayneStorm 12/31/16 at 11:33am
Vampire Knight Rp Anyone? 4 Baikou RubyLove 12/28/16 at 2:00am
Looking for RP Partner(s) 1 RubyLove RubyLove 12/27/16 at 11:04pm
Looking For Roleplay Partners! 2 SincerelyThatOneGirl Hexx_what 12/26/16 at 4:50pm
one on one search ! (skype, m/m) 2 clive Devil 12/21/16 at 9:24am
Nutsy Nefarious Nights --Scoring and Clue Bonuses 8 GreenRowan GreenRowan 12/18/16 at 4:23pm
NEW Roleplay Partners Search! {MxM} 5 Pit_Bull Devil 12/13/16 at 8:40pm
one on one search. 7 Quill Angelina 12/11/16 at 2:06pm
Looking for a One-on-One! &lt;3 11 Ignifer Shira 12/8/16 at 10:14pm
One on One Partner Search! 3 Floral Nanaki 12/7/16 at 7:01pm
Nutsy Nefarious Nights 3--Teaming/Planning 195 GreenRowan bcsam 11/29/16 at 10:11pm