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On George Floyd

Hey Subetans,

This has been a rough week in the real world, and I know a lot of us are escaping to places like Subeta to get away from it. Unfortunately, the real world still exists and is inescapable for the least protected among us and this has been a rough life, not just week.

I want to use this platform to say: We (the Subeta staff) condemn the killings of our black neighbors, and we will continue to make Subeta a place free from racism, sexism, bigotry and other acts of hatred.

To our black and brown users, Subeta will continue to be a place where you are accepted and loved and hopefully a place of refuge to not need to see horrific videos of violence or the news.

I know that I’ll get pushback making a post like this (“this is a virtual pet site, why are you posting politics???”) but every moment that we stay silent is another moment that we are perpetuating racism and white superiority.

Please, stay safe everyone, and know that this is a community that loves and supports you.
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Posted by Keith

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