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February 26, 2017

Item not found: loveable floral ram horns

Hello, everyone! We have pushed a few new changes to custom wearables tonight that we think you all will enjoy.

• You can now release batches in multiples of 5 rather than 10! The first page of CW submission is nearly identical, but you are now selecting the number of items rather than the number of batches. To ensure we can accommodate both pre-existing as well as new CWs, everything will still be in multiples of 10. However, on the second page you will be able to slot as few as 5 users. If you are submitting additional batches of an already-accepted item, you will notice that the batches will only let you fill five, but the same number of items still exists—you would just have to do two batches to fill 10 additional items.

Please make sure you note this when you are listing how many CWs total an item will have! Saying it is "Two batches total" will now be for 10 items, rather than 20. This is for any new items being released -- you do not need to go back and change already-released CWs or CWs that are currently in the queue at the time of this news posting.

• Do you submit a lot of recolors? If so, be sure to check out the new Recolor Management page! From here, you can mark which of your items have recolors for easier management. When you submit a recolor of an item, there is now a spot on the custom wearable submission form to select which item it is a recolor of -- this will also be flagged for me in the queue!

Already-accepted items that are now being flagged as recolors will need a quick approval once you enable recolors on them. For this, the items do not need to match, but the overlays need to be identical OTHER than their colors. Actual physical differences will still be considered separate items.

• Various CW pages are now cleaned up around the site, which will be especially useful for those of you that submit a lot of items! By popular demand, custom wearable shops will no longer show items that have maxed out their sales. Even better, items that are 100% "sold out" (for example, an item that was one batch only) will no longer show on your CW management page!

We're very excited to push these changes and to get started on more!

02/26/17 11:05 pm 70 Comments
Posted by Jessi

Your alchemy level will need to be at least 20 to make Zosi’s latest creations!

02/26/17 4:29 pm 84 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

Do you have an iron stomach ready to try Elsie’s newest baked goods?

02/26/17 3:58 am 27 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

February 25, 2017

What will you grab from this Token Shop restock?

02/25/17 10:50 pm 108 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

The Cash Shop has a new Chance Machine! For 75 CSC a spin, you have a chance to get a retired themed item from the Cash Shop or a minion that transforms into other items like the Giapa.

From now on, when we retire a set of themed items, they will be moved to this chance machine.

02/25/17 4:32 pm 49 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

I’ve got a few new treats in my Quest Shop for those looking to learn about different Survival celebration customs!

02/25/17 12:15 am 33 Comments
Posted by [NPC] Alexander

February 24, 2017

After years of suggestions, we’ve caved and made a bunch of much requested older items readable! You can now read your pets the costume trunks that look like books and tablets, as well as, you’ve been waiting for it—tomes!

For a complete list of the newest items that are now readable, check out my post on the make this readable etc. thread. We love taking suggestions to improve item usage, including consistency! You can see what other changes I've made for consistency tonight as well as suggest other options on this thread. I go through every once in a while and knock them out, many thanks to the users who keep the threads tidy for me. :)

02/24/17 10:52 pm 55 Comments
Posted by Ariel

Can a robot learn to love? It certainly seems like this sweetheart endeavor does! What would Calvin think?

02/24/17 5:21 pm 61 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

The Pastry Box has been added to the Millionaire Center!

You now have the chance to get 2-5 items when opening one. You might get a pastry to finish your pastry collection, a snippet of paper, or a scrap of paper! The snippets and scraps of paper are now readable to your pets.

If reading pieces of paper aren’t your thing, you can always frag them.

02/24/17 12:34 am 55 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

Security Alert!

Over the last week there has been a leak of data from Cloudflare, which is a CDN (content delivery network) in front of major sites on the internet, including Subeta. More importantly, it includes much larger sites like some listed here.

It's unclear exactly how much data was leaked in this method, or where it is still visible, and we will be monitoring the situation as more information comes out.

What can you do?

We advise changing your passwords on affected sites, and enabling two factor authentication where possible.

What is Subeta doing?

We will be rotating our private HTTPS keys.

Subeta does not store your password in plain text, so no one has the ability to access that even if Subeta data was leaked - but we will be changing our secret hashes for passwords, so any that were leaked cannot be used.

02/24/17 12:02 am 65 Comments
Posted by Keith

Quentin is the weekend quest! Do those quests for increased prizes and special rewards!

02/24/17 12:00 am 8 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

Foxkeh the Chibi Kumos has won the Pet Spotlight!

02/24/17 12:00 am 10 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

February 23, 2017

Let that special someone know how you feel about tacos with this ornamental letter.

02/23/17 3:21 pm 32 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

Hello, everyone! I hope you're all enjoying Survival. I must admit I got a little distracted from the festivities, as I was sorting through old boxes in the library's basement. But, wonder of wonders, I found a good number of old retired Survival restockables there! I don't need to hold on to all of them, so I invite you to stop by and do my quests. I'll be giving out these items until the end of the holiday!

02/23/17 12:01 am 42 Comments
Posted by [NPC] Alexander

Kanika the Sun Kumos has won the Pet Spotlight!

02/23/17 12:00 am 9 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

February 22, 2017

Just a heads up that Survival ends at 11:59pm on February 28th. The Survival Celebration forums will close on March 2nd at 11:59pm so you have enough time to close out any contests you might be running!

If you have any questions regarding Survival, check out our FAQ thread which is constantly being updated.

02/22/17 9:28 pm 47 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

You can never have enough glitter in your life according to Subeautique’s makeup designer Stitched Up. Their new glitter capsules and freckle gel will really pull together any outfit.

02/22/17 6:12 pm 32 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

Legend has it that the Underground was not dug out by the unliving, but by a large fearsome creature known as the Wretched Wrole, with the unliving simply moving into the series of large caves that seemed quite abandoned. On occasion, an unliving soul would come across a strange chipped tooth-like object stuck into a wall, and some would keep them in tins for good luck. There was speculation on where these supposed teeth chips came from - the great Wretched Wrole was surely not real? After years of finding no trace of their owner, the speculation dwindled.

But a rumbling has been felt in the Underground tunnels. The Wretched Wrole is not legend after all! It's sharp teeth have grown back after a period of hibernation, and it's ready to cause some serious structural damage to the Underground!

Save the Underground! Grab a Rusted Tin of Wrole Fangs from the Cash Shop and ready your weapons! The Underground is counting on you.

The Diseased Croc Claw will be retiring on March 1st from the Cash Shop.

02/22/17 12:30 am 46 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

Zephon the Storm Neela has won the Pet Spotlight!

02/22/17 12:00 am 8 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

February 21, 2017

Excitement is bubbling up over this sweetheart tutani, a dear companion for your long ocean journeys. Do you have enough room for this cutie in your family?

02/21/17 4:35 pm 57 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

Adron the Glacier Keeto has won the Pet Spotlight!

02/21/17 12:00 am 8 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

February 20, 2017

My dummies and I are back and better than ever! Do you think you have what it takes to defeat not only Senor Feugo, Little Escarcha, The Shadow, Stone Hombre, and El Tigrean but also me, the great Nacho Muerte?

You’ll have until the end of Survival to try and defeat us. I look forward to your efforts, puny challengers!

02/20/17 5:54 pm 36 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

We have 8 new Survival themed achievements for you to collect. Eating Your Feelings, Oh-la-la, Roses Are Red, Hopelessly Romantic, Sight For Sore Eyes, Buggin’ Out, Zombrainy, and Emotional Brains all have a forum title reward!

02/20/17 2:05 am 48 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam

Character the Custom Silver Feli has won the Pet Spotlight!

02/20/17 12:00 am 66 Comments
Posted by SubetaTeam
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