Angel has a minion!

Ceri the Red Snow Fairy

Legacy Name: -Angel-

The Bloodred Torrey
Owner: Hannah66665

Age: 9 years, 4 months, 2 days

Born: August 3rd, 2012

Adopted: 9 years, 4 months, 2 days ago

Adopted: August 3rd, 2012


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

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Pet Treasure

Beast Dusty Pawprints

Be Mine Candy Heart Cookie

Box of Childhood Memories

Bottled Harvest Moon

Black Angelic Heart Pillow Plushie

Black Remote Plushie

Blue Topaz Twenty-sided Die

Book of Ice

Red Precision Gaming Mouse

Broken Stone Wings


Conflict Plushie

Daily Pills

Dark Chocolate Bar

Dark Chocolate Gamz Energy Bar

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Gamz Energy Bar

Dawn Torrey Beanbag

Demented Arid Torrey Plushie

Elven Rag Doll

Enchanted Rose

Entranced Green Snow Fairy

Fairies in Winter

Fairy Blade Plushie

Fairy Snowball


Fire Soul Stone

Fleece Snowflake Throw



Groby Plushie



Heaven Eros Wings

I Love You Candy Heart


Lambington Plushie

Love Soul Stone

Love Voodoo Plushie

Mystical Chibi Fairy Doll


Sockimi Plushie

Tiny Recorder Plushie

Tongue Depressor

Torn Blood Stained Fabric Patch

Tundra Berries


Suture Kit

Ice Mice

Icy Snowball

I Heart U Candy Heart

IOU Slip

Liam on a Leash

Lovely Smiley Sticker

Love Snowball



Non-Candy Coins


Pile of Snow

Relic of a Fallen Angel

Regal Trow

Red Goggles


Pretty Girl Dolly

Preserved Snow

Pounding Heart

Pink Rabbit Plushie

Royal Sire Snowball

Ruby Dog Figure

Sketch Book


Snow Petal


Special Snowflake

Twilight Gamepet

Wavy Athame

Well-Packed Snowball


Flashback Wild One Cigarette

Ripped Teddy Bear Plushie

Red Faux Vulpine Stole

Dawn Torrey Plushie

Our First Date...

Lovetron 3000


A Dozen Ice Roses

Entranced Pink Snow Fairy

Entranced Yellow Snow Fairy

Melting Snowball

First Aid Kit

Epic Games Issue 1

Epic Games Issue 3

Epic Games Issue 2

Dripping Candle

Timber Wolf Talisman

Plain Matchbook

Royal Bhakoru Plushie

Winter Chill Feather

Derpy Fox Plushie

Winter Chill Feather

Winter Chill Feather

In the Forests

Cream Devonti Plushie

Bastille Playset

Illegible Ping Instructions

Legend of Hilda Gamepet Game

Planetoid Gamepet Game





Princess Nectarine Plushie

Dinoshi Plushie

Lorenzo Plushie

Towser Plushie

Marco Plushie

Oddly Ornate Revolver


Fairy Steed

Cyber Caching Device

Stained Glass Marbles

Common Mortiking Plushie

Fairy Bear

Fairy Tale Wolf Plushie

Game Clutter

Meatosaurus Plushie

Magical Snowflake

Dusk Gamepet

Super Plumber Guys Gamepet Game


Exciting Action Ping Sticker

Itty Chomp

Mushy Sticker

Little Sparky Bomb

Tiny Hero Plushie

Red Rreign Matchbox

Burnt Flesh

Burnt Match

Lit Match

Bairin Lone Matchstick

Burnt Sooty Ash Pile


Sudden Rainstorms

Blue Natural 20 Pendant

Lambi Doll

King Rag Doll

Warrior Mouse Action Figure

My Little Cream Hikei

Tiny Toy Shop

Arid Devonti Plushie

The Misleading Tale

Flashback Material Girl Prayer Beads

Milk Chocolate Bar

Angelic Feather

Bird Wings

Heart Repair Sticker

Subject Standard Issue Straitjacket

Love Dice


Dr. Lockhearts Hyperamory Inducer

Dr. Lockhearts Amoricide

Crumpled Paper

Bone Handled Skinning Knife

Nurse Bertha

Plas-Tek Large Purple Morostide Syringe

Skitters Favorite Needle

Bloodred Voodoo Doll

Gold Special Coin

Miniature Vending Machine

Bottled Alien

Green Alien Plushie

Unlucky Zooky Paw

Lucky Kumos Foot

Destructive Vending Claw

Silver Special Coin

Bubble Gum Blingpop

Chocolate Cream Sandwich Cookie

Last Years Leftover Candy Canes

Corn Tortilla Chips

Bag Of Burgers

Blast Cola

Cherry Zoom Soda

Candy Hearts

Poorly Thought Out Apology Note

Discarded Paper

Stained Snippet of Paper

Split Scrap of Paper

Smudged Snippet of Paper

Shredded Scrap of Paper

Rumpled Snippet of Paper

Nearly Blank Snippet of Paper

Crumpled Snippet of Paper

Bent Snippet of Paper

Creased Snippet of Paper

Wrinkled Snippet of Paper

Torn Scrap of Paper

Folded Snippet of Paper

Ripped Snippet of Paper

Torn Instructions Page III

Torn Instructions Page I

Obsessive Manual

Torn Instructions Page II

Green Special Coin

Pewter Special Coin

Blue Special Coin

Assorted Bottle Caps

Box of Cream Scrap Metal

Fairy House

Hidden in the Forest

Pixie Log

Snow Angel

Ice Covered Tree Book

Silver Absurd Novelty Chain

White Abandoned Yarn

Spool of White Thread

Fairy Tale Bedtime Stories

A Fairy Tale

Bright-Eyed: A Double-Take

Dance of the Spirits

Magic Absorption: Tips and Tricks

Winter Is Coming

The Greatest Treasure

I Love Reading! Sticker

Red Snow Fairy Plushie

Shinwas Helper

Sweetie Ghost

Wings of a Fairy



Musical Note

Luminaire Lamb Plushie

Scab Zombear Plushie

Secret Love Letter

White Acorn

Arctic Frost Ale King Crown

Snow Trinket

Jack Frosts Bottled Breath

Silky Jewelry Cushion

Snow Powder

Mouse Snowball

White Third Anniversary Lamb Plushie

Noble Buns


Marshmallow Cuddlefish Plushie

Bite Me Sticky

Giselle Under My Frog Umbrella Lipstick

Bathtime Fun Duck



Legendary Poisonous Toadstool Beanbag

Fire Carrier

Mori Bandage


Extra Strength Pain Pills

Regular Strength Pain Pills

Tension Bandage (Ankle)

Makeshift Bandage

Zims Professional Gamer Sticker

Antibiotic Ointment

Bottled Fire



Gently Used Heart Present

Green Fireside Flame

Purple Fireside Flame

Fireside Flame

Blue Fireside Flame

Purple Bottled Fire Spirit

Yellow Bottled Fire Spirit

Blue Bottled Fire Spirit

Pink Bottled Fire Spirit

Red Bottled Fire Spirit

Celinox Portable Battle Snowflakes

Beloved Bunny Doll

Angel Wings

Crumpled Paper

Crumpled Paper

Crumpled Paper

Unfolded Snippet of Paper

White Fast Food Wrapper

Wrinkly Scrap of Paper

Torn Snippet of Paper

Thin Scrap of Paper

Small Scrap of Paper

Tattered Scrap of Paper

Curled Scrap of Paper

Dog-Eared Scrap of Paper

Scratchy Snippet of Paper

Dog-Eared Snippet of Paper

Curved Snippet of Paper

Tattered Snippet of Paper

Doubled-Over Scrap of Paper

Dirty Scrap of Paper

Crinkled Scrap of Paper


Creased Scrap of Paper

Crumpled Paper

Red Fast Food Straw

Curled Snippet of Paper

Folded Scrap of Paper

Red Candy Cane

Questionable Snippet of Paper

Rumpled Scrap of Paper

Red Snow Fairy

Pink Snow Fairy Plushie

Questionable Tagged Syringe

Pumpkin Voodoo Doll Plushie

Pile of Snow Plushie

Plain Tortilla Chips

Pink Snow Fairy


Pink Eraser

Orange Chocofruit Gummies

Butterfly Bandages

Lingering Scrap

Pepperoni Pizza

Peach Chocofruit Gummies

Hikei Second Anniversary Celebration Figurine

Snapshot of a Kiss

Poison Needles

Crumpled Paper

Ragged Scrap of Paper

Fox Companion

Wolf Cuddle Buddy

Snowball Beanbag

Rotted Scraps


Paper Scraps

White Snow Fairy Plushie

Cheese Tortilla Chips

Snowfall Print Bookmark

Healthy Bluegreen Snow Fairy Sticker

Candy Cane Wig

Entranced Bluegreen Snow Fairy

Fast Food Burger Wrapper

Strawberry Chocofruit Gummies

Snowflake Sticker

Ye Royale Proclamatione

Lonely Angel Sticker

Subeta Fries

Jar of Captured Snowflakes

Ice Bag

Violet Snow Fairy

Used Candy Cane

Yellow Rubber Ducky Sticker

Snowy Wintery Cupcake

Messy Scrap of Paper

Super-Deformed Devonti Doll

Tales of Gossamer Wings

Moldy Snippet of Paper

Tales of the Winter Lady

White Rad Game System

Subject Cryotube Glass Shards

Cherry Fruit Chews

Computer Geek Sticker

Entranced Red Snow Fairy

Captive Damsel Plushie

Tarnished Spoon


Healthy Snow Fairy Sticker

Healthy Red Snow Fairy Sticker

Caring for Snow Fairies

Chatspeak Love Candy Heart

Little Ghost Buddy

Healthy Violet Snow Fairy Sticker

Green Fairydoll

Grape Gummies

Food Love Sticker

Healthy Pink Snow Fairy Sticker

Game Master Compendium

Golden Foil Pirate Coin

Frost Berry Bunch

Used Bottle Cap

Soft Drink

White Chocolate Bar

Ripped Scrap of Paper

Paper Snowflakes: The Ultimate Guide

Nontoxic Snowberries

Snowflake Bauble

Frostbite Desk Reference

Spiced Tortilla Chips

Strawberry Gummies

Silver Bullet

Baaaaaa Plushie

Snow Fairy Plushie

Snow Book

White Snow Fairy

Toaster Pastry

Blueberry Gummies

Book of Broken Mirrors

Blueberry Chocofruit Gummies

Atebus Fairy Doll

Broken Glass

Bagged Lunch

Banana Gummies


Arctic Frost Fairy Tales

Broken Heart Tales

Violet Snow Fairy Plushie

Interview With a Snow Fairy

Healthy Yellow Snow Fairy Sticker

Healthy Green Snow Fairy Sticker

Icicle Treat

Muscat Chocofruit Gummies

Blue Game Controller

Collection of Snowflakes

Blue Rad Wireless Controller

Healthy White Snow Fairy Sticker

Green Candy Cane

Bloody Glass Slipper

Sugar Mice

Cherry Chocofruit Gummies

Counting Snowflakes

Fuzzy of Doom

Frozen Petal

Grape Chocofruit Gummies

Fairy Ring

Arcade Tokens

A Knights Tail

Battered Scrap of Paper

Bag of Chips

Flower Power Snowball

Useless Wires

Yellow Chile Cinder Chips

Broken Arid Light Bulb

Broken Brass Zipper

Book of Pink Fairy Tales

Broken Beaded Bunny Keychain

Bubble Wrap

Brown Scrap of Fabric

Apple Chocofruit Gummies

Blue Fast Food Fry Box

Blue Fast Food Cup Lid

Brown Cuttlefish

Bloodstain Removal

Broken Bottle

Chasing Wolves Beanbag

Blueberry Fruit Chews

Autobiography of A Snowflake

Bandaged Snow Fairy Beanbag

Arctic Frost Painted Ornament

Blue Fast Food Cup

Battered Snippet of Paper

Bent-Cornered Scrap of Paper


Computer Mouse Beanbag

Bluegreen Snow Fairy

Pet Friends

Fallen Seraph
I hold on so hard, and pray that I won't say something wrong...

Snow Prince
I look at the stars, and dream that the universe was ours...