Livea has a minion!

Luna, the Sirius

Legacy Name: Livea

The Angelic Telenine
Owner: Lobandita

Age: 9 years, 2 months, 1 week

Born: September 16th, 2012

Adopted: 2 years, 6 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: May 5th, 2019


  • Level: 92
  • Strength: 231
  • Defense: 230
  • Speed: 227
  • Health: 228
  • HP: 227/228
  • Intelligence: 462
  • Books Read: 461
  • Food Eaten: 442
  • Job: Jeweler


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Livea was adopted on May 05th, 2019 as a Glacier Jollin, and been working on her stats since then ♥
Morphed into a Telenine and painted Angel on May 19th, 2020.
Collecting: Gems, crystals, shards...

Pet Treasure

Colorful Gemstone

Sparkly Diamond Plushie

Crystal Cluster Clip

Raw Diamond

Wind Shard

Wind Tear Crystal

Wind Defense Tear Crystal

Wind Brilliant Crystal

Wind Defense Brilliant Crystal

Wind Baguette Crystal

Wind Defense Baguette Crystal

Wind Cabochon Crystal

Wind Defense Moonstone Crystal

Wind Moonstone Crystal

Arid Pearl

Mother of Pearl

Crystal Shard

Life Shard

White Coda Caves Crystal

Light Defense Marquise Crystal

Light Cabochon Crystal

Light Moonstone Crystal

Light Defense Tear Crystal

Light Defense Moonstone Crystal

Light Brilliant Crystal

Light Defense Brilliant Crystal

Light Tear Crystal

Light Defense Cabochon Crystal

Light Defense Baguette Crystal

Light Baguette Crystal

Cream Pearl


Sun Pearl

Orange Squishy Gem Plushie

Blessing of Natural Armor Tear Crystal

Humming Power Crystal

Kora Gem of Power

Light Shard

Light Arrowhead

Sun Gem

Yellow Coda Caves Crystal

Parched Tear Crystal

Yunium Ore

Cut Smoky Quartz Geode

Cut Crazy Lace Agate Geode

Magma Baguette Crystal

Magma Defense Brilliant Crystal

Magma Defense Baguette Crystal

Magma Tear Crystal

Magma Defense Tear Crystal

Magma Defense Cabochon Crystal

Magma Cabochon Crystal

Physical Defense Brilliant Crystal

Physical Brilliant Crystal

Physical Defense Baguette Crystal

Physical Baguette Crystal

Physical Defense Tear Crystal

Physical Tear Crystal

Dawn Chelon Gem

Magma Arrowhead

Amber Vibrant Marble

Orange Coda Caves Crystal

Fire Soul Stone

Magma Shard

Trove of Dawn Mahar Gems

Cut Citrine Geode


Gold Vibrant Marble

Trove of Sun Mahar Gems

Fire Brilliant Crystal

Fire Defense Brilliant Crystal

Fire Tear Crystal

Fire Defense Tear Crystal

Fire Baguette Crystal

Fire Defense Baguette Crystal

Fire Cabochon Crystal

Fire Defense Cabochon Crystal

Fire Defense Marquise Crystal

Fire Arrowhead

Red Coda Caves Crystal

Critical Strike Tear Crystal

Fire Shard

Cut Fire Agate Geode

Trove of Arid Mahar Gems

Healing Tear Crystal

Healing Baguette Crystal

Shinwas Life Crystal

Wild Shadowglen Crystal

Cut Rose Quartz Geode

Water Defense Brilliant Crystal

Water Defense Tear Crystal

Water Tear Crystal

Water Defense Marquise Crystal

Water Cabochon Crystal

Water Defense Cabochon Crystal

Gate Keeper Forehead Gem

Water Defense Baguette Crystal

Water Moonstone Crystal

Water Defense Moonstone Crystal

Raw Sapphire

Gate Keeper Gem of Power

Trove of Twilight Mahar Gems

Sealed Tourmaline Flask

Shinwas Weather Orb

Dusk Pearl

Water Soul Stone

Trove of Cream Mahar Gems

Black Coda Caves Crystal

Dusk Chelon Gem

Freezing Brilliant Crystal

Freezing Tear Crystal

Cut Holly Blue Agate Geode

Dream Coda Caves Crystal

Crystal Blub

Water Shard

Water Arrowhead

Ice Defense Baguette Crystal

Ice Tear Crystal

Ice Defense Tear Crystal

Ice Shard

Ice Baguette Crystal

Raw Opal

Blue Coda Caves Crystal

Cut Celestite Geode

Curse of Boils Tear Crystal

Trove of Dusk Mahar Gems

Earth Defense Baguette Crystal

Earth Baguette Crystal

Earth Defense Tear Crystal

Earth Tear Crystal

Earth Defense Cabochon Crystal

Earth Cabochon Crystal

Jade Bead

Common Chelon Gem

Earth Soul Stone

Green Coda Caves Crystal

Field Pearl

Cut Mossy Agate Geode

Trove of Mahar Gems

Lilac Pearl

Amethyst Stone

Dark Crystal Shard

Dark Tear Crystal

Singed Tear Crystal

Dark Defense Brilliant Crystal

Dark Brilliant Crystal

Dark Defense Eye of Royalty Crystal

Singed Baguette Crystal

Dark Baguette Crystal

Cut Amethyst Geode

Dark Moonstone Crystal

Dark Defense Moonstone Crystal

Dark Cabochon Crystal

Dark Defense Cabochon Crystal

Darkness Shard

Arid Chelon Gem

Cut Onyx Agate Geode

Fractured Onyx Flask

Twilight Pearl

Death Shard

Rainbow Chelon Gem

Gate Keeper Gem Candy

Pet Friends