Fallene has a minion!

Ivory the Lumoth


The Reborn Celinox
Owner: Buttercream

Age: 7 years, 2 months, 3 days

Born: November 23rd, 2012

Adopted: 7 years, 2 months, 3 days ago

Adopted: November 23rd, 2012


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

The fog was dense, swirling around her person, following her like a faithful companion as she took careful measured steps along an unknown path through an unknown forest. She didn’t seem to be in a hurry as her feet unconsciously moved towards some distant destination. Squirting her eyes, she tried to see past the tall pine trees lining her trail, but she couldn’t seem to penetrate the fog no matter how hard she tried.

Flickers of shadows and flares of golden light danced across the fog ladened landscape ahead of her. Some unconscious fear gripped her suddenly, urging her forward. She quickened her pace, almost running full tilt, towards the dancing lights with a long gown grasped tightly in her hands. The hill she climbed was steep, covered in upraised roots and thorny bushes that caught her clothes and tripped her. Her dress was ripped and torn, her palms ached from catching the brunt of her multiple falls. An eery silence absorbed her heavy breathing and sudden outbursts of pain.

When she reached the hill’s crest, she looked down into a valley nestled with her beloved town engulfed in flames that flickered with a blue-green tinge. She glanced down at her hands noticing the blood smeared across their surface. Falling to her knees, she tilted her head back and screamed to the heavens. The flames just grew larger, washing the landscape in an azure glow.


It was that awful dream again, Fallene Wathin thought when she startled awake from her tortured slumber, causing her two pets, Scoop and Dollop, to scamper from their cozy sleeping spots. Sweat made her cotton night shift cling to her aged body, and a fine tremor caused her hands to shake beneath the blankets. Years had passed since that dream had haunted her thoughts. The very last time was just before she assumed her inherited role of Inbetween for Henseling, her home town. The very same place she just dreamt of being ravaged by colourful flames.

Moving to climb out of bed, Fallene tentatively examined her hands and clothing. She could still feel the nightmare conjured brambles piercing her skin, pulling on her fake dress. Though there were no signs that the dream’s experiences had transcended into her current existence, Fallene still felt the compulsion to make sure all was right. A nagging worry settled in the pit of her stomach as she hastily donned sturdy leather boots, light winter’s garb and a thick wool cloak. Gathering up her basket full of yesterday’s baked goods, Fallene exited into a crisp, chilled early morning sun.

Residing on the outskirts of town and the edge of the Hallow Forest, Fallene’s stone cottage was quaint and colourful, both inside and out. Colourful flowers grew in vibrant red planters that clashed with faded yellow window shutters. Thick vines overlapped one another as they grew unhindered along more than half of the cottage and up the wide brick chimney. Hints of moss green curtains could be glimpsed through ornate windows. Even while being overrun with weeds in the front garden, the cottage still exuded a homely and welcome feeling to visitors.

The path Fallene traveled on was well worn, safe, and eventually connected to the primary trade route between Hensling and Danth. Merchants with their guarded possessions and paired travelers were already in motion towards their next destination even at such an early hour. Walking at a steady pace, basket swinging from her crooked arm, Fallene hummed a merry little ditty to help calm her nerves. As she ascended another rolling hill, she spotted wisps of smoke coming from the many chimneys that dotted Henseling’s landscape. The small knot of worry in her stomach unclenched when Fallene noted the lack of azure tinted fire. Her town was safe, she confirmed, sighing softly, then nodding to a stranger who looked at her askew.

Hailing as one of the largest cities outside of the capitol, Henseling boasted a diverse and profitable economy, rich with trade goods from around the country. Farmers from surrounding towns brought their items to sell and barter in the market stalls. Merchants traveling between locations would bring in exotic and hard to acquire merchandise, like fine textiles and spices. Each profession, like blacksmiths, masons, and bakers, were associated with a guild that helped facilitate their workmanship, business, and had internal policies for self policing. No one wanted to trouble the city militia with their internal problems.

Most of the individuals who crowded the streets, hurrying from one destination to another, paid little attention to Fallene as she walked the cobbled streets towards one of the many bakeries. Those that recognized her as a member of the Council, tilted their hats in acknowledgement and offered friendly greetings. She returned each gestures with a somber nod. It was imperative in this part of the town, the richest part that is, to maintain a cool exterior. Favoritism could lead to needless gossip that ignited pointless drama within the upper circles of society. Fallene worked hard to keep the peace both within the richest and poorest parts of her beloved city. That was one of the most important aspects of her job, maintaining neutrality.

Only a handful of people in Henseling knew that magic existed within the world they lived in. Those that were aware either performed it themselves or were privy to the information in order to understand the hows and whys of things. Fallene was very old. She had been Henseling’s Inbetween for nearly a century, and her primary duty was to maintain balance between the Ill and Tide Bearers who resided in her town, and attempted to upset that very balance. If a city tipped in favour of one particular side, the consequences were devastating for years to come. A town could survive without either Bearer, but it could not survive without an Inbetween.

Locklyn and Adelyn Pith, Henseling’s current Bearers, sat at a small table inside the quaint bakery shop when Fallene entered. The two older women were half Fallene’s age, and looked identical except for their clothing. Bearers were influenced by either good or bad spheres of magic, playing counterpart of one another and continuously tried to tip the balance towards their side. Locklyn, the Tide Bearer, wore a loose patchworked dress and worn down boots without a single piece of ornamentation. Self sacrificing and tenacious in her advocacy for a pious life style, she won over her rich patrons who donated large sums of money through guilt. While Locklyn shunned all luxury and materialistic items, Adelyn, the Ill Bearer, relished in them. Her silk clothing was tailored perfectly and richly embroidered. She was an icon for a refined lifestyle, and actively tried to acquire more wealth for herself and her business partners. She owned the largest clothier shop in Henseling and often used manipulation to expand her coin purse. Neither woman would willing spend time in the other’s presence unless Fallene was present and it gave her pause to see the two women drinking their tea in uncomfortable quiet.

Setting her heavy basket on the counter, Fallene began unpacking the fresh loaves of bread and sweet rolls from inside before handing them to one of the bakers. Pausing half way through, she turned towards the occupied table and inquired, “Lady Locklyn, Lady Adelyn, what brings you here?”

Giving her sister a quick look before answering, Locklyn spoke in a dainty voice, “We wanted to speak to you about a certain matter. Last night, a young girl arrived in town, Lady Fallene.”

Glancing over her shoulder, Fallene hesitated in her work, “Travelers are not uncommon in Henseling. What gives you pause about this particular girl that brings you two into such proximity and practically at my doorstep? Mind you, I am in no mood to deal with your tedious bickering at this hour.”

A glance was shared between the two woman again, and Locklyn answered, her voice soft and quiet, “The girl, she asked for you by name, my Lady. She was guided to my door by some of the orphaned children. The girl was dirty and hungry, but she wasn’t alone, Lady Fallene.” Pausing for a moment, Locklyn swallowed before resuming, “She had twins with her. Boys. And she is expecting.”

Fallene jerked to a stop, and turned to look at the two women fully, expecting some sort of trickery. A stranger coming into Henseling was not unusual, nor one seeking Locklyn’s generosity, but to ask for Fallene by name was enough to cause alarm. “You will take me to see this young girl immediately. Lady Adelyn you will accompany us as well.”

Adelyn’s protests were halted when Fallene gave her a stern look. The three women left the bakery in short time, walking quickly towards Locklyn’s residence deep in the poorer part of Henseling. Fallene often visited this area, donating her baked goods to Locklyn’s efforts for free. She charged Adelyn’s patrons exaggerated amounts because they could afford such items. It was one of the ways she ensured her own internal balance. It was rare, but history had incidents of an Inbetween losing their balance and favouring one side more than another.

Stepping inside a large worn down building, Locklyn walked down a dim hallway towards the back of her residence. Faces of all ages peaked out from tiny doorways to watch the women walk by. Stopping before a wooden door, Locklyn tentatively knocked before entering into a modest room set up with four beds and a small dresser beneath an opaque window. A young woman with dirty grab occupied one of the beds. Before her was a nest of mismatched blankets, making a bed for the babes who gurgled and wiggled.

The girl stood up quickly and dropped into a low curtsey when the women stepped inside the room. Adelyn shut the door quietly, and the twins stood directly behind Fallene’s shoulders. Speaking in a soft and soothing voice, she greeted the girl, “Hello, child. Lady Locklyn has told me that you were seeking me.”

The skinny girl gripped her grimey dress, wringing the fabric lightly. Her eyes darted everywhere, between Fallene and the twins behind her before answering, “Yes, Mistress Witch. I come from Blanth at Lady Dahlia’s bidding. She told me to come to Henseling, to see you. She said that you would be able to help me. My name is Sarah. Sarah Kinson, my Lady.”

Fallene stood there for a moment, examining the girl before her. She noted the large swell of her abdomen, and the occasional sounds coming from the mound of blankets. Twins were special and rare occurrences in their own right, gifting the children with magical abilities, but a third child, if it was a girl, would change the destiny of Fallene. Inbetweens were the first girl child born after a set of twins, and consequently killed their mother on the birthing bed. Fallene’s heart ached as she gazed upon the young girl as she went to tending her two children. Fate had chosen the road that this dear soul would take.

“Sarah, may I touch you?” Fallene asked gently but firmly, making sure that denial was not an option.

Nodding her acceptance, Fallene approached the bed and looked upon the two wiggling babies in their nest of warmth. They were beautiful baby boys, with dark curly strands and bright green eyes. She could feel the magics of good and evil warring within them already. Laying her hand on Sarah’s head lightly. Fallene gathered her magic and slowly fed a tendril into the girl. Rich earth magic responded to her call, and Fallene gasped. It had been centuries since Henseling had an Inbetween who’s affinity was earth.

Gently caressing the greasy strands of Sarah’s hair, Fallene pondered how best to explain what she brought to their prosperous town. After years of apprenticeship, the twins would become Bearers of Henseling, and the unborn child would fulfill the role of Inbetween. Fallene, Locklyn and Adelyn would retire from their inherited roles and live the rest of their lives as normal citizens, they duties concluded, their rewards happiness for many years of service.

“Child, you bring with you our salvation. Your twins will become Bearers of this great town after years of guidance by me and mine.” Fallene gestured towards the sisters waiting patiently by the door, their eyes compassionate. “Your unborn daughter, she will be a great Inbetween, proficient in the earth element. Something Henseling has not seen in many centuries. I will guide her path, and she will be respected and sought after for her knowledge.”

Taking in a ragged breath, Fallene looked down at the girl, so very young to carry such a burden already. “But you, my child, you will not see them grow old. Neither your sons, nor your daughter. The child you carry in your womb,” Fallene rested her other hand against Sarah’s swollen abdomen, “You will not survive her birth. I killed my mother, as did the Inbetween before me, and the one before her. Fate will not allow you the joy of knowing your children.”

The young girl hung her head and whispered through her tears, “I accept my fate.”

Holding the young girl close to her body, Fallene hugged her tightly. Her hands smoothed down her back as the sobs wracked Sarah’s body. “I will do everything in my power to raise your children right. I will protect and treat them as they were my own flesh and blood. They will be loved and and cherished and respected by all. I promise you this. They shall never be wanting. They will be the pillars that lead the next generation. They are our future.”

Pet Treasure

Empty Arm Basket

Copper Kettle

Years Gone By Sepia Yarn

Box of Dried Chrysanthemum Buds

Magic Hinges

Khaki Alegarten Cloak

Sage Chrysanthemum Candle

Precious Alloy

Homemade Sugar Cookies

Light Tear Crystal

Bundle of Zinnia Seeds

Bag of Pure Flour

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