Legacy Name: Stoli

The Common Experiment #911
Owner: StripeyKneeSocks

Age: 16 years, 3 months, 3 weeks

Born: August 1st, 2006

Adopted: 16 years, 3 months, 3 weeks ago (Legacy)

Adopted: August 1st, 2006 (Legacy)


  • Level: 31
  • Strength: 82
  • Defense: 79
  • Speed: 76
  • Health: 83
  • HP: 83/83
  • Intelligence: 39
  • Books Read: 39
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Store Manager

Hello and welcome to my secret laboratory. Wait, How did you get in here? I bet one of those silly girls let you in. *mumble mumble* Anyway, your welcome to stay as long as you don't touch anything or get in my way.

Pet Treasure

Shinwas Coal

Gift Horse Plushie

Box of Kringles

Snow Covered Presents Knickknack

Junior Archaeologist Tool Kit

Hiking Safety Kit

Winter Sleigh Knickknack

Green Candy Cane

Red Liquid-Filled Rounded Flask

Miniature Ferris Wheel

Peppermint Shake

Sunken Ship Terrarium

Bottled Harvest Moon

Electric Hikei Sword

Hikei Hammer

Magical Hikei Glow

Hikei Grooming Brush Shield

Hikei Knife

Hikei Throwing Shoes

Hikei Floating Orbs

Hikei Mane Brush

Hikei Whip

Hikei Helmet

Hikei Lance

Bottomless Jelly Vial

Putrescent Jelly Vial

Sanguine Jelly Vial

Sub-Zero Jelly Vial

Phoenix Tail Feather

Bloody Cauldron

Poisonous Cauldron

Dark Defense Tear Crystal

Ghostly Crystal Ball

Sun Potion

Enchanted Crystal Irion Pendant

Aqua Esther

Common Potion

Dirty Perfume Bottle

Devonti Essence

Flack Seed

Shinwas Birdie

Sands of Time

Illumis Sun Scythe

Frozen Rose Key

Shinwas Bow

Teddy Bear Sword

Special Order Coffee

Pail of Apples

Paper Party Bag

Pet Friends