Ozone Wine has a minion!

Dureza the Svarta

Ozone Wine
Legacy Name: Ozone Wine

The Twilight Neela
Owner: Dragonfish

Age: 8 years, 5 months, 3 days

Born: December 21st, 2013

Adopted: 8 years, 5 months, 3 days ago

Adopted: December 21st, 2013


  • Level: 54
  • Strength: 126
  • Defense: 120
  • Speed: 120
  • Health: 120
  • HP: 120/120
  • Intelligence: 218
  • Books Read: 203
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Rare Gem Specialist

Pet Treasure

Blackberry Geartini

Cinnamon Mulled Wine

Stemless Mulled Wine Glass

Orangey Mulled Wine

Cardamom Mulled Wine

Sacred Lands Chardonnay

Atebus Ale

Magical Arctic Star Potion

Crystalline Alembic

Deluxe Tea Set

Night Sky Print Bookmark

The Frozen Forest

A Collection of Verses

The Beauty of Starlight

One Steamy Night

Ice Flow Almanac

Kumos Creation Myths

Eye Catching Aurora Borealis Shard

Sapphire-Encrusted Beanbag

Jeweled Neela Vesnali Egg

Silver Embellished Collar

Symphoni Nacht DesireDenial Ravencrest Brooch

Archduke Brooch

Verdi Luminous Pink Quartz

Magic Focusing Crystal

Golden Mahar Earring

Iridescent Beetle Pin


Vigorous Raven Restorative

Rainbow Crow

Murder of Crows Jacket

Common Grackle


Scavenge Bot

Ornate Caged Raven

Professor New Witching Hour Raven Skull

Snow Crow

Ytivan Snow Globe

Snowy Sunrise Snow Globe

Frozen Mountains Snow Globe

Frozen Aurora Snow Globe

Dark Forest Snow Globe

Days of Pylot

Tea Book

Wrapped Wine Gift

Legendary Crystal Beanbag

Jeweled Hippocampus

Jeweled Hippocampus Beanbag

Topaz-Encrusted Book

Emerald-Encrusted Book

Sapphire-Encrusted Book

Amethyst-Encrusted Book

Opal-Encrusted Book

Ruby-Encrusted Book

Aurora Galaxy Crystal

Storm Chain

Red Drake Gem

Green Drake Gem

Blue Drake Gem

Trove of Twilight Mahar Gems

Chaotic Rift Stone

Aurora Chalice

Gem Projector


Winter Sky Sticker

Fancy Snowman

Sun on Snow

Tales for Winter Days and Winter Nights

The Dream World

Beauty in the Frost

Mystical Creatures And Where To Find Them

Snowball Fight Tactics

Winter Magic

Buried in the Snow

Auroras of Winter

Glorious Glaciers

Crystallized Codex of Endless Winter

Frost Flowers

Chilling Winter Tales

Crystalline Box

Cut Glass Snowflake Paperweight

Snow Globe Lantern

Golden Dawn Crystal

North Star Crystal Starburst

Fairies in Winter

A Quiet Luminaire Night

Winter Is Coming

A Snowstorm in Darkside

Book of Very Interesting People

A Song of Fireside and Luminaire

Delicate Tinkering Necklaces

Golden Gear Bracelet

Golden Beetle Collar Clip

Crystal Collar Clip

Silver Skull Collar Clip

Ivory Wings Collar Clip

Opulent Casablanca Cameo

Raspberry Casablanca Cameo

Deluxe Casablanca Cameo

Elegant Casablanca Cameo

Exclusive Casablanca Cameo

A History of Dancing

Well-Loved Beat-Up Book

Orange Geode Trinket Box

Purple Geode Trinket Box

Blue Geode Trinket Box

Green Geode Trinket Box

Gray Geode Trinket Box

Dangling Crystal Choker

Raven Feather Quill Pen

Virtuous Captains Plume

Haunted Feather

Raven Familiar Beanbag

Raven Statue

Dark Mountain Statue

Pet Friends