Stephen King has a minion!

Minion the Skeletal Dog

Stephen King
Legacy Name: Stephen King

The Graveyard Legeica
Owner: Taarna

Age: 8 years, 7 months, 3 weeks

Born: February 2nd, 2014

Adopted: 7 years, 10 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: November 17th, 2014


  • Level: 16
  • Strength: 28
  • Defense: 25
  • Speed: 11
  • Health: 11
  • HP: 10/11
  • Intelligence: 23
  • Books Read: 21
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Inventory Tracker

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Classic Magnifying Strands
Floral Vial of Innocent Whoosh
Sky Chewing Gum Locks
Licorice Strands Milkshake
Chignon of the Funfetti Muse
Beloved Love Note Pigtails
Cocoa King Charles Pigtails
Classic Hibiscus Strands
Dominant Sporty Ponytail
White Strands Princess Hairbrush
Sexy Crush Strands
Blushing Chubby Bunny Curls
Ashy Blonde Poneightail
Loveable Self-Care Locks
Platinum King Charles Pigtails
Whopping Buttercream Locks
Lion Mane of Light
Dolphin Salvaged Strands
Blond Sprig-Tangled Tresses
Lucky Conure Curls
Fluttering Milky Locks
Savage Boar King Locks
Insincere Unicorn Dreads
Blond Long Sealed Locks
Tantalizing Apparition Wisps
Floral Vial of Corruptedly Naive Whoosh
Light Hime Curls
Luxe Lolly Locks
Perceptive Mousy Wisps
Phenomenal Brown Waves
Orchid Sealed Locks
Cutesy Pika Tendrils
Captivating Plumish Curly Bob
Tangled Chocolate Locks
Loafingly Cut Espresso Locks
Fluffy Pink Bunny Locks
Grandiose Mousy Wisps
Relaxed Coffee Geode Braid
Curious Gemini Buns
Cuddling Cardinals Chilling Strands
Cinnamon Twists Stray Sparkling Strands
Platinum Mermaid Strands
Sunset Mermaid Strands
Sandy Toy Boat Waves
Foxy Strands
Magical Puff Strands
Loafingly Cut Espresso Locks
Dearest Kokeshi Doll Strands
Sandy Stolen Crown Locks
Platinum Hand Spun Upswept Ponytail
Lemonade with a Strong Twist
Rusty Music Strand Box
Sakura Curling Iron Strands
Sakura Cotton Candy Floss
Blonde Curling Iron Strands
Murky Stolen Crown Locks
Floral Vial of Pure Whoosh
Loafingly Cut Platinum Locks
Phenomenal Blonde Waves
Overgrown Blonde Strands
Sakura Sparrow Strands
Latte Vial of Lavish Strands
Burnt Ribboned Twists
Captivating Blonde Curly Bob
Vanilla Melting Milkshake Braid
Messy Yellow Diamond Braid
Stealthy Leopard Wisps

Hair Accessories/Head
Jar of Blooming Stars
Jar of Fallen Cream Stars
Midnight Sky Coronet Cupcake
Abandoned Kitty Meow Surprise
Lovely Kitty Ears
Cute Little Peachy Keen Bow
Jar of Fallen Sparkling Stars
Flower Blossom Crown of Renewal
Dessert Swirl Mint Ribbon
Strings of Blissful Flowers
Cute Little Cream Bow
Dessert Swirl Red Ribbon
White Flower of Heartbroken Illusion
Pink Flower of Heartbroken Illusion
Pure Rose with Pearls Headpiece
Delicate Lolita Bow
Lustful Timid Keekee
Blossoms of the Heart Wreath
Beaded Floral Headpiece
Cute Little White Bow
Dessert Swirl White Ribbon
Dessert Swirl Pink Ribbon
Flower Blossom Crown of Life
Treasured Albite Rose Box
Cute Little Black Bow
Jar of Fallen Blushing Stars
Sweet Bunmallow Bow
Modern Black Bowband
Modern White Bowband
Exquisite Petals and Pearls
Flower Blossom Crown of Lust
Cute Little Mint Bow
Cute Little Fruity Bow
Cute Little Covert Bow
Ears of the Lovely Lynx
Blush Butterflies of Twilight
Collection of Coral Blooms
Mischievous Fuschia Bandana Slingshot
Covert Fawntastic Flowers
Romantic Bunny Wigglers
Holographic Fawntastic Flowers
Endless Love Aura Vial
Midnight Sky Coronet Cupcake
Illuminating Star of the Fish
Slushie Roza Crown
Iceberg Roza Crown
Pink Fox Belled Ears
Wintermint Roza Crown
Frosting Lolita Bow
Skillfully Crafted Cat Ornament
Sunflower Kitty Crown
Stealthy Black Kitty Ears
Lipstick Lolita Bow
Moon and Stars Tickled Pink Mobile
Valentines Cute Little Bow
True Love Lolita Bow
Pure Love Lolita Bow
Moon and Stars Shine like the Sun Mobile
Eggshell Lolita Bow
Innocent Kitty Meow Surprise
The Golden and Black Statue of Anubis
Spiked Friendship Blossoms
Innocent Ribbons of the Blithe and Bouncy Kitten
Candied Corn Ornate Bow
The Pink Statue of Anubis
Ruthless Charmed Horns
Strawberries and Cream Lolita Bow

Left Pink Floral Anklet
Boxed Delicate Geta
Mimi Strapped Pineapple Heels
Dangerously Bowed High Heels
Sakura Blossomed High Heels
Posh Vogue Heels
Taleen Brown Suede Boots
Summer Toe Ring Tea
Minty Mousy Heels
Box of Crimson Anklets
Trendy Vogue Heels
Pussycat Tattoo
Silk Blush Shoe Flowers
Blush Mousy Heels
Star And Moon Anklet
Playful Kitty Black Bow Tied Heels
Romantic Ankle Blossoms
Bowl of Gilded Heels
Ultra Flirty Ebony Shoe Bows
Ultra Flirty Pink Shoe Bows
Bowl of Blooming Heels
Baby Vogue Heels
Holding My Faith Pendant
Night Sleepy Kitten Heel
Serene Senorita Shoebox
Hot Pink Hyrax Sneaker Heels
Engagement Shoes
Sparkly Pink Sleepy Kitten Heel
Spearmint Sleepy Kitten Heel
Sporty Vogue Heels
Perilous Red Panda Socks
Opulent Pearlized Bunny Shoes
Bowl of Sunshine Heels
Ultra Flirty Blue Shoe Bows
Diamond Encrusted Blush Heels
Diamond Encrusted Plum Heels
Pure Sleepy Kitten Heel
Blushing Bad Boy Ribbons
Pop Colored Snow Soles
Suave Innocent Heels
Bubbly Timeless Heels
Rosy Glowing Garland Anklets
Dreamy Glowing Garland Anklets
Technicolor Liquid Metal Heels
My Strawberry Cookie Heels
My Strawberry Marshmallow Heels
My Pomegranate Heels
Strawberry Milkshake Bow
Vanilla Milkshake Bow
Bubble Gum Milkshake Bow
Radiant Ankle Blossoms
Boxed Delicate Geta
Simply-Brewed Enchanted Laces
Crimson Rose Gift Heels
Suave Cinnamon Heels
Morostide-Brewed Enchanted Laces
Simply-Brewed Enchanted Laces

Preserved Heart of Sweetness
Dedicated Daruma of Daydream
Beautifully Adorned Pink Bow Piece
Innocent Body Ribbons
Sunset Cloth Wrapped Mini Moon Wand
Fluttering Airy Gossamer
Roseate Rock Tower Fabric
Seducktive Bleached Silk
Cutesy Freckle Body Instructions
Pure Peony Fabric
Moon Raven Charm
Pearl Spider Silk Dress Cloak
Suspended Pink Coati Skirt
Rosy Freckle Body Blush Instructions
Strawberry Silk Dinosaur Snack
Flirty Rascal Romper
Pink Daisy Wrapped Herbal Tea
Lovable Geisha Bundle
Sakura Fluttering Fabric
Sticky Sweetfetti Sweater
Sweetheart Floral Lantern
Sea Breeze Floral Lantern

Twinkling Star Log
Bottled Pink Cherry Blossom of Remembrance
Remembrance Chains
Floating Spooky Cat Care Sheet
Bottle of Midnight Sky
Lovely Smoke of the Kitsune
Smoking Smoke of the Sweet Smoke Halo
Wispy Soft Pink Butterfly Companions
Wispy Black Butterfly Companions
Painting of a Crimson Landscape
Naive Pocket Sundial
Bright Red Hearts Halo
Blue Morning Glory Border
Sunflower Kitty Decoration
Blush Flowering Frame
Creepy Kitty Lawn Ornament
Lost Dragon Spirit
Gothic Red Branch
Darling Kitty Companion
Spilled Ball of Paper
Pink Morning Glory Border
Blushing Rose Stamp
Cup of Lemonade Heart Bubbles
Tranquil Tombstone
Broken Bulb of Beauty
Broken Bulb of Purity
Black Stripe Horse Halo
Tome of Windblown Pressed Diamond Petals
Sunset Wood Guide
Blushing Lunar Rose Wand
Cup of Love Heart Bubbles
Squashy Cloud
Celestial Trimmed Tapestry
Solidified Star Crying Moon
Alabaster Starscape Projection
Thorns of a Reigning Tyrant
Light Stardust Motes
Collected Tugtupite Sparkles
Danger Star Crying Moon
Lightened Dragon Bubble
Summoning Skull of Death
Rainbow Bridge of Memory
Incriminating Stained Paper
Cursed Idol of Baphomet
Little Handmade Wreath Of Friendship
Cherry Handmade Wreath Of Friendship
Lovely Sakura Edging
Mint Sakura Edging
Delicate Peony Painting
Dreamy Flowered Crescent Moon
Enchanted Magical Sprouting Trees
Perfectly Placed Multicolored Luminaire Lights
Nasturtium Shimmering Stained Glass Jellyfish
Crystalized Snowflakes
Beary Flowery Garland
Luminous Lapin Lights
Twinkling Crystal Display
Mysterious Crystal Display
Sweetest Rose of the Masked Magician
Sweetheart Anglerfish Lights
Shiba Inu Sakura Wreath
Shiba Inu Pure Sakura Wreath
Loving Cosmic Kitty Clouds
Beautiful Sunny Day
Amortentia Charm Key Ring
Lumos Solem Charm Key Ring
Loveable Little Butterflies
Handful of Pretty Little Butterflies
Kyoto Sakana Goldfish
Bunny Princess Taiyaki Treat
Strawberry Milk Taiyaki Treat
Predictions of Spring
Window of Dreams
Azure Snow Globe Full of Luminaire Magic
Captured Pink Moon Rays
Gauze of the Mystified Creature
Candied Ninja Scroll
Pink Magically Spring Branch
Loving Laurel Halo
Unwavering Angelic Koi Fish
Cotton Candy Angelic Koi Fish
Sakura Halo
Sparkling Floating Pink Hearts
Rosewood Frame of Ever-Changing Views
Sweet Cherry Sprig
Ghostly Kitty Companion

Summer Peach Extract
Strawberry Lip Compact
Blushing Chubby Bunny Makeup
Sweet Doll Lashes
Decayed Mascara
Bossy Bold Mascara
DIY Right Monroe Piercing
Syringe of Psychedelic Dreams
Frilly Eye Bandage
Sparkling Pink Eyeshadow Kit
Prudence Candle Glasses
Chaotic Giraffe Makeup
Special Pigment
Sparkling Vial of Fairy Dust
Darkened Ghostly Makeup Brush
Crimson Gingerbread Man Makeup Brush
Sprinkled Love Cake Blush
Starry Blush Pill
Happiest Blooming Blush
Crimson Dragon Tail Makeup
Sunset Mermaid Powder Brush
Fluffy Peach Blush Brush
Blush Sweetheart Makeup
Inky Heart Temporary Tattoo
Pumpkin Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Bashful Kitten Compact
Blush Nosy Diary
Charmed Mermaid Tail Makeup Brush
Candy Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Sugary Eyecatching Light Stick
Lucky Eyecatching Light Stick
Tidal Eye Ichor
Perfect Brow Applicator
Pretty Sparkling Blush
Enameled Bunny Keychain Lashes
Luscious Peach Gloss
Infatuated Eye Kit
Pure Nosy Diary
Somewhat Precise Eyebrow Pomade
Wood Elf Brows
Clear Luscious Unicorn Balm
Black Bunnylita Ribbon

Pink Plaid Patched White Britches
Fickle Fabric Flower
Chic Chiffon Corolla
Canned Soda Ruffles
Subtle Clip-On Train
Backwards Peachy Keen Cloth Wrapped Kitty Symbol
Unicorn Frilled Train
Backwards White Cloth Wrapped Kitty Symbol
Minty Picnic Shorts
Delicious Candy Floss Flirty Skirt
Innocent Rose Sparkly Hearts Wand
White Snaily Skirt
Saline Salt Shaker Fabric
White Fox Chained Booty Shorts
Black Unicorn Frilled Train
Muslin Meerkat Shorts
Delicious Tuttie Fruitie Flirty Skirt
Dressy Denim Picnic Shorts
Studly Magenta Pants
Ride Them Low Inca Rose Pants
Dream Foxy Pants
Studded Bottle Fabric
Coruscating Snaily Skirt
Beatific Fragile Cloth Wrapped Daisy
Black Lacy Snaily Skirt
Stellar Snaily Skirt
Stellar Snaily Skirt
Flowing Satin Pink Train
Lustful Demure Keekee
Sunflower Denim Bell Skirt
Messy Manx Mitts
Bearly Fitted Mint Shorts
Full White Fashion Catalog Heels
Everbloom Pocketed Bass
Mint Beauty Bear Skirt
Pinky Bobalicious Shorts
Peachy Scared Bunny Fabric
Spooky Kitty Patch Capris
Spooky Shake It Up Skirt

Pearl Cascading Blooms
Cotton Candy Flowers and Pearls
Blush Cascading Blooms
Adorably Pure Kitty Potion
Elegant Flowers and Pearls
Peach Cascading Blooms
Fluttering Fruity Petals
Fluttering Milky Petals
Fluttering Candy Petals
Saccharine Lunar Marble
Flowers of the Loving Whalien
Blessing of the Ebony Feline
Fallen Bag of Blush Stardust
Vesnali Peony Floral Crown
Rogue Sakura Ribbon
Fluttering Sakura Petals
Candy Cane Lumi Bobbers
Gingerbread Lumi Bobbers
Tiny Ambassador from the Pink Mini Galaxy

Chest Layer/Overchest
Chat Noir Hipster Sweater
Chat Blanc Hipster Sweater
Belly Free Mint And Pink Rose Shirt
Pawsitively Flushed Hoodie
Cloth of the Cranberry Dragon
Sweetheart Kitty MeowMeow Dress
Pink Sweetheart Neckline Jersey
Sheer Peridot Dress
Baby Pink Floral Dress
Candied Treat Textile
Simple Paw Print Romper
Strawberry Vanilla Cake Slice
Rich Girl Lovely Corset
Rich Girl Truffle Corset
Warm Pink Fabric Tied Books
Moon Princess Gown
Moon Princess Shrug
Warm Peach Fabric Tied Books
Lazy Kitty Summer Frills
Lazy Kitty Summer Drape
Sakura Fabric Wrapped Bonsai
Unicorn Frilled Gown
Unicorn Frilled Dress
Lolita Lemur Ruffles
Silken Nest of the Flushed Dragon Mother
Perfectly Bowed Kitten
Pretty Parfait Fabric
Snowy Unicorn Frilled Gown
Sparkling Sudsy Tuxedo Dress
Graveyard Holo Gown
Himedere Cat Sweater V2
Pearl Poinsettia Waist Beads
Cloth of the Dusty Dragon
Chilled Candy Corn Cream Cloth
Chilled Galactic Cream Cloth
Holding My Faith Garment
Pure Floaty Blimp Fabric
Breezy Doily Halter
Rainbow Unicorn Animal Cracker Box
Cuddly Cute Monster Fabric
Innocent Body Ribbons
Pink Crab Top
Prudence Candle Vest
Beary Cute Sakura Kimono
Serene Imprinted Fabric Rose
Stylish White Floral Jacket
Odorous Corgi Fabric
Peachy Treat Textile
DazzleBlaster 2000
That Lava Jumper
Rave Kitten Shredded Shirt
Sexy Kitty Tied Top
Enchanted Mages Petals
Pawsitively Beautiful Hoodie
Faulty Heavenly Magenta Glowstick
Moonchild Cut Out Pullover
Holly Butterfly Vest
Sweet Kitty Folded Sweater
Dream Blue Stylish Jacket
Lovely Perennial Dress
Sweet Bunny Dress
Sweet Treat Textile
Heart Pugly Pullover
Sky Gull Frock
Innocent Luxury Kitty Sweater
Cloudy Lamb Plush Purl
Otterly Strawberry Qipao Dress
Otterly Icy Qipao Dress
Lovely Strapped Fabric
Pearl Cascade of the Warrior
Silky and Summery Bunny Bun Romper
Sleepy Lamb Plush Knit
Warm Salmon Flask Cozy
Picky Little Piggy Blush Striped Sweater
Picky Little Piggy Lovely Kitty Sweater
Cuddly Cozy Sweater
Feline Good Jasmine Pullover
Ever After Blooming Tea
Peachy Cream Dolly Drape
Perfectly Gifted Mint Cardigan
Sinister Dark Elemental Wisps
Heartfelt Emotional Baggage
Belly Free Black And Orange Shirt
Morostide-Brewed Enchanted Silk
Flourishing Morostide Wrapped Ice Cream Pop

Burnt Bouquet
Cushioned Rose Star Ring
Fuchsia Rose Ring
Luminous Rose Ring
Blushing Sakura Ring
Divinity Rose Ring
Moon Bracelet
Morganite Heart of the Empire
Aquamarine Heart of the Empire
Lovely Teacup Pup Bracelet
Beloved Blush Ring
Covert Rose Ring
White Oversized Bow Ring
Sweet Sugar Rose Ring
Frosting Rose Ring
Tourmaline Heart of the Empire
Corruptedly Naive Rose Ring
Shimmery Rose Ring
White Love Bracelet
Soft Jerboa Left Ring
Dreamy Glowing Garland Bracelets
Sakura Teaflowers
Fine Sakura Beads
Frisky Feline False Face
Quiver of the Loving Dryad
Ginger Squishy Kitty Plushie
Calico Squishy Cat Plushie
Butterfly Kissed Roses
Pink Flower Blossom Ring
Sweet Bow Ring
Peach Oversized Bow Ring

Perfectly Picked Floral Trinket
Perfectly Picked Camellia Trinket
Carefully Plucked Belt of Purity
Carefully Plucked Belt of Success
Pearl Adorned Black Waist Fabric
Bunny Bow Belt
Alluring Heart Belt of the Enchantress
Carefully Plucked Belt of Sorrow
Theurgical Belt of the Sorceress
Star Shine Soda

Glitter Tights
Ebony Chibi Moon and Star Tattoo
Summoning Satan Tights
Pink Norwegian Forest Cat Booty
Classic Blush Ribboned Leg Warmers
Peach Tinted Tights
Pure Pearlescent Garter
Dancing Dino White Leg Petals
Tickled Kite Tights
Sheer Mint Tights
Apricot Rosy Thigh Highs
Primrose Spilled Ink Tights
Pure Thigh Highs
Nifty Concealer Lollipop Tights
Fuchsia Tinted Tights
Peach Kitty Keychain
Pink Kitty Keychain
Elegant Pearlescent Garter
Mark Of The Crafty Witch
Pink Leggy Tights
Cloud Tinted Tights
Sunset Tinted Tights
Magenta Glittery Package
Masterful Stuffed Monkey Stockings
Chibi Moon and Star Tattoo
Lazy Kitty Asymmetric Mime Left Tights
Magenta Kitty Keychain
Covert Tinted Tights
Emutional Blush Bows
Emutional Stockings
Sorbet Lower Kitty Flowerbed
Cutesy Leg Body Paint
Treasured Pink Trinket
No Summertime Concert for YOU Bell Bottoms

White Friendly Thumbed Feline Companion
Spotted Friendly Thumbed Feline Companion
Black Friendly Thumbed Feline Companion
Orange Tabby Friendly Thumbed Feline Companion
Moon Sorceress Bracelet
Lazy Kitty Summer Wrap
Arm Pearls
Catfish Scented Arm Decoration
Dreamy Glowing Garland Bracelets
Pendant of Protection
Magenta Runes Armlet
Fuchsia Arm Pearls
Pink Peelsa Petals Armlet
Dark Moon Goddess Bracelet
Blue Peelsa Petals Wristlet
Excited Schoolgirl Collectible Magazine Issue 6
Punky Parfait Lover Purse

Whoa Now Kitty Companion
What the Kitty Companion
Cream Puff Toasty Cat Loaf
Cashmere Kitty in a Box
Deceptive Loaf of Cat
Darling Kitty Companion
Elusive Red Dot
Cream Rose Embellishment
Baghira Kitty Ice Cream Surprise
Luminaire Kitten Companion
Brave Butterball Companion
Check Meowt Tuxedo Companion
Check Meowt Orange Tabby Companion
Peach Rose Embellishment
Dark Maneki Neko
Little Tiger Toasty Cat Loaf

Heavenly Bearly Toasted Ruffles
Colorblind Lyrical Train
Proud Pink Panther Tail
Peachy Flower Fabric
Holding My Faith Bustle
Alabaster Embellished Bittersweet Fabric
Destroyed Wings of the Raven
Morganite Embellished Flushed Fabric
Lovable Floral Bunny Tail
Black Bunny Puff
Statuette of Righteous Flame

Pink Garnet Moonkissed Necklace
Moon Sorceress Earring
Sparkly Crow Necklace
Shimmering Crow Necklace
Morganite Imperial Pendant
Iron Strung Pearls
Adorable Kitty Collar
Mismatched Spiracle Earring Design Plan
Pearl Heart Dangle Choker
Hibiscus Tree Collar
Frilly Bouquet
March Birthstone Choker
Tea For Two Dingle Dangle Kitten Tangle
Ocean Chained and Studded Earrings
Mysterious Flighty Feathers

Pet Treasure

Dream Journal

Poison Apothecary Bottle

Evil Goop

Unsettlingly Jinxed Monkey Cymbalist

Lost Man

Red Balloon

Scorpion Insectoid Goggles

Spider Insectoid Goggles

Haunted Forest Spirit

Spidey Spawn

Skeletal Scorpion


Scavenge Bot

Creeping Mask

Underground Fisher

Creepy Crawling Book of Creepy Crawlies


The Truth About Clowns

Death Knight Legeica Figurine



Bumbly Biller

The Beam


Graveyard Legeica Plushie

Black Calla Lily


Overgrown Avian Bones

Creepy Crawlies

Skeletal Dog


Pet Friends