Chyna has a minion!

Thor the Phor

Legacy Name: Chyna

The Angelic Telenine
Owner: jersey

Age: 9 years, 2 months, 1 week

Born: September 28th, 2014

Adopted: 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: September 25th, 2023

Pet Spotlight Winner
January 3rd, 2020


  • Level: 102
  • Strength: 178
  • Defense: 95
  • Speed: 95
  • Health: 95
  • HP: 95/95
  • Intelligence: 690
  • Books Read: 677
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Couture Designer


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Edited by: Chrysariel
Story by: Pureflower
Background by: Kono - Olikai (Nerutto remix)

The Angel Telenine

The tigrean in Cage #109 does not paw the wire mesh on the door or bat his food dish around as a hint to the staff of Adopt R Us. The occupants of the other cages on the row growl and pace, well aware that this unfortunate neighbor will never dash through the front door on the leash of a new owner.

The quartet of angels appears in orbs of light, surrounding the unwanted one until his form takes on the same glow. Living pets cannot see Angelic pets on a mission from heaven but they can always sense when a force of good is present. Fur flattens and fangs are tucked away as the tigrean vanishes from sight.

His golden eyes blink as he slowly sits up. He lifts a paw to feel the place where a graveyard ruffie took a notch from his ear in a scuffle over a meaty bone. The curve is perfect and unbroken.

Before him is a massive pair of golden doors and four brilliant figures with pearly wings and golden halos. The telenine raises a paw, touching the right door's surface. It swings inward to allow a view of a grand feasting hall with mouth-watering treats that Number 109 heard about in stories but never hoped to sample.

Chyna raises a welcoming paw, a smile crinkling the skin around her nose as the newly nameless tigrean falls on a glazed turkey and begins to eat with gusto. She loves receiving the call from the Great Force, the call only angelic pets can hear. She wishes she could stay to watch the tigrean discover the room of unbreakable toys and the cloud towers with the softest beds in existence. It would not do to ignore her responsibilities back on Subeta for more than an hour. Accepting the wings of an angel comes with the burden of great responsibility.

She turns and falls in pace with her three dearest friends. Kena's bushy tail twitches as she drops hints for the upcoming surprises about to be unveiled at Melody's cottage. Her nimble paws and quick wit have earned her a place among Melody's concept designers. Kena is of the opinion that no joy surpasses seeing the wonder on the faces of young Subetans when they wake to presents on Luminaire morning. Fran is also in the line of giving, though her efforts are focused on the needs of Subetans every day of the year. She works in Charity's kitchen, adding spices she gathers to give poor Subetans a treat. Rico takes great pride in his position at SAI though he's never quite willing to explain just what it is he does. Chyna has warned him often of the dangers of pride. He is too busy boasting about his Secret Project to take any notice of what Chyna's paw is doing.

Kena and Fran exchange a look, doing their best not to break down in a giggling fit. They barely succeed.

Rico pounds his wingtip down on his arm for added emphasis. "I just keep telling Hank that we need more inspiration to lead us to innovation. He knows I have ideas that could change the very face of Subeta but he's stuck in the Middle Ages. I...what are you laughing at?"

Kena and Fran can no longer contain themselves. Rico's feathers take on a soft glow, gradually changing color from green to blue to pink. Rico rolls his eyes at Chyna. "Glow powder? Really?"

Her tongue lolls in a silly grin. "A look befitting your glowing opinion of yourself, my dear Rico."

He holds out his wings to their full span. "I suppose it does emphasize the perfect alignment of my flight feathers."

Kena snorts. "He's hopeless. I've known lains more humble about their appearance."

Their teasing lets off as they come to the bridge formed from rainbows and starlight. Back on Subeta they must part ways and return to their normal lives. It could be weeks or even months before they see one another again. The glory of the crossing takes each angel's breath away. They can see not only the limitless colors at their feet but the cosmic stretches to either side of the wide bridge. For just a few seconds, it is as if they reside in two worlds at the same time.

They touch noses in a fond farewell before each pet turns in the direction of their Subetan home. Chyna stops at home to get Thor, knowing her dear minion will not want to miss a day of visiting the homeless. He is as dedicated to making others happy as his mistress.

Chyna is used to the warmth of sand between her toes. She easily avoids the rogue frisbee being pursued by a ruffie and hops over a mortiking whose younger sister has him buried up to his neck in sand. The celinox behind the front desk at Adopt R Us smiles in recognition as Chyna takes up her clipboard of daily tasks.

"Good morning, Chyna! We've got quite a few visit requests today. I was thinking you could start with the darkonite in Cage #76. His owner gave him quite the collection of books to read before the real world beckoned. We've no doubt he'll find a new home soon but in the meantime he would really enjoy a conversation with someone well read."

He is seated in the back corner of the cage, reading by the light of a small lamp. His stack of books to be read is seven high and it is clear the selections are not the usual dog-eared copies of The Slots or Users of Subeta. Chyna is almost positive the one on the bottom is even an old plot prize.

He pulls the scarf from his neck, using it as a bookmark. "The greeter told me I might have a visit form a volunteer today. It is a great pleasure to meet you. Might you be familiar with the legend of the White Dragon?"

She is. Chyna is able to fill an hour comparing and analyzing the entire Dragon series. One thing is certain. A pet this intelligent will have very little difficulty in finding a new home.

Chyna's good mood fades as she makes for the office, hoping there will be something left in the coffeepot. The office workers dart nervous glances in her direction. She is the sweetest of pets in all but one scenario.

The staff only get nervous like this when there is an abuse case to be handled.

Chyna holds out a paw for the file without saying a word. Heat radiates from her body as she reads the report, her anger causing all but Thor to shrink away. She cannot tolerate mistreatment of any creature great or small. Cruelty is never acceptable, not in any form.

The journey to the fertile farms outside Centropolis does not take long. The white farmhouse shows its age in peeling paint and a crack running halfway up the front door. A few healthy-looking bovynes graze in the pasture, getting fat on lush grass and paying little mind to anything that passes.

Chyna enters the house without knocking, trying to cover her nose with her paw at the combined odor of rotten food and dirty clothes. Flies buzz around plates crusted with food and wrappers from offerings at Quick Bites litter the floor. The only clean space in the kitchen is a cabinet cluttered with hundreds of little glass bovynes.

Chyna takes the stairs to the second level of the house with great caution. The bedrooms upstairs are no less disgusting. One smells of heavy perfume which makes Chyna's nose burn and ache. The other is full of boxes stuffed with junk. It is in this room she finds the little boy and his dearest friend.

She sends Thor in first, not wanting to frighten the child with her size. Thor comes to rest before a cabinet that has been tipped on its side. After a few moments, he is able to coax the feli underneath from her hiding spot. She walks with a slight limp, favoring her rear right leg.

"I haven't seen a minion that well cared for since my own was taken away and sold. You'd do well to leave this house, stranger. Auntie doesn't like visitors very much."

Chyna steps out of the shadows, catching the light from the dusty window on her spotless white coat. She can see the wide eyes of the boy hiding under the bed but does not expect his reaction. He hurls himself across the room, wrapping his little arms around Chyna's neck. The feli watches uneasily but does not try to interfere. She sighs as the child begins to cry.

"He's not old enough to speak yet but I can read his thoughts. He thinks you're his guardian angel come to rescue him from this evil place. Lady told him all about angels before she became one. She was my true mistress and the boy's mother. She thought her sister would make an effort to take care of family. Auntie cares about bovynes only. She despises me and wants nothing more than to leave the boy in the streets of his world. She even threw a kettle at me when she caught me trying to bring him food." She lowered her head to give her leg a gentle lick, wincing as she straightened. "I know he's too young to stay in Subeta, even with me to care for him, but I love him like he was my own little one. The human world is such a harsh place. I'm afraid that if he returns there and comes out of his long sleep, his aunt will turn him into the sort of person incapable of finding a way back to the world of Subeta."

Chyna wraps a paw around the boy, the closest she can give to a hug. "I will do everything I can to help you find a wonderful home but we must let him return to the human world. It is not for us to decide who he will become." A pang of sadness goes through Chyna as the feli's whiskers droop. "Do not be disheartened. This is a very special boy. I cannot reveal the future but I do know he will find a family to love him very much."

"That is all I can wish for." The feli coaxes the boy to his feet. "Come on, Michael. It's time for us to go."

Chyna pauses before the gate to the pasture, breaking the lock with a powerful blow. The bovynes are all too eager to seek even better grazing in the fields that have always been just beyond their reach. Chyna will not harm an innocent creature, even one that ate from the hand of a horrible one. When she levels the farmhouse to the ground, there are not even spiders lurking in the walls.

The boy wakes the next morning in a hospital bed. He remembers little of his dream aside from a force of light that made him feel safe in the darkness. The feli goes home with a new owner the next day and is eagerly welcomed into a family of eleven lively pets eager to help her forget her sorrows and build a new life of happiness.

Chyna is there thirteen years later when Michael walks the land of Subeta, seemingly for the first time. She watches from a distance as he gets to know other owners and adopts his very first pet. His velosotor is the one to suggest a visit to Adopt R Us and it is there he discovers a sweet-tempered field feli who has just been placed up for adoption. The moment their eyes meet, they know one another.

Chyna smiles behind the diamond-plated glass of the lobby. This is one pet that will never again know the inside of a cage.

Pet Treasure

Shinwas Power Book

The End of Time

The Discovery of Atebus

Gilded Saheric Tome

A Telenine Lumineve

Dreams of a Spectrum Telenine

How to Make Spectrum Auras

Rainbow Journal

Love and Peace

Book of Love

Sealed Scroll of White Magic

Book of Celestial Bodies

Powers of the Mage

Sacred Lands Fairy Tales

Shinwas Power Book

Ziara: The Bubbled City

Sea Foam Stories

Magma Encyclopedia


Book of Poetry

SleepWell Stories I

Ruffie Book

In the Eye of a Kumos

Pop-Up Book of Amazing Journeys

Purple Celestial Flask


Siren Song

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Inkie Pie




Le Diablo




Shooting Star



Styx Moondreamer

Indigo Flame


Autumn Moon

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