Austen has a minion!

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Legacy Name: Jinyoung

The Sweetheart Jollin
Owner: bears

Age: 8 years, 5 months, 1 week

Born: October 24th, 2014

Adopted: 8 years, 5 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: October 24th, 2014


  • Level: 15
  • Strength: 18
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 12
  • Health: 12
  • HP: 12/12
  • Intelligence: 436
  • Books Read: 435
  • Food Eaten: 1
  • Job: Storybook Weaver


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pet concept & story (c) bears

In vain have I struggled

Come back later, I'm a work in progress.

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