Laidy has a minion!

Twinkle's the Happy Luminaire Lights

Legacy Name: Laidy

The Custom Glacier Rreign
Owner: HPY

Age: 13 years, 8 months, 1 week

Born: March 16th, 2007

Adopted: 13 years, 8 months, 1 week ago (Legacy)

Adopted: March 16th, 2007 (Legacy)

Pet Spotlight Winner
December 2nd, 2017


  • Level: 33
  • Strength: 17
  • Defense: 16
  • Speed: 17
  • Health: 16
  • HP: 16/16
  • Intelligence: 37
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Crumble Cadet

The moon glowed with the light of a thousand stars. Below it, colored lights sparkled as bright as the heavens above. Smoke rose from the chimneys. Sometimes, the occasional jingle of bells could be heard from afar. The chilly evening air drifted gently. Snow continued to fall.
Just a few minutes after midnight, a miracle happened. In a small and quiet cave not far from the village, the first cracks from the egg appeared. Soon after followed the curious head of a young dragon, her body bejeweled with aqua blue gems and her ivory scales marked with several poinsettia patterns. She was a beautiful thing.
As she opened her eyes, she saw the windows of the villagers suddenly come to life. Brilliant lights danced around her vision, and the laughter of children could be heard from where she stayed. She could just see the faint outline of boxes the people exchanged with one another, but it was their smile that she remembered the most.
It was Luminaire. Her first few steps were clumsy. But soon, she walked as gracefully as a swan on ice. And her eyes fixed on the lights ahead, she ran. Delicate white wings spread behind her and instinctively, she flapped her wings. The snow around her fluttered about gently. In a few minutes, the young dragon reached the village.
The villagers saw the young dragon approach and she was soon greeted and huddled upon.
“She’s such a precious thing!”
A little girl tugged down her mother’s coat incessantly, pointing to the dragon. She was beaming, her eyes shining as bright as the stars above. After whispering something in her mother’s ear, the young girl went up to the dragon and held out a box. It was a box covered with a fancy purple wrapper and tied with white ribbons.
The young dragon, unsure of what to do with it, took it and gave it to the next person she saw. Soon enough, this was what the dragon did to those who lived in the little village. It was a continuous exchange of gifts that the little dragon performed. Every smile she saw and all the presents she gave warmed her heart.
The kids adored her the most. But the older ones appreciated her help as she gave out gifts. In return, the young dragon would be treated to a steaming mug of hot chocolate or even a few gingerbread cookies. It wasn’t long before the village grew attached to her. As a result, they gave her a name.
They called her Laidy.
And she was their Luminaire miracle.

Beautiful custom art by Ankoku Story by Free pet page by HPY background image from

Pet Treasure

Cupid Reindeer Plushie

Luminaire Dragarth Plushie

Cane of the Wind

BRRR Sticker

Gingerbread House Snow Globe


Resting Dillema Beanbag

Luminaire Cranberry Dessert

To and From Luminaire Sticker

Snowflake Pie

Green Festive Luminaire Lights

Multi-Colored Festive Luminaire Lights

Purple Festive Luminaire Lights

Red Festive Luminaire Lights

Snowy Village Blacksmithy

Snowy Village Accessory Bin

Snowy Village Barber Shop

Snowy Village Barn

Snowy Village Bean Bag Shop

Snowy Village Bench

Snowy Village Car

Snowy Village Skating Pond

Snowy Village Sole Train

Snowy Village Trash Can

Bebemelody Plushie

Deluxe Melody Tree Topper

Essence of Melody

Melody and Snow Fairies Knickknack

Melody Bobblehead

Gingerbread Snowflake

Red Snowman Lights

Yellow Bell Decorative Lights

Yellow Penguin Lights

Snowy Lumineve Tree

Yellow Reindeer Lights

Red Bell Decorative Lights

Present Pile Beanbag


Right Poinsettia Earmuff

Snow Covered Presents Knickknack

Snowman Building Kit

Gingerbread Snowman


Ghost of Lumineve Present

Snow Matter

Pile of Snow

Red Lumineve Head-Lights

Snowballman Snowball



Letter to Santa

Luminaire in Centropolis

1001 Luminaire Recipes

Luminaire Classics

Luminaire in the Omen Islands

Luminaire Pudding Recipes

Melodys Big Book of Luminaire Planning

Naughty List

Nice List

Merry Melodious Melodies

Haiku for Melody

All I Want For Luminaire Is Yume

Snowing Santa Snow Globe

Shake It! Santa Toy

Rudolph Sugar Cookie

Old Box of Ornaments

Empty Stocking

Snow Trinket

Holly Bauble

Red Crystal Ornament

Snowy Village Barber Shop

Snowy Village Blacksmithy

Prancer Reindeer Plushie

Snowy Village Food Market

Gingerbread House


Entranced Bluegreen Snow Fairy

Festive Palm Tree

Snowy Village Magic Box

Snowy Village Barn

Snowy Village Car

Snowy Lumineve Tree

Snowy Village Bench

Pink Sparkle Lumineve Tree

Blue Crystal Ornament

Obnoxious Inflatable Charlie Elf Lawn Ornament

Green Crystal Ornament

Politically Correct Santa Plushie

Snowy Village Sole Train

Snowy Village Post Box

Snowy Village Phone Booth

White Snow Fairy





Snowy Village Tireless Truck

Snowy Village Clothing Rack

Frosted Luminaire Berries

Red Luminaire Candle

Snowman Snow Globe

Luminaire Flamingo


Giddy Elf Fairy

Baby Cane Fiend

Snowy Village Cabin

Snowy Village Skating Pond




Snowy Village Bean Bag Shop

Snow Fairy

Snowy Village Skating Pond

Snowman Sugar Cookie

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