Plywud has a minion!

Kahuna Honu the Galactic Turtle

Legacy Name: Plywud

The Common Experiment #3877
Owner: Luck

Age: 6 years, 5 months, 4 weeks

Born: June 8th, 2015

Adopted: 6 years, 5 months, 4 weeks ago

Adopted: June 8th, 2015


  • Level: 23
  • Strength: 44
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 0/10
  • Intelligence: 39
  • Books Read: 14
  • Food Eaten: 1
  • Job: Temple Floor Sweeper


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Everything else by Luck

[Story] - Story Part 2 - Bio - What is Shark Finning?


The farthest back I can remember is when I was maybe four years old, it’s so vague and blurry I can’t even remember my real name. I can remember being with my mom, we were swimming together in the beautiful blue ocean. We were a bit deep, not really near the surface… I guess I ought to tell you that I’m a great white shark, and so was my mom of course. We got a bit separate, and then I couldn’t find her. I called out for her and swam around a bit, afraid to swim farther off than where I was, in case she came back. There was a large shadow overhead, like a whale or something, and it was making it really dark, and it was quiet. Just then I heard a huge sploosh, and I could smell the familiar scent of fish blood. I swam a bit, looking for the source of the blood, when just then a body floated down in front of me. It was mom, and she had all of her limbs and dorsal fin cut off, blood was rushing and mixing with the water as her body sank into the black depths below me.

It’s really blurry after that. I remember freaking out badly, flailing in the water, and the large shadow overhead moved off with a deafening sound. I swam towards the surface in the opposite direction. As I approached the bright surface, I could see the shadow of something small sitting on top of the water. What was this? Could it be a seal? As I got closer it wasn’t really shaped like a seal. I was right underneath it then. I nudged it with my nose then bit the object. It didn’t seem alive, so I surfaced and put my arms over it, using it to help float myself. Now that I’m older and looking back, I know that it was a wooden plank. I used the plank to float on the surface as I looked around, letting the waves push me around and take me where it must. After a while I could see an island on the horizon, and I was floating closer to it. I used my tail to push toward it too.

I was floating very close to the island now, and I had my eyes set on a dock. The dock was just strange to me and I couldn’t figure out its purpose. As I pondered it, I felt myself being lifted. Becoming aware of my surroundings, I realized I was being scooped out of the water with a big net. I struggled in the net, flopping around like the fish out of water that I was. An old man’s voice said in Hawaiian, “young child, do not struggle.” I stopped and looked at who was holding the net, and it was a big old sea turtle.

He gently placed me and the net on the sand, releasing me, but my legs were like jelly and I felt so heavy. I tried swimming on the sand. The sea turtle watched me for a second before reaching down, putting his fins under my arms, and he tried to stand me up. My legs shook.

“Haven’t got your land legs yet,” the turtle commented; he was still speaking Hawaiian, which I understood. “You’re alright,” he reassured as he held my arms. I felt his legs behind mine, nudging my legs until I could figure out how to take a few steps. It was so difficult because I felt so heavy, I wanted to get back in the water where I would feel weightless. I staggered with his help, until he let me go, and I fell back in the sand. He asked me a question in a language that I didn’t understand, so I just looked at him. My blonde hair covered my eyes, and I jerked my head to swish my hair aside; I stayed quiet. Then I heard the familiar Hawaiian.

“So you don’t know English yet,” he noted. “I asked for your name, young child.” Even though I understood what he said, I couldn’t remember my name for some reason. Quiet, I shook my head. He didn’t say anything else, as he took the net and retrieved the piece of wood from the water. He laid it in the sand near me.

“Plywood,” he said, in English. I didn’t know what that meant, but he explained in Hawaiian. “That’s what that is. I think it’s fate that you were brought here.” I didn’t say anything, even though I could talk at the time. I just quietly fiddled with the soggy plywood next to me. The sea turtle squatted next to me. “You’re all alone,” he said to me. I nodded. He stood back up and I was scooped up again, not by the net but by the turtle himself. He held me just like a parent would hold a child, and I clung to him. He started to walk, it was so easy for him, and I looked around.

There was a small village, and in the distance farther behind the village was a tall mountain. As the sea turtle brought me into the village, various sea creatures poked their heads out of their wood and straw huts and looked at us. I was afraid at first, but the creatures had warm smiles as they approached us. Soon the sea turtle stood holding me in the middle of the village, and a crowd of villagers surrounded us. There were different kinds of sharks, mainly, other kinds of fish, and even dolphins. Everyone seemed to live there in harmony together. There was a mixture of Hawaiian and that other language, English. I felt overwhelmed and turned over to bury my face in the sea turtle’s robes. After a bit I felt that the sea turtle was walking again, and I rolled over to look around.

He was bringing me into a building that looked different from the huts, this one was made out of stone, or something else more sturdy. He set me down on the cold stone floor, but held my arms because he knew I was still unstable. “My son,” the sea turtle said, “my apprentice.” I looked up at him and scratched at my hair, confused. I never knew my dad, but surely the turtle was not my dad, that just didn’t make sense. He once again squatted down to my level. “I’m adopting you, taking you in, my child.” I was reluctant. “Since you don’t know your name,” he continued, “from now on, your name will be Plywud.”

I was still pretty shy, so I didn’t say anything. He observed me before speaking again. “My name is Kahuna Honu.” Again, I didn’t talk. Maybe the incident with my mom caused me to be mute? The sea turtle stood up and took my hand, he ambled off into another room, and I went with him, getting used to my legs. In the new room there was a statue of a guy sitting down, doing something weird with his hands. Next to the statue was a pile of something, I wasn’t sure.

Kahuna Honu proceeded to explain to me that the statue was an image of the Buddha. He briefed me on Buddhism, but I was too young to understand or retain the complex information. I pointed to the pile of objects next to the Buddha statue. “Those are fruit, Plywud.” I remained quiet. “Those will be your new diet.”

When we emerged from the temple another small shark child came rushing over. He was a hammerhead, and it was comforting seeing another shark child. This hammerhead would go on to become my best friend, and we would grow up together. Kahuna Honu allowed me to go with the hammerhead, whose name was Nailz. We went to the beach where I was found, and the plank of plywood was still there.

“You don’t talk much,” Nailz said, kicking at the piece of wood. I shook my head.

For weeks that piece of wood laid there on the beach. Kahuna Honu, whom most people in the village just called “the monk,” walked with me to the beach one day, and I remember that I ran over to it and picked it up. I took it over to the water as the monk stood by, watching, his arms folded behind his back. I took the plank over to the water, laid on my stomach over it, and rode it further out in the water. The monk warned me not to go out too far, afraid to lose me. I stayed in the shallows, laying on the plank of wood on my stomach, letting the gentle waves rock me. As the days went on, the monk and I always came down to the beach where he watched me float on the plank. I gradually went further and further out in the water. A big wave started to form and I stood up on the plank and rode it out. When the wave crashed, I was flopping in the shallows, my plank gone. The monk was bewildered.

For the rest of my childhood I lived with Kahuna Honu, sleeping on blankets laid out on the floors of that stone building, called The Temple. I never told anybody about what happened to my mom, everyone just knows that I was found alone near the island. Nobody knew that I would frequently have nightmares about what happened to my mom. The nightmares came almost every night for the rest of my life.

The monk always gave me the stuff that was next to the Buddha, it was called fruit, but he never gave me the ones that were next to the Buddha. Those were for the Buddha, not me. As the monk raised me, he taught me English, and I learned more about the Buddha, and Buddhism. I lived off of fruits, my favourite was the banana, and it wasn’t long before I was old enough to gather it on my own. When I was young, the monk placed a necklace around my neck. I looked at the charm hanging from it and asked him what it meant, and he told me it was the symbol for peace.

As I got older, the monk started letting me go to the beach on my own. One day I was out on the water, way farther out than I was supposed to be. I was diving below the water when I saw a shadow above that was like a whale. I swam up towards it before poking my nose out above the water, then the rest of my head. It was an odd floaty thing with some land creatures on it, and they were gawking at me and holding objects up to their faces that flashed at me. It was startling and I swam around them. Suddenly I was caught in a net and so I began to thrash. Someone on the floaty thing shouted, “get the tag!” Whatever that meant. It wasn’t long after that I felt this sharp pinch on my dorsal fin, and just like that they freed me from the net. I was terrified and hauled tail back to the island.

Kahuna Honu was displeased with me. He scolded me for going so far out. The thing that I found was a boat full of scientists who just wanted to track my movements for some reason. Creepy. He got the tag off me and filled the hole it left with a piece of jewelry. The monk warned me that next time I did that, something worse than a tag stuck in my fin would happen. I suddenly became very panicked and ran from the temple, shouting to the monk to excuse me. I ran to the edge of the jungle and got sick. I started having flashbacks of what happened to my mom, and I realized that the thing that was casting the shadow wasn’t a whale, it was a boat just like the one I encountered. When the monk found me, I was shaking, sweating profusely but at the same time ice cold. Though I was much bigger than when we had met, he still managed to pick me up and carry me to the Temple to calm me down. Even then I couldn’t tell him about my mom.

When I was fifteen, Kahuna Honu helped me build a hut of my own in the village. My official coming-of-age; the hut consisted of a small room with a hammock stretching from wall to wall in the back, and off to the side was a table to prepare and store my fruits. Even after I moved out from the Temple, I went there every day to visit the monk, sweep the temple, and give offerings to the Buddha. Another thing I did was become more acquainted with the island. If I woke up early enough, I could walk around the edge of the whole thing by nightfall. Around my village were a thick jungle and a mountain, which upon further inspection was actually a volcano, and much to my surprise, on the other side of the island, was a city. Everything about it shocked me, it was nothing like the village. I ran back home and mentioned it to the monk. He told me about it, it’s a place where people from other parts of the world come from, they’re called tourists, and they can be dangerous, so they must never come to our village. It was also around this time that the monk gave me my first surfboard, he’d gone to the city himself and got it for me. I was extremely grateful for his sacrifice going there, so I told him mahalo nui loa, and took the board. It reminded me of when I was small and used that piece of plywood in the water.

After that, I began surfing every day. I don’t know why I love surfing so much, but it’s one of the best things ever. Nailz is my surfing bro, we chill on our boards waiting for the next big one to come. Some days I surf alone, though, and it was one of these days I met someone new. I was just finishing the day of surfing and was coming back onto the beach when a girl was standing there, watching me. She was a fish, but I’d never seen that kind of fish before. She wasn’t afraid, in fact she was delighted. Her name was Ebony, and she was an Anglerfish, and she would go on to be my girlfriend for the next five years.

When I was eighteen, the monk started sending me on errands to the city. He would give me this thing called money, and send me to the city to bring him things needed for the temple, or for the village, things everyone could benefit from. I was scared of the city, though. The ground was hard and grey and loud, honking land-boats were everywhere. People talked loudly and rudely and everyone always ran from me, even when I was trying to buy the things the monk wanted.

I’ve found that in my life, a lot of people are afraid of me. The bigger I get, the bigger my teeth get mainly, frightens them. They just assume that I’m dangerous and vicious, and don’t even stop to ask that I’m Buddhist. One of the main morals of Buddhism is that you cannot take the life of any living thing. This is why the monk has me sweep the temple regularly, to brush out any bugs that we could step on. If I won’t even step on a bug, what makes people think that I’d hurt them? Every cause has an effect, and I won’t willingly take part in any of that bad karma. I was very self conscious, and tried presenting myself in the least threatening way possible, but people always fled or flat out tried to attack me “before I could attack them.”

I’m not dangerous when I can help it. That’s not to say I can’t be dangerous. It was a normal day, like any other day; I was with Ebony, we were just hanging out. I remember that I had a toothache and it was really bothering me because, having so many teeth, I couldn’t figure out which tooth exactly was causing it. I held my mouth open wide as Ebony tapped each of my teeth so I could determine which was most sensitive. Suddenly she gasped and yanked her fin from my mouth. I asked her what was wrong, but I couldn’t even get the question out of my mouth before I knew exactly what was wrong. As I spoke, the taste spilled over my tongue. It was blood. She had cut her fin on one of my teeth by accident. I could smell the cut on her fin as she tried to pinch it shut. I don’t know where my mind was starting to go, because that’s the last thing I really remember. Really, it’s like I blacked out. The next thing I knew, I could hear her screaming in terror and I snapped out of it, only to see her sprinting away from me. What did I do? Curiously I followed her back to the village, where I found everyone staring at me. Kahuna Honu pushed through the crowd and shielded me from everyone’s piercing eyes with his shell. The monk swept me away from everyone and asked me what happened. I don’t know. He told me that I tried biting Ebony but I don’t remember this.

She forgave me after this, but I couldn’t forgive myself. I isolated myself in the jungle as punishment, and after a while I came back out. How could I do that to someone? Even worse, how could I do it and not remember? Life is suffering, that much I know, I told myself as I laid on my stomach on my surfboard out in the water, alone. Suffering can be pain, loneliness, fear, embarrassment… That’s the first noble truth. I looked down in the water and could see some fish swimming below. I ran my fin across the top of the water and they scattered. According to the second noble truth, suffering is caused by wanting. Since I’m suffering, I must have wanted something, but what? I pushed myself into the water, slipping off my board and swimming down to the bottom. Where I was at wasn’t deep, and I could feel my gills kicking in and starting to work. I try to live my life without wanting, I don’t own many items, I don’t want to be materialistic, that would just make me want more, therefore I would suffer more. I swam along the bottom until I hit the drop off, it was a long way down, but I knew Ebony was down there. I swam down, farther and farther, it was getting darker until it was pitch black and I couldn’t see anything. Finally my fins found the bottom and in the distance I could see lights bouncing. I knew the lights belonged to Ebony and her family, her father being the king of the Deep Sea.

After a few hours I rose back to the surface; my surfboard had drifted considerably but I found it. As I surfaced I remembered the third noble truth, suffering can be overcome. I swam back to the shore with my board and assured myself that I was properly following this noble truth, living each day at a time, and giving up useless craving. I walked onto the beach, and I knew I was happy and free, with all the time and energy in the world to help others. But it didn’t seem right, surely I wasn’t this close to attaining Nirvana already, even Kahuna Honu hadn’t done so yet. I walked back to my hut and when I arrived, I propped my board against the wall opposite of my fruit table. Then I suddenly remembered the fourth noble truth. The 8-fold path is the fourth noble truth. Being moral, check. Being fully aware of my thoughts and actions, uh, sort of check. Developing wisdom, not so check. I scratched my head as I stared through the fruits on my table. So I still had a ways to go before Nirvana. I picked up my knife and began to cut a pineapple. I shook my head and wondered why I’m even thinking about this so much. This isn’t the way to go about it, just thinking about and reciting the noble truths won’t do anything, I need to just act them out without another thought. I nodded to myself and ate my pineapple.

The daily routine is pretty much the same, I wake up, eat fruit, then go gather fruit, go to the temple and sweep, and after that I have the day to myself. I could take a nap on the beach, go swimming, or go surfing, whatever. Sometimes other villagers need help doing things so I help, that’s cool too. Any water related activities strictly end at sunset, that’s feeding frenzy time for the other sharks. Not me, I go home and eat my fruit. After that, I sort of just lay in my hammock a while until I fall asleep. Yeah, I go to sleep kind of early. I need to, since I still have nightmares, I need a head start on sleeping if I’m going to get the proper amount.

When I was 20, the daily routine was halted abruptly. It was morning, and I was still out gathering fruit. In fact, I was up in a palm tree trying to wrestle a coconut off it, when I heard this really loud sound approach suddenly. I looked down and there was a land creature dismounting a land boat that had only 2 wheels. I watched him carefully, he was pink and he was starting to head for the village so I had to stop him. Why was this guy even here? I grabbed the giant leaf of the palm and swung down to the ground. I landed on the sand in front of him. Little did I know that this guy would become very important to me.

Story - Story Part 2 - [Bio] - What is Shark Finning?


:hibiscus: Birth Name: Hiapo Mano
:hibiscus: Meaning: Firstborn Shark
:hibiscus: Name Given: Plywud
:hibiscus: Nickname(s): Ply, sharky shark, shark boy, dude
:hibiscus: Species: Great White Shark
:hibiscus: Sex: Male
:hibiscus: Homeland: Polynesia (Pacifc Ocean, near Hawaii)
:hibiscus: Currently Resides: Pomaika'i Moku (Good Fortune Island)
:hibiscus: Known Languages: Hawaiian, English
:hibiscus: Diagnosed Illnesses: Nightmare Disorder / PTSD
:hibiscus: Status: Alive
:hibiscus: Religion: Buddhism
:hibiscus: Occupation: Temple floor sweeper
:hibiscus: Height: 6'2"
:hibiscus: Weight: 190 lbs
:hibiscus: Birthday: June 8th (world oceans day) 1994
:hibiscus: Star Sign: Gemini
:hibiscus: Dominant Fin: Ambidextrous
:hibiscus: Orientation: Pansexual
:hibiscus: Marital status: Unmarried
:hibiscus: Love Interest: Trig
:hibiscus: Offspring: none
:hibiscus: Known Relatives: Mother (deceased)
:hibiscus: Adoptive parent: Kahuna Honu (father)
:heart: Likes: surfing, swimming, vegetarianism, veganism, Buddhism, peace and quiet, simple lifestyle, bananas and other fruit, flowers and nature, pacifism
:broken_heart: Dislikes: not being able to surf or swim, fishermen, being vulnerable, being around blood, shark finning, seafood restaurants, city life, tourists, loudness, wearing shoes, having his tail grabbed or pulled on, being called or compared to Jaws
:hibiscus: Voice: undecided
:hibiscus: Piercings: one on his dorsal fin where he was tagged
:hibiscus: Tattoos: ink done by the village of traditional Polynesian symbols on his left shoulder and arm.
:surfer: Surfboard: Nalu Koa (wave warrior) the hybrid

"Quad" Info

:fish: Length: 10 feet (small young adult male)
:fish: Weight: around 1,000 pounds

Misc. Info.

:tropical_fish: Since he is an anthro shark he has both lungs and gills for being on land and in the sea. When he is completely submerged in the water his lungs stop working and he uses his gills. He needs to gradually transition to the land so he can make the switch back to lungs. If he is quickly extracted from the water (like maybe something much bigger than him grabs him out of the water) he basically has the wind knocked out of him and can’t breathe for a bit.

:tropical_fish: He's unable to walk or move backwards.

:tropical_fish: When he finds an object that he’s never seen before his first instinct is to give it a light test bite. He only bites objects that he knows aren’t alive, he wouldn’t test bite an unknown living creature.

:tropical_fish: He obviously cannot swim in a chlorinated pool because of his gills.

:tropical_fish: He is extremely sensitive to blood as you might have suspected. Though he is a vegetarian, if he smells or somehow tastes blood he’ll start uncontrollably nipping at nearby people. These nips are easy to dodge and get away from, and you should probably try to snap him out of it as this time by loudly shouting or clapping at him. If these nips are not reprimanded his bites get more and more forceful, and he can be deadly. So far it’s never gotten to that point, when he’s nipping at people usually the people are terrified and scream, which snaps him out of it of course. After he snaps out of it he’s ashamed of himself and goes off into the jungle to be alone as punishment.

:tropical_fish: He forcibly keeps his mouth shut when he’s not talking; the size of his teeth would normally cause his mouth to be slightly ajar. He does this because he doesn’t want to scare people by showing his teeth.

:tropical_fish: He has a very big appetite, but chooses to eat in small portions in order to fit in and seem less threatening. He actually doesn't know when to stop eating and will gorge himself when given endless food. He would eat 47 pounds of food before finally getting too lethargic to continue. This number is even greater when he's "quad", eating 250 pounds of food.

:tropical_fish: He has a small blind spot of directly in front of his face. He doesn't want to draw attention to this fact and will just tilt his head casually to get a better look at something.

:tropical_fish: He tends to be claustrophobic. He needs a wide space in order to turn around because of his tail. He holds his tail straight out behind him because he needs it to balance. Only when he's laying down relaxing does his tail relax too. Because he can't walk backwards he will panic if he walks into a small space, especially if he gets stuck. However, he is very flexible and will forcibly get turned around if he has to.


:palm_tree: Ku'u Ipo I Ka He'e Pu'e One
:palm_tree: Ku'u Ipo I Ka He'e Pu'e One (on glyph ukulele)
:palm_tree: Here Now - Pogo
:palm_tree: Molaka'i Nui A
:palm_tree: Misirlou - Dick Dale
:palm_tree: Hawaiian Breeze
:palm_tree: Wipe Out - Surfaris
:palm_tree: Hawaiian Flower
:palm_tree: Pipeline - The Chantays
:palm_tree: Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride
:palm_tree: Rise & Glide - Pogo
:palm_tree: White Flag - Gorillaz
:palm_tree: Haunted Surf
:palm_tree: Hawaiian Farewell

Story - Story Part 2 - Bio - [What is Shark Finning?]

Shark Finning PSA

This area is under construction~

"Sharks are a critical component in an ecosystem that provides 1/3 of our world with food, produces more oxygen than all the rainforests combined, removes half of the atmosphere’s manmade carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas), and controls our planet’s temperature and weather." Learn more

Jaws is an awful movie that ruined the reputation of sharks forever. Destroy that movie. It doesn't even make sense. "While great white sharks have killed humans in at least 74 documented unprovoked attacks in which the species was identified, they typically do not target them: for example, in the Mediterranean Sea there have been 31 confirmed attacks against humans in the last two centuries, most of which were non-fatal. Many of the incidents seemed to be "test-bites". Great white sharks also test-bite buoys, flotsam, and other unfamiliar objects, and they might grab a human or a surfboard to identify what it is. ... Further research shows that they can tell in one bite whether or not the object is worth attacking. Humans, for the most part, are too bony for their liking. They much prefer a fat, protein-rich seal." Learn more

"Yeah but sharks kill people! People die from shark attacks!"

People kill sharks. Sharks die from people attacks :( The reason people die from shark attacks is not because the shark was outright trying to eat you, it's more from the initial test bite causing blood loss. Deer kill 130 people annually. Bathtubs kill 340. Write your will before washing up.

I'm fairly certain that human beings are the most dangerous animal on the planet, responsible for killing millions of other animals, as well as it's own kind. You're definitely more likely to die from another human being than a shark. Are your doors and windows locked?

Sharks are killed for the fins, but a lot of ignorant people justify the act as taking revenge for shark attacks. Hopefully after reading the above, if you were ignorant before, you are not now. Shark fins have no taste. The taste you get from eating shark fin soup is from the chicken or ham broth. Eating shark fin soup is nothing more than a destructive display of status, much like owning a very expensive car. The expensive car gets you to where you're going as much as an average priced car will, and both pollute just the same.

More links out: : shark education : sharks : sharks

Story - [Story Part 2] - Bio - What is Shark Finning?



This guy was tourist, though he didn’t seem dangerous, I tried to ward him off by telling him that our village eats stray tourists. He saw right through me because he wasn’t afraid. He talked funny, and we became friendly. His name was Trigger; he always wore dark things on his eyes, and he was a wolf, which I had never heard of before. I wasn’t sure what to do, because he was sort of stubborn and wouldn’t leave, so I took him to Kahuna Honu. The monk seemed okay with Trigger being there, so long as I kept watch over the foreigner. Trig and I went swimming for a bit then I tried to show him how to surf. When it was sunset, he didn’t want to go back to the city. I took him back to my hut to eat. Not him, the fruit. We sure did talk a lot, and he ended up sharing private things about his past with me, about why he talks funny. That night we spent together in my hammock changed my life forever.

The next day, I thought the closeness we shared was a mistake. He kept talking about some inner wolf and that he was a werewolf or something, but I was still all hung up over the previous night. The fact that I had a girlfriend was always in the back of my mind whenever I was with him. He helped me gather fruit then we went swimming again. I kept telling him over and over that we had to be just friends, but he tried to hold my fin when we were watching the sunset a while later. It wasn’t long after that something weird happened to him, that inner wolf thing he was talking about came out, and it was pretty scary. I was afraid it would go to the village and hurt someone but it just seemed playful. It ate a coconut and after a while Trig went back to normal. When he woke up he was really confused and mumbled about how there was no full moon.

At the time, Trig really was messing up my routine by being here, so I let him know in frustration, because I didn’t even get to go to the temple that day. Looking back, I regret shunning him so much. He told me that his inner wolf thing had a crush on me or something. Truth be told, I was falling for Trig too, but I warned him that we shouldn’t do this because he was a mainlander, not from this island, and he would have to leave and then we’d both be sad. I don’t think he cared, because he didn’t return to the city again that night. The next day was better though, after we gathered fruit, I went to the temple and swept and then I got to show Trig the Buddha and tell him all about Buddhism. He’s never even heard about any of it, to my surprise. We went home and ate, and I ended up losing a tooth, which I gave to him. We talked so much, about everything.

The next day I planned for him to meet Ebony, hoping to ward off his advances. Instead, he managed to get me on his 2-wheeled landboat and take me to the city. It was really scary riding on the landboat. In the city, Trig went shopping and he ended up buying me some sandals that I could wear inside the stores. He got a bag of rice, which I’ve never tried before, so he wanted me to try it. On the way back, he stopped the landboat, which he called a bike, so he could smoke. It smelled bad so I wandered down to the water where I found a seashell, which I gave to him as a gift. We made it back to the village, and I decided not to introduce him to Ebony after all. We went swimming again, and he explained the private thing again, about why he talks funny, in greater detail. It was sad and I felt bad for him. We went back to my hut and we ended up in the hammock again, and he tried touching my nose even though I didn’t want to be vulnerable like that. Rubbing my nose puts me in a really mellow trance, and he put me like that. It’s called tonic immobility. I was really relaxed but he didn’t hurt me, so he showed his trust.

The next morning after gathering fruit, he decided to make the rice he bought. I helped him get everything set up then we ate it together. I ended up telling him why I have nightmares, and he was the first and only person I ever told. I really showed this guy my vulnerable side and told him everything I was afraid of. When we went home later, we agreed that when Trig went back to the mainland, I would go to the city and we could talk on the phone with each other. I showed him the shaka symbol with my fin and told him next time he visits he should do that with his hand to prove that he didn’t forget me.

In the morning I woke up really early, and woke him up early too. I dragged him to the beach so we could watch the sunrise. He was groggy at first but then really pleased. After that we took a nap on the beach, and when we woke up, we made a sand castle together. I remember after the sand castle was done I looked up towards the mountain and had the urge to climb it with him as a spur of the moment thing. He agreed, so I packed some supplies and we went and climbed it. I showed him the volcano and we sat up there just hanging out for a bit then we climbed back down and went home. He revealed that he was going to be leaving a few days from that point. It was sad.

On his final day at the island, I took my surfboard and we went to the water again. I tried showing him how to surf again, and we even surfed on my board at the same time. Later when we went back to my hut he showed me something else he bought that day we went and got rice. It was a collar, which he gave me to wear, and I was happy to do so for him. In addition, he gave me his old phone for me to use to call him with. When he gave me the phone, the realization that he was leaving the very next day set in. I didn’t want him to go anymore. I was going to miss him, badly.

After he left I was pretty much a wreck. I tried not to be obvious about anything in front of anyone, but I became distant from everyone, including Ebony. I was going to the city and calling Trig on the phone every day. I also wrote him letters, though I didn’t know how to send them so he told me how to do it over the phone. I sent him a care package of letters for Earth Day, along with a little sapling that I asked him to plant in one of the letters. With every letter I wrote, they were getting more and more embarrassingly romantic. I started calling him ku’uipo, which means “my sweetheart.” I caught myself writing a love poem in Hawaiian, even though he couldn’t read it, no, especially because he couldn’t read it. I sent it in the box of letters. The phone stopped working so I kept sending letters.

Nailz pulled me aside one day and confronted me about my strange behavior. He said that I wasn’t acting like this before that tourist came. Since he was my best friend I ended up telling him everything. He and I both agreed that it was immoral that I felt the way I did when I still had Ebony as a girlfriend. Even Kahuna Honu seemed to know what was going on with me, and he had a somewhat worried look on his face, mixed with judgment. What I felt for Trig was intense compared to my feelings for Ebony, and a few days later I broke up with her. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings but it would have been worse if I didn’t do it. After five long months, I knew it wouldn’t be long before Trig would visit again. At this time, Kahuna Honu didn’t have that worried look anymore. He knew that Trig was coming soon too, and so he arranged my birthday present early: I was getting a tattoo. It was more tribal ink, really. I got it in the village, and I’m really happy with it. I couldn’t wait to show Trig.

Then finally, that day came. I knew he was coming this day, he was originally going to visit for my birthday, but he said he was going to visit early because he just couldn’t wait anymore. I stood in the crowded airport, scanning the crowd for him. I’m pretty tall so I could see over most people’s heads. All the people were making me anxious, and I just wanted to grab Trig and take him home with me. Finally we spotted each other, and he did the shaka symbol with his hand, and it was the greatest thing ever. I did the shaka symbol too and we approached each other. We embraced tightly, and even kissed, right there in front of everyone, but I didn’t care anymore because I had ku’uipo. Now that nothing was holding me back, no shame, fear or guilt, I knew that this visit would be even better than the last.

To be continued...?



Nailz is my best friend that I known since I was a child. He's a few years older than me and when I was brought to the village he assumed the position of being my friend. His real name is Niho Mano but he renamed himself Nailz. It's a coincidence that our names seem to go together, so I think our friendship was meant to be. Our favorite thing to do is chill and surf. We have very different diets so we can't eat together. I don't hate him for it, it's only natural to him.... And myself, but I couldn't hurt anyone, even for food! Apart from that, he's still my bro. Really, I've known him for so long it's like we're brothers.

Kahuna Honu

Kahuna Honu, sometimes known as The Monk, is the kahuna of the village and the resident Buddhist monk. He's also my dad. Well, I mean, he adopted me when I was all alone. After I lost my mom, I washed up near the village and he saved me. He raised me since then and so he's my dad. He's the one who taught me all about the Buddha and his ways, and started my fruit diet. Kahuna Honu only wants what's best for me, I know. It's my duty to sweep the temple every day, but sometimes if Trig visits then he says I don't have to! And he sweeps the temple for me so I can be with my friends. He's an old sea turtle who's trying to attain enlightenment, and I hope he can do it someday.


Ebony was my girlfriend when I was a teenager. She's an anglerfish, and the princess of the Deep Sea kingdom. Yeah, there's like a separate kingdom in the deep sea and her dad's the King. I don't see her, at all really, since I broke up with her. I feel bad, I mean, it's not like I hate her or anything, I still liked her... but... I liked Trig more. I don't know if that's horrible to say or not. She liked me a lot and said I was cool and liked to watch me surf... I think I was the only reason she ever came up to the surface. So now that we're not together, there's no reason... But I wish we could still be friends. I'm kinda scared to go around her dad now though.


Trip is Trig's friend! I met him when I went to the mainland city to visit Trig's home. He's a pretty grumpy individual, but I tried my best to impress him because he's Trig's friend. All I want is to be friends with him. One time he stowed away when Trig came to visit me, so he got to see the island too. But my hut's hammock can only hold two, so I got Nailz to take him in while he was there. He and Nailz hooked up, and they're boyfriends now too. I would be surprised, if the same thing hadn't happened to me and Trig. Glad that worked out so well. You're welcome! :P

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ku'uipo <3