Kira has a minion!

Heylel the Nocturne

Legacy Name: Sakuya Kira

The Reborn Devonti
Owner: Shay

Age: 15 years, 1 month, 2 days

Born: April 20th, 2007

Adopted: 15 years, 1 month, 2 days ago (Legacy)

Adopted: April 20th, 2007 (Legacy)


  • Level: 1,296
  • Strength: 3,440
  • Defense: 3,197
  • Speed: 3,170
  • Health: 5,552
  • HP: 5,552/5,552
  • Intelligence: 1,075
  • Books Read: 1014
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Couture Designer

Pet Treasure

Antique Telescope

Black Twisted Tree Sticker

Magical Cherry Tree

Black Suit Jacket

Black Slacks


Sunset Butterfly Ring

Sweetykin Maple Chain

Gold Wing Ring

Damaged Gold Leaf Box

Solid Gold Bird Trinket

Gold Rose Trinket

Fallen Stars

Daisy Memento

Night Sky Fruit

Blue Galaxy Wrap

Pearl Galaxy Wrap

Nightmare Fuel

Never Gonna Grow Up Sticker

Glade Contacts

Treasure of Jewelwing Dragonflies

Jewelwing Dragonfly

Destroying Angel


Fairy Ring

Lunar Cycle Chain

North Star Crystal Starburst

Illustrated Fairy Tale Panel

Fairy Tale Color Plate

Fairy Door Repair Kit

Fairy Door Petit Four

Fairy Watching Journal

Mountain Bloom Fairy

Subeta Cola Fairy


Birthday Fairy Doll

Mystical Chibi Fairy Doll

Bandaged Snow Fairy Beanbag

Rift Fairy Plushie

Knobby Pumpkin Sprite Beanbag

Luminous Pumpkin Sprite Beanbag

Speckled Pumpkin Sprite Beanbag

White Snow Fairy Plushie

Red Snow Fairy Plushie

Snow Fairy Plushie

Pink Snow Fairy Plushie

Green Snow Fairy Plushie

Yellow Snow Fairy Plushie

Fae in the Way

Gingerbread Snow Fairy Cookie

Blue Green Fairy Wings Cookie

Pink Fairy Wings Cookie

Fairy Wings Cookie

Purple Fairy Wings Cookie

Red Fairy Wings Cookie

Yellow Fairy Wings Cookie

White Fairy Wings Cookie

Galactic Birthday Cake

Lambington Plushie

Box of Childhood Memories

Spacetime Snacks

Overflowing Toy Chest

Simple Wooden Toy Box

Worry Dolls

Letters to an Imaginary Friend

Childs Valentine

Childs Turkey Drawing

Lyrical Kanis Autographed Doodle

Time Matter

Box of Crayons

Blue Stained Glass Panel

Ashen Vibrant Marble

Gold Vibrant Marble

Black Vibrant Marble

Jade Vibrant Marble

Indigo Vibrant Marble

Ice Vibrant Marble

Ocean Vibrant Marble

Hazel Vibrant Marble

Crimson Vibrant Marble

Chocolate Vibrant Marble

Amber Vibrant Marble

The Doors in the Mountains

The Ever Watchful Glaistig

Stargazing Journal

How to Stargaze

A Fairy Tale

Shadowglen Fairy Tales

Riverside Fairy Tales

Darkside Fairy Tales

Atebus Fairy Tales

Omen Islands Fairy Tales

Arctic Frost Fairy Tales

Book of Violet Fairy Tales

Book of White Fairy Tales

Book of Pink Fairy Tales

Book of Yellow Fairy Tales

Book of Snow Fairy Tales

Book of Bluegreen Fairy Tales

Centropolis Fairy Tales

Delphi Fairy Tales

Veta Fairy Tales

Sacred Lands Fairy Tales

Pet Friends

You were more than an imaginary friend or childish dream. I'm sorry I forgot you when I grew up.