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Owner: Shay

Age: 11 years, 5 months, 1 week

Born: August 13th, 2008

Adopted: 6 years, 9 months, 4 days ago

Adopted: April 20th, 2013


  • Level: 340
  • Strength: 827
  • Defense: 823
  • Speed: 823
  • Health: 822
  • HP: 0/822
  • Intelligence: 361
  • Books Read: 330
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Certified Mad Scientist

A long time ago before man there lived a race of people who would become known as The Fair Folk. The land they lived on only had light and dark. The days were always a light grey unless it rained, then it was a darker grey. The nights were always black. No other colors graced the skies. The grey skies turned the colors of the land to a dull muted tone. The people were used to this and no longer noticed how dull their world was.

One day a child of seven years grew tired of the grey and black. His name was Heylel and he longed for the colors of the land to brighten the skies. Heylel had the ability to weave the light and dark into a cloth so light and very bright. He became very well know in his village and everyone wanted clothing made from his cloth. This day though he looked the the grey skies and an idea came to him. He could hang his cloth in the skies for all to admire and to bring the bright color to the world. He told his idea to his mother and father.

"Oh, how do you plan to do this?" His mother asked that evening over dinner.

"Yes. The sky is very far up there." His father pointed out.

"The mountains. I will go to the top of the highest mountains and then I can hang the cloth in the sky."

"The mountains are a long way away." His father said.

"Then I must leave in the morning if I am to do this."

When morning came Heylel was eager to go. His parents had hoped he would have decided not to go when he realized how far it was to the mountains. His mother packed some food for him and wished him well on his journey. They figured he would return that night.

Heylel quickly lost track of time as he walked. Hunger gnawed at his stomach and he sat down to eat. He had only just begun to eat when a wizard traveling alone stopped to talk to him.

"What is a young boy doing out here by himself?"

"I'm on a quest to put color in the skies."

"How do you plan to do that?"

Heylel set about explaining his plan and showing the wizard his powers. He so impressed the wizard that he gained a travel companion. The two set off together and both would tell anyone one who would listen Heylel's plan. The two soon grew to a small crowd then a larger crowd. Before long the group had many witches, wizards, common people, rich or poor, all wanting to see Heylel bring color into their world. The animals of the land and air even joined on the journey.

With all of his companions Heylel didn't notice how long it took him to reach the foot of the mountains. Everyone looked up in silence then someone broke the silence.

"How are you going to get up there? It is a long way up to climb."

A murmur of agreement spread through the crowd.

A witch came forward and said, "I can turn you into a strong eagle. Then you can fly to the top."

Another witch said, "I can turn you into a sheep. Then you can climb up."

A wizard called out, "I can make you very tall. Then you can reach the top in two steps."

Another wizard offered, "I can make you float. Then you can float to the top."

Many offers were called out. Heylel considered them all and settled on being given wings. To him it sounded the safest. Once the wing sprouted on his back he tested them by flapping. First he did small flaps then as he grew confident he flapped harder.

"It will take me a few days to weave and put the colors in the sky." He told the crowd then flew to the top of the mountain.

It took Heylel ten days to weave a cloth he thought would be large enough. It was a beautiful bright blue. He looked up to the grey sky and briefly wondered if his plan would work. He grabbed a corner of the cloth and tossed it into the sky. The winds caught it and quickly pulled it up and spread it over the sky. Down at the foot of the mountain a great excitment over came everyone as they watched in awe the sky turn blue. A wizard in excitement used his powers to fly to the top of the mountain. He wished to thank Heylel. When he reached the top he was surprised to see no one was there. As he stood there a bright light suddenly appeared.

"I have to stay in the skies or else the color will fade. I want to add other colors too. I want to make the mornings and evenings beautiful. I want to make the night full of wonder." Heylel paused then said sadly, "Tell my parents when they see a bright light in the skies before what will be dawn that it is me looking over this world.

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