Auroras has a minion!

Dreamy the Choyuu

Legacy Name: Auroras

The Lilac Yaherra
Owner: Iridescent

Age: 15 years, 6 months, 3 weeks

Born: July 14th, 2007

Adopted: 5 years, 3 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: October 16th, 2017


  • Level: 7
  • Strength: 15
  • Defense: 17
  • Speed: 13
  • Health: 17
  • HP: 17/17
  • Intelligence: 3
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

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Credit: Profile, story, art by Iridescent

ID and massive tc spaces, from Lucifer

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Pet Treasure

Aurora Lion Plushie

Spirit Panther

Sunbee Sticker

Soul Stone

Sprouting Snail Beanbag

Dusted Fallen Leaf Cider

Star Soul

Dancing Star Seeds

Pina Park Flower Crown

Light Up Walatree Beanbag

Aurora Fox


Coda Caves Sticker

Crystal Cavesnail

Masquerade Lain Mask

Turquoise Deluxe Boa Feather

Common Lain Beanbag

Arctic Frost Fairy Tales


Oversized Soft Vinyl Experiment 886 Toy

Aurora Fruit

Spilled Summer Memory

Vintage Experiment 2759 Plushie

Iridescent Blue Jewel Beetle

Iku Sprout

Shimmery Nature Journal

Aurora Galaxy Crystal

Raindrop Beanbag

Tiny Spirit Beanbag

Aurora Pegasus Beanbag

Mechanical Rift Giraffe

Midnight Masquerade Legeica Plushie

Aurora Borealis

Cool Ranunculus

Iridescent Green Jewel Beetle

Green Jewel Snail

Elven Dessert

Book Stack Beanbag

Multicolor Hibiscus

Tales From The Caves

Oofa Jelly

Mystical Mushroom

Fascinating Green Cocoon

Nuclear Mahar Plushie

Nuclear Lifelike Legeica Doll

Spring Sphinx

Homegrown Veta Vanilla

Verdant Veta Lake Firefly


Blanket Fort Essentials

Earth Soul Stone

Fortifying Star Flower Pomade

Mint-N-Moss Mason Sparkler

Knobby Pumpkin Sprite Beanbag

Bright Green Grasshopper


Glowing Pitcher Fruit

Glowing Veta Lake Firefly

Blue Glowing Bug Eggs

Resting Dillema Beanbag

Gourd Witch Blue Light


Snoweater Plushie

Cobalt Possessed Demoneye Stone


Sparkle Fox

Svetatchi Berries

Blue Mountain Swallowtail Butterfly

Treasure of Jewelwing Dragonflies

Stone of Elements

Spectral Fruit Plushie

Spectral Fruit

Experimental Palindromes

How to Make Spectrum Auras

Rainbow Elemental Staff

Candle of Unity



Magical Sticker

Fruit Fluff

Magnificent Hummingbird Sticker


Lovely Veta Lake Firefly


Rainbow Pie of Everything Wondrous

Spectrum Sand Castle

Apple Of My Eye Sticker


Squishy Grotesque Mister Grimsly Plushie


Corruption Plushie

Striped Pumpkin Imp

Rainbow Box of Macarons

Pet Friends