Boo has a minion!

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Legacy Name: Fleetingplum

The Custom Nostalgic Kanis
Owner: Trickster

Age: 14 years, 1 week, 4 days

Born: May 8th, 2008

Adopted: 9 months, 1 week, 2 days ago

Adopted: August 9th, 2021

Pet Spotlight Winner
January 31st


  • Level: 2,587
  • Strength: 6,211
  • Defense: 6,042
  • Speed: 6,006
  • Health: 6,351
  • HP: 6,351/6,351
  • Intelligence: 3,101
  • Books Read: 1628
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Editor in Chief

Let me tell you about Boo.

The group of teenagers were gathered around a bluff on Delphi Beach, sipping their autumn-themed drinks and listening to the waves crashing to shore and slowly receding. Morostide was only a few days away; their last chance for such a holiday before even the pleasant shoreline of Delphi would surrender to the nip of winter winds. Their bonfire had been built with care to last well into the evening, casting their faces in half-shadows.

Their leader was the type who was always suggesting something. In fact, this last hoorah to the bygone days of summer had been her idea.

She was also one heck of a good storyteller.

Her friends looked to her expectantly as the wind began to rise. Fixing them all with a smile that was anything but reassuring, she related the following tale.


Do you remember how your parents always told you to eat your vegetables?

If you were anything like me, you probably ignored this advice. You might have hidden them in a pocket and thrown them into the trash can while doing your chores. If you were lucky enough to share your household with a kanis or ruffie, you might have pawned those nasty greens on your less particular sibling. The one thing you would not do was put those food imitators in your mouth. You were too smart for that.

Or so you thought.

I thought the legend of Boo was just a story, same as all of you. Then I caught him crawling out from under the fridge one night.

He looks like an innocent plushie. Some say he's a little worse for wear but I just thought he was cute. Then I saw him gobbling up the bits of broccoli I'd shoved into the space beneath the fridge as if he'd found an entire trove of brightly colored candies.

You can imagine my delight at having found a friend as eager to devour vegetables as I was to avoid them.

I invited him to come and live in my room, among my toys. We played together and at night, he slept beside me in my bed.

As Morostide drew ever closer, I told my new friend all about the excitement of going door to door and getting as much candy as possible. I told him about all the amazing varieties of candy from chocolate peanut butter cups to fruit chews to those little gummies shaped like every Subetan species you can imagine. It was almost as if he understood me.

I had the best haul of my life that year. Kindly old jollin ladies seemed to be emptying their entire candy bowls into my trick or treat bag and those nasty sorts who only give out hexes stayed away.

I spread my stash all over my bed, eager to show Boo what a treasure I'd brought home.

Suddenly, my wondrous friend lunged forward and began to eat my candy!

What's worse is, every time he'd put something sweet and tasty in his mouth a bite-size piece of vegetable would come out!

I didn't dare approach him. The most awful growling sound, like a qrykee with a toothache, would come out of him if I even tried to snatch a single piece of candy off the ever-shrinking pile. As soon as the last piece of my stash was reduced to a sad little carrot stick, he flung himself forward and out the window. I rushed over to see if he'd landed in the rosebush below but there was no sign of my trickster friend. He was simply gone.

I never told my parents about Boo. What could I say? That my imaginary friend had been eating my vegetables for me for the last year? That would go over big.


The girl rummaged in her backpack, bringing out a food tubby full of carrot and celery sticks. "As you can see, I learned to develop a taste for vegetables, afraid that if I continued to lie to my parents, Boo might come back into my life and never let me enjoy a sweet Morostide treat ever again."

She shoved a few carrots aside to reveal a miniature peanut butter cup hidden in the center. "Though as you can see, I've learned to be a bit of a trickster myself."


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