Starflare has a minion!

Auroris the Revontuli

Legacy Name: Starflare

The Blacklight Devonti
Owner: Chrysariel

Age: 5 years, 6 months, 6 days

Born: December 7th, 2015

Adopted: 5 years, 6 months, 6 days ago

Adopted: December 7th, 2015

Pet Spotlight Winner
October 19th, 2020


  • Level: 113
  • Strength: 215
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 681
  • Books Read: 673
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Couture Designer


When she looks out her bedroom window, it almost seems like she could reach out and take the stars in her hands.

Star often takes for granted how fortunate she is to live in StarFrost Village. Not every Subetan has access to a private lake with crystal clear water or a wall-sized display screen that can imitate scenery from every land. She never needs to worry about locking her doors at night as the gated community boasts nothing but living areas with the highest quality styles and features. Any thief able to somehow outsmart the patrol montres would find themselves in deep trouble as lasers with the genetic material of all residents saved to their memories trained on the intruder. There has never been a successful robbery committed in this village where only top executives of SAI and their families are allowed to dwell.

The villagers have a view of the air field where plane-loads of temporary workers from the mainland fly in for their week-long shifts. These mainlanders are given clearance only after they have suffered a rigorous process of intelligence exams designed to weed out the average from those worthy to work at SAI. Even so, they are required to wear special passes at all times, color-coded with a bar that reveals their clearance level. The airport also gets the occasional Subeta Airlines flight. These are used exclusively to transport supplies.

Star watches from her balcony as a plane takes flight, thoughts wandering to the family she rarely sees. Mom and Dad are still employed by SAI despite their advancing age. She is grateful to them for her childhood among the privileged and for Mom putting in a good word at the Observatory. Star is not ashamed that she had a little help in gaining her first job and in securing a gorgeous apartment. There is no one who can deny she earned the rank of second in command on her own with her innovative ideas and keen eye for new stellar wonders.

She really only sees her parents on the holidays now. Her siblings visit even less frequently. Two brothers also live in the village and work for SAI though Cosmo is merely an Intelligence Analyst trying to work his way up to Logistics Specialist. Aster is the ultimate genius of the family, enjoying a position as a Deputy Director beneath their father.

She's honestly not sure where her sister Nova ended up though she has heard rumors of two little devontis that share the family name. Where her brother Galax is sleeping tonight is a mystery not even the wise Oracle could guess at. He always was a bit of an oddball. Perhaps he finally made it to Merana's lair and got himself that hydrus coat he always dreamed about. How a devonti raised by brilliant scientific minds could take an interest in the ocean over space baffled them all. At least he hadn't gone the way of Drunk Carl. They hoped.

The little rocket-shaped clock in the bedroom chimes, alerting her that it is time to go to work. Auroris glows for just a moment, creating a brilliant aurora of blue and green. It is his form of farewell as minions are not allowed on the Observatory floor. Far too many expensive telescopes had been smashed in the early days by frightened shebbits running from the grin of a Mr. Snugglekins.

Star goes straight to her post before the telescope, putting her eye to the glass to track the progress of X4954, the nebulae she's been watching all week. There are a few tiny branches jutting from the interstellar cloud that have formed slowly over the course of many months. To most, this is no more exciting than watching a fluffy white cloud disintegrate for lack of moisture that would cause it to rain. To Star, every subtle difference in size, shape and color is fascinating. These are the clouds from which stars, her namesake, are born.

She notes her latest batch of observations before glancing at the red digital clock on the wall. A small gasp escapes her as she realizes the time. She's supposed to be coordinating team projects in five minutes!

The employees are well into the coffee pot when she enters the room. She sees a few familiar faces, space enthusiasts like herself who will be eager to get to work. It is always harder to tell the quality of volunteers. Some have a genuine interest in Subeta's space programs but many are just looking to fill community service hours for their Subeta Scout troops.

"Alright, let's get down to business everyone. First of all, for those of you who worked on the Black Hole Bulletin, excellent job. As you know, the Observatory prides itself on preparing educational materials that are sold in the various shops of Subeta and provided free to children in schools all across Subeta. This next project is one we're calling Awesome Asteroids and Cool Comets. Do I have any volunteers for the layout?"

Paws, fins, and wings go into the air readily enough. Layout is always a popular assignment.

"What about articles? Who wants to see their name in print?"

She runs through her list, finding no shortage of volunteers until she comes to proofreader. Fortunately, one dour old warador agrees to take the task after shooting the chosen writers a few dirty looks.

Star dismisses the group after another hour of discussion. She whistles a happy little tune as she goes to get her lunch bag from her locker. Working with enthusiasts always puts her in a good mood.

The sandwich is nice but it is the orange that really makes her eager to eat. She loves cheery, bright oranges which she likes to think of as nutritional little suns. Though they must be imported all the way from Omen Islands, she is not the least bit concerned over their cost. She takes the time to peel each section away, chewing slowly to savor the flavor.

Her eyes travel over the nearby cubicles. The velosotor who always leaves crumpled papers and sodas cans all over his desk is working on a banana. The sight of that gritty fruit makes her gag just a bit. It does not matter if it is green, yellow, or red. Even the thought of putting a banana in her mouth disgusts her.

"Hey, Super Star. A little lain told me you didn't have any plans tonight."

Quin is by no means the boldest of her suitors but he is a runner-up for most persistent. Star is in such a good mood from her recent discoveries that she offers him a smile. "It would be a nice night for a walk down Borea Pass, wouldn't it?"

Quin's grin is so wide it nearly reaches his ears. "I'll meet you out front during the shift change."

He's wearing a cologne that smells of pine needles and he somehow managed to get his hooves on a bouquet of star lilies. Star accepts them with a soft word of thanks. At first she does well at keeping up with his chatter about working in the research lab and trying to keep up with a mischievous minion at home. She does enjoy his company but that is not enough to distract her from the glory of the stars above. She feels just a little guilty when she leaves him at the gates, giving him an extra-sweet kiss to make up for her inattentiveness.

"So how about tomorrow night? We could go down and watch the wild swans on the lake."

The answer to the equation she has been trying to solve all week pops into her head suddenly. "I had a wonderful time but I have to go now. Good night, Quin."

She takes no notice of Quin's frown as a muscular montre gives him a warning look. She is already halfway home, her mind blossoming with the possibilities of what this solution could mean for the new telescope model her department has been working on.

She works through the hours of dawn despite her exhaustion, scribbling numbers and erasing them again until she is sure she has solved as much of the problem as her tired brain can comprehend. Despite her desire for sleep, she lays awake to watch the last few stars fade to daylight.

Auroris knows his owner all too well. He sits on the table beside her bed, forming auroras in soothing shades of blue and purple until her eyes slip shut. There are those scientists who would scream that the natural abilities of her minion are at odds with the electromagnetic origins of the true Aurora Borealis. Star will gladly tell them all that the true beauty of Science is in what cannot yet and may never be explained.


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