Talons And Ladyfingers has a minion!

Fondant the Bakers Blob Kitty

Talons And Ladyfingers
Legacy Name: Talons And Ladyfingers

The Angelic Velosotor
Owner: Dragonfish

Age: 6 years, 2 weeks, 6 days

Born: May 4th, 2016

Adopted: 6 years, 2 weeks, 6 days ago

Adopted: May 4th, 2016


  • Level: 56
  • Strength: 162
  • Defense: 123
  • Speed: 123
  • Health: 122
  • HP: 122/122
  • Intelligence: 58
  • Books Read: 49
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Lieutenant Ladyfingers

Pet Treasure

Pastel Vesnali Cake Slice

Elegant Flower Cage

Raptor Vesnali Plushie

Glass Pastry Stand

Pink Rose Cake

Decorative Rose Cake

Wildflower Cake

Fresh Flower Cake

Blooming Cake

Adorable Rainbow Vesnali Cupcake

Fourth Anniversary Four-Layer Cake

Rainbow 2009 New Years Cupcake

Rainbow Mothers Day Cupcake

Sunset Octombre Cake

Rose Octombre Cake

Rainbow Octombre Cake

Peach Octombre Cake

Lilac Octombre Cake

Rainbow Wedding Cake

Rainbow Egg Cake Slice

Tea Party Treat Tray

Artikat Colorswirl Chocolates

Mint Whipped Spread

Honeysuckle Whipped Spread

Rose Whipped Spread

Violet Whipped Spread

Lemon Blossom Whipped Spread

Adorable Cake Pop Display

Vesnali Egg Cake Pop Stand

Candy Chick Cupcake

Candy Lamb Cupcake

Candy Bunny Cupcake

Nest Egg Cookies

Sweet Mini Custard

Citrus Custard

Flowering Ice Cream

Sweet Blueberry Vesnali Cupcake

Sweet Lemon Vesnali Cupcake

Sweet Strawberry Vesnali Cupcake

Sweet Vanilla Vesnali Cupcake

Sweet Grape Vesnali Cupcake

Chocolate Daisy Petit Fours

Strawberry Daisy Petit Fours

Lemon Daisy Petit Fours

Vanilla Daisy Petit Fours

Watch it Bloom Sweet Tea

Sweet Garden Berry Pie

10th Anniversary Recycle Beast Cake

Carrot Cake Wedge

Dragon Scale Cake

Gold Flake Cake Slice

Arctic Frost Black and Gold New Years Cake Wedge

Tuxedo Cake Slice

Lovey Cake

Burger Cake

Marshmallow Spaceship Cake

Bumbus Honeycomb Cake

Skewered Pastries

Coda Cave Crystal Wedding Cake

Fancy Masquerade Wedding Cake

Veta Scenery Wedding Cake

Bronze Drip Wedding Cake

Flowered High Tier Wedding Cake

Sweet Candy Fluff

Grinning Cat Loaf Beanbag

Special Grape Jam

Blueberry Floral Pie

Snooburb Cake

Angelic Demipop

Angelic Bonbon

Angelic Cookie Cheesecake

Angelberry Pie

Lovely Box of Cupcakes

Lovingly Boxed Cupcakes

Bakers Dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bakers Dozen Macadamia Cookies

Box of Mixed Doughnuts

Box of Plain Doughnuts

Classic Box of Macarons

Pastel Box of Macarons

Rainbow Box of Macarons

Blueberry Chocolate Covered Cake Balls

Banana Chocolate Covered Cake Balls

Lavender Chocolate Covered Cake Balls

Mint Chocolate Covered Cake Balls

Strawberry Chocolate Covered Cake Balls

Dark Chocolate Covered Cake Balls

Milk Chocolate Covered Cake Balls

Orange Chocolate Covered Cake Balls

White Chocolate Covered Cake Balls

Blueberry Delicate Pastry

Cranberry Delicate Pastry

Custard Delicate Pastry

Pumpkin Delicate Pastry

Strawberry Delicate Pastry

Angel Food Cake

Decadent Lemon Poundcake

Decadent Carrot Poundcake

Decadent Strawberry Poundcake

Grape Mini Cake Pop

Blueberry Mini Cake Pop

Strawberry Mini Cake Pop

Green Apple Mini Cake Pop

Honey Mini Cake Pop

Orchid Mantis Cheesecake

Rich Mint Ice Cream Cake

Spectrum Berry Pie

Floral Pie

Sugar Dusted Jelly Doughnut

Faintly Sugared Doughnut

Feasting Cake

Fireside Butternut Bread

Vanilla Pumpcake

Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

Orange Honey Blossom Madeleines

Seven Whole Doughnuts

Sprinkles-and-Frosting Doughnut

Stylishly-Frosted Doughnut

Fresh Vesnali Honeycomb

Honey Sweetened Milk

Clover Honey

Fireweed Honey

Common Bumbus Brand Honey

Blueberry Honey

Buckwheat Honey

Vesnali Honey Pop


New Year Sparkling Blueberry Cupcake

New Year Sparkling Coconut Cupcake

New Year Sparkling Grape Cupcake

New Year Sparkling Lemon Cupcake

New Year Sparkling Strawberry Cupcake

Fancy Sugar Cookie

Vesnali Egg Cookie

Vanilla Crescents

Maple Leaf Cookies

Umbrella Cookie

Endeavor Rice Pudding

Delightful Meringue Cookie

Dunderfluf Savory Cupcake

ILU Sundae

Raspberry Eighth Anniversary Cupcake

Frosting Pizza

Wanna Piece of Me Sticker

Baking By The Book

Cake Matter

Big Slice of Sprinkle Cake

Slice Of Glade Wedding Cake

Flowery Mini Eclairs

Magical Glade Cannoli

Bright Spring Bouquet

Tiered Springtime Cake

Too Cute To Eat Cake Plushie

Deceptive Strawberry Vanilla Cupcake Beanbag

Deceptive Chocolate Mint Cupcake Beanbag

Lovely Pink Bow

Hyperactive Loveheart Sticker

Bloodred Charlie Plushie

Pet Friends

Red Velvet Cakes
- My girlfriend! ♥️

Icelyn Ashilldr
- An incredibly-talented friend!