Ashilldr has a minion!

Sapphire the Blukiti

Legacy Name: Ashilldr

The Custom Lilac Feli
Owner: Chrysariel

Age: 4 years, 11 months, 3 weeks

Born: April 28th, 2016

Adopted: 4 years, 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: April 28th, 2016

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  • Level: 96
  • Strength: 191
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 707
  • Books Read: 693
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Couture Designer

The Cake Decorator

I love to rise before the sun and get the coffee pot heating while the sky is still gray. When the first glorious rays of light break the horizon, you'll find me settled in the rocker on my front porch, sipping a delectable vanilla mocha and stroking Sapphire. My minion seems to contour her body to my hand, giving us both great comfort. She wakes me every day by purring, a sound I much prefer over the buzz of an alarm.

The sun paints the shoulders of the mountains the same pale pink as the flesh of spring's first peach. A million golden shards of light dazzle the eyes as the sun creeps over the surface of the lake. When the light reaches the base of the great pine, I know it is time to leave for work.

I have Sapphire trained to walk at my side and I know I can trust my minion not to stray. Not even the jeering jays in the trees are enough of a temptation against the threat of a minion leash. Saph waves her tail from side to side, as if the jays are beneath her notice.

The ovens are warming up as I walk through the Bake Stop's rear door. Fantine will not open to the public for another two hours but those of us that make the core of her baking team know we do not have the leisure of five quiet minutes if we are to both complete the daily demand and succeed in claiming the Bread Winners prize.

The show has aired for three seasons now and is widely popular across Subeta. Last year it was Candy Shack that took the honor of the Golden Loaf but this year the trophy will fall into Fantine's hands.

Fortunately, the decorators under my watch are well aware of my need to hold a frosting kit the minute I get in the door. They've got my station all set up for the fifth and final cake that will be revealed tonight for the final round of voting. The five winning foods are put on display for all of Subeta to see, a marketing boon that is priceless when you're trying to entice people through the front door.

Avoiding the snaking cords that threaten to send trays of pastries flying has become habit for all of us in the three months we've been filming. I pause to compliment Gerdi's work on an ordinary birthday cake destined for the party of a young Kanis and warn Devrit that if he doesn't thicken his dough and soon, he's going to be looking at sweet roll blobs. Devrit hates cleaning. He knows that Fantine will assign him to washing dishes if he ruins one of her baking sheets. She's wonderful to work for but Fantine cannot abide waste in the kitchen. Neither can I. I can't help smiling as I see Devrit reaching hastily for the flour scoop.

Every cake I create meets with Fantine's approval before color even goes into my frosting. At this point, I think she would trust me with a tower cake the size of Saggitarius' loft, but I still go to her for approval in all that I do. On those rare occasions where creativity deserts me, she has a way of magically awakening my muse.

The others will turn their attention to the everyday needs of the bakery once the detail work is under way. Here at The Bake Stop, we never rely on preservatives or cheap filler ingredients to make a pastry look fresh three days after it is baked. Any product you pick from our shelves is guaranteed to have come from the oven on the day of your purchase.

Saph has a little ladder she can use to climb onto my work counter. She keeps her paws as clean as mine and her tiny claws are perfect for fixing candy figures or miniature cherries in just the right place on the surface of the cake. The rest of the world ceases to exist for me as I pick up my tube of aqua frosting and put the finishing touches on my masterpiece.


The stage on which the finale of Bread Winners is filmed looks like an old-fashioned brick oven. Our competitors are each stationed at their own table, their five entries hidden beneath red velvet cloths that are magicked to preserve the foods beneath against aging. We will be judged not only by the beauty of our creations, but by the quality of their taste.

Fantine offers me a small smile from her place of honor on the Boss Bench. Anne, Elsie, Dolly, and Ricardo are also present. I almost forget to breathe as the trumpets of opening music fade and the first round of judging begins.

The first round is Pretty in Pink. Ricardo's cotton candy sculpture of Raffles is adorable but points are subtracted for lack of unique ingredients. Dotty's enormous bubblegum ballerina comes complete with a tutu made from sugar coated strawberry stars and highlighted with strawberry stick candy. It is lovely, but I know I have this round. The judges are awed by my perfect replica of a cherry tree covered in little spun sugar blossoms. Each flower is a tiny explosion of cherry flavor on their tongues. Fantine is beaming as the first point is awarded in favor of the Bake Stop.

I am proud of how I used coconut to perfectly replicate the Recycle Beast's shaggy coat for the second round they call Recycle Beast Tribute. The cake is admirable but Elsie's use of body parts to duplicate not only the look but the smell of the Beast's own piles of items gives her an edge that even Anne's greasy heap of green fries can't hope to compete with. As honorary judge, the Beast grants Half Baked the point. I can't help hissing a few times in annoyance and Fantine's claps seem just a little forced.

Spaced Out is up next. I'm confident in my globe cake of Subeta, detailed down to the fiery cinnamon peaks of Darkside, licorice trees of Shadowglen and candy powder sand of the Sacred Lands until Dotty whisks the cloth off her tray to reveal jaw breakers molded to look like each of the five planets orbiting in SUbeta's galaxy. You win this round, Candy Shack, but you'll not take the next.

Our jaws drop when Ricardo takes the prize in Go Green! Her deep-fried mashed potato and broccoli spheres were cooked in 100% organic vegetable oil. Not even my tribute to the field bovyne complete with a coat of fluffy lime frosting gets more than a few nibbles. Elsie's mold muffins are barely touched.

It is down to the last round, Under the Sea. We feel the tension as waves crashing down on us as the judges accept clean plates and the final batch of magic cloths are pulled aside. If one of us cannot succeed in securing a second vote here, a death round bake-off is guaranteed.

I can't say I'm overly concerned when Anne's entry turns out to be a torrent formed out of nothing but shrimp and marinara sauce.

Ricardo's deep-fried lobster patties score very low for originality though the judges devour them readily enough. Elsie's seaweed-wrapped eyeballs make even the Recycle Beast hesitate to take a bite. Fantine and Dotty study the remaining dishes as I lock eyes with the feli who leads the decorating team for Candy Shack. Her grin is smug.

I can't deny that the variety of unique ocean life molded from gummy candy is highly creative and likely to taste wonderful but our cloth has not yet been raised. As the velvet folds fall aside, her smile freezes in place.

It is perhaps my greatest work of art. The model cake of the Freyalise floats on an ocean of blue frosting, every detail from the golden lion's head at the stern to chocolate rings that decorate the masts. The sails even billow slightly in the air-conditioned breeze, made from a sugar taffy so fine that it took a pair of tweezers and a magnifying glass to attach the pieces.

Fantine's smile as she accepts the trophy and the cheers of the audience are spectacular, but as a cake expert, I must say nothing makes me happier than the sounds of satisfaction I hear as every crumb of my creation is devoured.


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Northern Lights Cake by: The Cake and the Giraffe
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Name Art by: Chrysariel

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