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Zakarian Blaze
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Born: April 2nd, 2016

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  • Level: 95
  • Strength: 191
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 691
  • Books Read: 682
  • Food Eaten: 1
  • Job: Couture Designer

Profile by Paula │ Story by Pureflower │ Dragon by Wizards of the Coast │ Background Mt Etna Eruption 2014 by GalaShop
The Vulcanologist

"Good morning, class! My name is Zakarian Blaze and I'm a scientist with the Subetan Scientific Society. I'm here today to talk about a very explosive topic...the volcano!"

A collective groan rises from the youngsters seated at uncomfortable wooden-topped desks. If this is another lame presentation like the one put on by that Medicontra spokeswoman, broken crayons and cartoon character erasers will fly. Blaze points the clicker at the pull-down canvas screen, bringing the projector to life.

Slide One

"There it is, Vulca Dark. It is by far the largest volcano on the planet of Subeta, second in our solar system only to Vulca Largo on the distant face of Knotta Planet. This beauty can spew thousands of tons of toxic ash and smoke into the air and produce enough magma to coat the city of Centropolis in a matter of hours. Fortunately, powerful magic keeps the worst of its temper at bay behind a thick barrier that will hold for as long as the Oracle blesses the Sacred Lands. This photo was actually taken by me on one of my favorite expeditions."

"We were in the field a full three weeks, long enough to gather soil, rock and even lava samples in very special spelled glass vials that will not crack or melt no matter what level of heat they're exposed to. There was a traveling wizard who just happened to make a stop at Darkside's west side at that time. He put a powerful protection spell over us, allowing us to walk the caverns carved by hundreds of eruptions. We actually got to walk inside an active volcano and see the natural flow and ebb of fresh magma. You wouldn't believe how many theories were disproven that day about the composition of volcanic waste!"

A neela toward the back raises his hoof to get Blaze's attention. Blaze points with his clicker hand, encouraging the boy to ask his question.

"You mean you walked through volcano poop?"

The children all giggle as Ms. Felicia raises a paw to her forehead. Blaze offers the class an easy smile.

"I see we have a natural comedian in the group. I can't say I'd want to be the janitor who had to clean up after a volcano, though. The core temperature of a good lava flow can reach temperatures in excess of one thousand degrees."

The class grants him an appreciative giggle as he moves on to the next slide.

Slide Two

"Here you can see an illustration of Subeta's tectonic plates. These massive plates are beneath the land masses and oceans of Subeta, constantly shifting and rubbing against each other. It is the activity of these plates that helps to shape volcanos, just as volcanos help to change and reshape the lands we live on."

Another hand goes into the air, this one belonging to a chubby warador in a Spaceman t-shirt. "So the next time my mom tells me to rinse my plate so it doesn't get crusty, I can tell her she could cause the explosion of Subeta?" The neela reaches over to slap a high five as Ms. Felicia stalks forward from behind her desk.

"Do you want another detention, Mr. Warfield?"

Blaze is still smiling. Nothing can phase the holder of seven degrees, including a PhD in Vulcanology.

"All the mothers of Subeta couldn't round up enough soap to clean one of these plates. The smallest among them is still big enough to feed every family from Veta Lake to the shore of Delphi. Now, let's move on."

Slide Three

"As you can see, the primary magma chamber is well below the surface of the earth. It's forced up through the cone, but not before some of the lava splits into channels within the cone. These never make it to the surface. The vent is the escape point for the heaviest lava flow. Smoke and ash billow out along with the lava, and it is often the clouds created by this toxic mixture that prove deadly rather than the flow of lava. Whole civilizations have simply gone to sleep, covered in a sooty blanket that preserves the lost Subetans perfectly in whatever pursuits they were carrying out in the moment before the volcano blew its top.

An image of two mortikings and their minions frozen in ash is stunning enough to keep even the class clowns silent as Blaze lays one of his favorite history texts on the projector's lighted viewing window. It is an image that will stay with many in the class long after their high school graduation.

Slide Four

"Next on our slide show we have...well, we have me eating a submarine sandwich. A big, thick one with lots of mustard and mayo."

Even the quiet students burst out laughing at the ridiculous look on Blaze's face as he realizes he's being captured on film. He lets them enjoy the moment until Ms. Felicia shushes them.

"Who ever said scientists were a bunch of stiff old white coats never met my assistant. Let's move on, shall we?"

Slide Five

"Here you can see a side-by-side comparison of three types of volcanos. The one on the far left is the active Vulca Dark that constantly paints the sky of Darkside a hazy red. Little Shoulder off the coast of Omen Islands is dormant. That means it could once again come to life and coat the island as it did many thousands of years ago, but short of a major cosmic event, this is unlikely. Fria Terra, the one we often refer to as Cold Shoulder, is extinct. It will never again activate. The earth in that part of the world has cooled so much that the volcano that once shaped it is now no more than a mountain. My team has had the opportunity to take samples from the bottom of Fria Terra, allowing us to discover that the volcano's base is well over ten thousand years old!"

"This was a hard voyage for me. As you can imagine, I hate the cold. Scientists have to face their worst fears sometimes in order to make the best discoveries. Would I land myself in bed with Arctic Flu for two weeks again in order to present my findings to Subeta Geographic? You bet!"

Slide Six

"I'm sure you're all wondering about this funny contraption. You see, most Subetan scientists would never last long in the field without someone watching out for them and there are places even the most slender Experiments cannot squeeze into. My minion is my constant sidekick and best friend. Perhaps you'd all like to meet her."

He whistles two short notes, his signal to Thera that it is safe to emerge. The firefox lands lightly on the classroom floor, stretching and looking over the students with wary eyes. She is used to this routine but will never completely trust children capable of pulling her tail and yanking on her ears.

A few of the braver girls take his invitation to pet her as some of the boys come to get a closer look at the special pouch that protects Thera in even the most extreme temperatures. The pouch is both fireproof and weatherproof, keeping her safe and comfortable even in flight. Two short whistles and a drawn out one recall Thera to the safety of the pouch, much to the dismay of her new admirers.

Slide Seven

"This is one of my favorite images, from a very special voyage we took that was funded by the Atebus Observatory. Not many in my field can claim they've walked the shoulder of a volcano in space! You can see the coloring is darker than our native rock here on Subeta and the cone has a sort of spiral around the edge that may have been shaped by the very different nature of gravity on Atebus.

He is ready for the troublesome neela the moment the hoof goes in the air. "To answer the question I know you wish to ask, Master Brighthoof, we were not in fact mooned by any aliens."

Another round of giggles. Gordy Brighthoof is not the least bit put off by having his punch line stolen. He makes static noises like the aliens on that cheesy space travel cartoon currently broadcast across Subeta on the Children's Network.

Slide Eight

"You thought my job was just wandering around and trying not to melt my socks off? Think again. Mathematics are a huge part of my work as a Vulcanologist. Equations can mean the difference between life or death when you're working the field. For any of you that have ever complained about too much math homework, you may want to stop and think about the fact that a decimal in the wrong place can mean the difference between life or death in some fields."

Slide Nine

A clip art volcano spews the words "Any Questions?" into the air. Blaze gets the typical response of rowdy youngsters running for the door at the promise of tater tot casserole for lunch and the sacred recess hour. One young ruffie pauses on her way out, watching shyly as Blaze packs up his equipment."

"I want to be a scientist just like you someday."

She flees before he can even reply but the warmth that settles into his chest has nothing to do with his field of work or the subtle flames that coat his skin.

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"Across the lansdcape, steam vents hiss gaseous breath from deep inside the planet, creating an environment that feels like it hangs in the balance between our world and another.”

― Stefanie Payne ―
A Year in the National Parks
Zakarian Blaze

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