Nvisible has a minion!

Glacier the Snow Fox

Legacy Name: Nvisible

The Custom Glacier Telenine
Owner: Chrysariel

Age: 9 years, 1 week, 2 days

Born: November 23rd, 2013

Adopted: 6 years, 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: March 19th, 2016

Pet Spotlight Winner
April 21st, 2018


  • Level: 96
  • Strength: 197
  • Defense: 27
  • Speed: 23
  • Health: 24
  • HP: 24/24
  • Intelligence: 701
  • Books Read: 690
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Couture Designer

The SAI Spy

Not every Subetan has access to a private lake with crystal clear water or a wall-sized display screen that can imitate scenery from every land. He never needs to worry about locking his doors at night as the gated community boasts nothing but living areas with the highest quality styles and features. Any thief able to somehow outsmart the patrol montres would find themselves in deep trouble as lasers with the genetic material of all residents saved to their memories trained on the intruder. There has never been a successful robbery committed in this village where only top executives of SAI and their families are allowed to dwell.

The villagers have a view of the air field where plane-loads of temporary workers from the mainland fly in for their week-long shifts. These mainlanders are given clearance only after they have suffered a rigorous process of intelligence exams designed to weed out the average from those worthy to work at SAI. Even so, they are required to wear special passes at all times, color-coded with a bar that reveals their clearance level. The airport also gets the occasional Subeta Airlines flight. These are used exclusively to transport supplies.

Agent Vis didn't just pass the grueling intelligence exams required to become a SAI agent. He excelled on every one then took the gorgeous conductor out to dinner, buying her a dozen genetically modified golden roses that would outlive their weaker cousins by three weeks.

He ponders that night as he nurses a glass of scotch on the rocks. She wore an Eddie Bell designer gown that blended sassy red with crisp green sleeves. She was like a walking chili pepper and Great Shinwa, was she ever hot!

The facilities in Starfrost Village were top notch and the living quarters were second to none but all the entertainments and training courses in the world couldn't live up to the thrill of a live mission. When the sensor pinged, alerting him to a SAI communication, he was on his feet in an instant. He crossed the room gracefully, allowing the signal to sound twice more before picking up the handset. He was not one to betray his own impatience, particularly not to Gadget, the tech wizard who provided devices that had saved his life a full three dozen times.

"Scythe calling Jaxon's Pride. Come in Jaxon's Pride. The pumpkin pies are baking. Have you any nutmeg?"

Vis rolled his eyes. Who on Subeta had allowed Thaddeus Redscale access to the mic?

"A pleasant evening to you as well, Thaddy. What's the game?"

He could hear Thad blowing nervous bubbles on the other end. "This is no laughing matter, Jaxon's Pride. I ask you again, have you any nutmeg?"

"I store it next to the paprika."

"Right. Station Six in one hour. W will be expecting you."

W was in his office, a great glass bubble protected by thick missile-proof glass and at least a dozen warding spells. The thickset anyu frowned as Vis dropped into one of the plump leather chairs on which many a royal behind had left a dent. "So what terrible Maleria wannabes are threatening Subeta this time?"

W rumbled his displeasure. He was an old-fashioned sort who believed suits and ties should be worn even by the custodians on SAI's lower levels. Vis had chosen a red tie patterned with yellow palm trees just for the pleasure of W's frown. The anyu had a way of sticking out his lower lip and making sounds like a motorboat without even realizing the sounds came from him.

He indicated a nervous-looking charlie with wild white hair. "Doctor Thinreed will fill you in. Doctor?"

The charlie placed a hologram viewer in the center of the table, pressing a button on the unit's panel. An image appeared in the air, one of a device the size of a pencil sharpener with a subtle blue glow lighting its center. "The Miniature Atomic Cortex. It was built with the cooperation of Dr. Ian Asmodeus and scientists of Atebus who have been working for two decades on the issue of finding a more sustainable energy source. This is only the prototype, but even this little chamber has the power to keep the City of Centropolis in power for five years. The full-sized device would power all of Subeta and Atebus for the next five thousand."

W chews the end of his pipe as he looks Vis over. "Asmodeus had this thing stored in a vault with a hundred-key code. You might start there, if you don't scare the security minions into eating you with that ridiculous getup."

Vis accepted the briefcase with its usual assortment of acid-squirting pens, microscopic tracking devices and hidden rolls of subeta points. The glare Gadget shot him from across the lab was well-deserved. He offered the tech wizard his most charming smile, amused by the thought that of all the enemies he had ever faced, it was the one who most wanted to stick a knife in him that was charged with the task of keeping him alive.


It didn't take him long to spot the shadow stalking between soot-streaked walls as he passed through the rough neighborhoods of Darkside and into the business sector kept tidy for the sake of tourists. His shadow was good. She used the natural surroundings to her advantage and always knew the right moment to feign interest in black glass dream crystals or blobby minions that were said to be unique new species created by the zapper. (In reality, they were just wasties with bits of seashell stuck in their backs but tourists fall for the stupidest tricks.

Dr. Asmodeus was eager enough to show him the chamber that had once been an impressive technological breakthrough but was now a blackened jumble of wires. The famed scientist was at a loss to explain how Subeta's best physical and magical security measures could have failed in such a spectacular way. Shinwa herself had placed the final layer of spells. Vis never needed to take pictures or notes. A few fixed glances were all it took for the details to be forever trapped in his mind. He could recall an image of the ruins at will, just as he could remember the gardenia perfume the test conductor had worn.

He anticipated an ambush but did not think his follower would be so bold as to use the dumpster behind the Quick Bites connect as her hiding spot. She stank of fried onions and old vegetable oil that had cooked up far too many fries. She pinned his arms and legs with a hiss of pleasure.

"The great Agent Vis at my mercy. My sisters in the Feli Clawsion sorority would purr with pride to see me now."

She went flying to land on her back, underestimating the great strength in his rear legs. The element of surprise had been her only advantage. He could easily hold the slender twilight feli down with one paw.

"Catty. It's been far too long."

Cataline Tails made a sound that was half amusement and half contempt. "I should have known they'd send the hound to do a cat's job. You never could master the art of stealth, Vis. Even the dull-witted wyllops could hear those clumsy paws half a mile away."

"You always underestimated your opponent. Remember that little xotl that took you down? He had to give the field up for a lab career when a tigrean sat on him but he still tells that glory days story quite often."

She turned her head and spat. "That is what I think of your ancient memories. He is crippled and I am a superior agent."

"Working for the Coalition of Planets, last I heard. They would strip Subeta's natural resources to make up for the fact that they settled on dead worlds." His paw pressed down ever so slightly. "I know half a dozen good agents that are reduced to names on the Hero's Wall because of you. What are you doing here?"

She grunted beneath the weight. "Stop trying to choke me and I'll tell you." He eased up a bit, still keeping her firmly pinned. "The Coalition pays in dirt more often than diamonds. I got sick of sleeping in beds heavy with fleas. I'm my own employer now and Saggitarius pays well. I can show you my ID, if you like. It's in the pouch."

He released her, giving her a clear view of his knife. "No funny business, Tails. Take the badge out and slide it over the ground." Glacier unwound herself from around his neck, a white scarf turned minion. She chattered in his ear, causing him to grin and pull a vial from the pocket of his coat. "You can forget about the cannister of sleep powder you were planning to break." He gulped the vial's contents, grimacing a bit at the bitter flavor. "As you can see, I'm well stocked on antidote."

Tails snatched the badge from her bag and threw it down with a glare. "If only you cared half as much about your old flames as you did about that pesky minion."

Vis ignored her, scanning the surface of the badge with his multi-purpose digital watch. "You were telling the truth...about your employment for Saggitarius, at least."

"Let us put aside past arguments for the moment and join forces." She offered him a sly smile. "I know you haven't forgotten that night in Delphi so easily."

It came to him then, memories of the Carnival and Tails putting her acrobat training to good use. Every good truce deserves to be broken, but their agreement not to try and kill each other would survive the night.


He woke to a rattling clatter that was in perfect tempo with his throbbing temples.

He could vaguely remember the trip to Shinwa's home in the Sacred Lands. She had admitted that she was not entirely feeling right when she laid the spells for Ian, but protection spells were so easy that she hadn't thought much of it.

Vis had felt rather odd himself after Tails kissed him. Something in her lipstick, perhaps. He vaguely wondered what she had done to affect a being as powerful as Shinwa. Then he remembered the tube of lipstick he'd noticed on Shinwa's side table. He'd thought Passionate Peach was an odd color choice for such a pale lady.

Someone would have to put out a bulletin to stop lipstick shipments from the outer planets. He had more important issues to deal with. Like how to get off this train when his paws were all securely bound together.

By craning his neck to the right, he could see the sack that Glacier was trapped in. The snow fox was much more clever than their captors. It had taken her no time at all to locate the source of the knot and to use her combined needle teeth and icy breath to make short work of the fabric. She waved her tail at Vis, dropping the electric toothbrush/wire cutter into his waiting paw. It made short work of the ropes that bound him.

He found the serving uniform in the compartment's closet. By some miracle, the pouch that hung around his neck had not been taken along with his weapons. Several colorful vials were hidden inside. Each was a diluted dose of elixir that would give him a perfect disguise of a new color and species for the duration of an hour. He gulped the contents of a brown vial, shuddering as he took the shape of a marsh mallarchy. Glacier hid beneath the uniform, once again taking on the role of fashionable scarf.

He bobbed his head to every guard he passed. They were trying to pass as mere civilians and doing a poor job of it. Civilians didn't reach up every few sections to check the position of their gun.

He couldn't get more than a glimpse of the car containing half a dozen scientists, though he recognized the famous Dr. Illuminus at a glance. The illumis was second only to Dr. Asmodeus in his contributions toward Subeta's understanding of nuclear fission and fusion.

The pretty golden lain was not quite as carefully guarded. The two guards posing as ticket checkers were in no way prepared for the swift and lethal blows rained on their necks and shoulders. The lain rose to her feet.

"You are not one of Taj Mahar's men."

Vis' eyes widened at the name. The nuclear mahar was a small-time pest. Not even the speculators at SAI would connect his name to an operation of this magnitude. He had spent the last two years in jail for stealing a mere Artificial Prism Chalice from the Millionaire Center.

Tears came to the girl's eyes. "Father's reaction was much like yours when Taj made his threats. Everybody in the scientific community thought Taj was a joke, until he showed up with an umbrella that exploded and killed half the workers in the lab. He gave an antidote for the radiation to those of us he wanted kept alive, of course. He will stop at nothing to kill every non-nuclear pet that inhabits Subeta. I am to be one of his test subjects for an enhanced nuclear potion. The plasma at the center of the Miniature Atomic Cortex gives it the added power to change fur and feathers not only to the nuclear colors, but to highly radioactive weapons. We will kill all we go near simply by being in their presence and if we do not obey his will, he will hurt our families."

Vis pulled two vials free, offering one to the frightened girl. "I'm going to stop this madness and you're going to help me."


Taj stared out on the operation with blue eyes that glowed slightly in the poor light. His little birdies would soon be in flight with mighty dragons to back them. He had captured nearly fifty hostages capable of taking flight and carrying death on their wings to even the most distant corners of Subeta. Soon his dream of a world covered in nuclear waste and noxious fumes would be a reality. Soon Darkside would be considered the most inhabitable of the lands and any fool that tried to interfere with his dream would cook like a Luminaire turkey.

He wanted Akiana Goldfeather for his bride. The lain's beauty was no exaggeration and those jeweled feathers would look glorious in a black and pale green color scheme. She would come to him willingly in hopes of protecting her foolish father, not aware that the arrogant illumis was on his way to a pit of toxic sludge. He was a generous husband, though. He would allow the girl one last glance before they were separated forever, which is why he had allowed her to come on the train rather than sending his minions to fetch her direct.

Her head was bowed when she was brought to the chamber. She looked even more beautiful in poor light, her feathers glowing better than any angelic pet's halo. The glow intensified until gold shimmered and turned to white. Where a beautiful golden lain had stood, there was now a glacier telenine he knew all too well.

His guards were useless, falling at lethal blows of foot and paw. Taj soon grew bored of the contest, holding up the Miniature Atomic Cortex for Vis to see.

"You may have ruined the secrecy of my base and hidden the girl well, but you will cease this game of feli and wyllop." Cataline Tails sauntered out of the shadows to smirk at Vis. "Cat has told me the secrets she was able to wheedle from Dr. Asmodeus just before you arrived for your little chat. It is astonishing how willing scientists are to talk when you show the least interest in their work. I may not be able to fulfill my dream if I smash this device, but I will unleash enough radioactive particles to contaminate half the planet's surface. You will tell me the location of the girl."

Vis gave Cat a withering look. "I know you never had much for standards, but I thought even you would balk at the idea of having that pretty onyx coat burned off."

Cat purred her amusement. "You needn't worry about my sleek figure, Vis. Taj knows how to award those who are loyal to his interests. I'll be eating shrimp from a silver platter as we watch the world dissolve together."

Vis moved with impossible speed, the foam pellets he tossed expanding into a great square that effectively trapped Cat in a giant foam cube. He could hear her hissing and trying to claw her way out but his concern was Taj. The mahar had nearly finished plugging the Cortex into his home-made computer.


The distraction was enough, forcing Taj to look up for just a second. The seemingly ordinary bar of soap was made of special compounds used to clean up radioactive dust created by Dr. Asmodeus' experiments. It would not do permanent damage but it would stun even the most powerful nuclear pet for a length of thirty seconds.

All the time in the world for Vis to stroll forward and wrap the Cortex in a special container SAI had provided. He had to fight a few more minions on his way out but seeing their master sprawled in an undignified heap made most of them lose heart. He left capture to the lesser agents, planting a tracking device right in the heart of Taj's secret lab. He was a field agent, not a lowly town cop.


Dr. Illuminus and half of Subeta's officials would personally thank him for his role in recovering the Cortex but it was the thanks of Akiana Goldfeather that interested Agent Vis the most. He was pleased to discover she smelled sweet like gardenias.


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