Drizzzt has a minion!

Nymeria the Mairra

Legacy Name: Drizzzt

The Bloodred Mortiking
Owner: Chrysariel

Age: 9 years, 3 months, 2 days

Born: March 12th, 2012

Adopted: 9 years, 2 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: April 3rd, 2012

Pet Spotlight Winner
January 5th, 2019


  • Level: 123
  • Strength: 203
  • Defense: 79
  • Speed: 40
  • Health: 84
  • HP: 84/84
  • Intelligence: 712
  • Books Read: 697
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Couture Designer

The Terrifying Gardener

He rarely spends much time in the top-floor office of Sorciere's corporate headquarters but when he does enter the suite, there is never a speck of dust on the surface of his mahogany desk. Every pencil in his golden cup is kept sharpened to a lethal point and those files deemed worthy of his attention do not have so much as a receipt slip sticking over an edge.

Do not waste your time trying to draw the attention of Sorciere's elusive CEO. You will find yourself wading through a channel of secretaries, under-secretaries, and interns all well trained in the art of evading undesirable questions. Four hours of sitting on the phone may relay you back to the newest hire who knows the typical coffee order of the three ladies that rank above his station and nothing more. This is if you are lucky. It is more than likely you will find yourself connected to a representative working from a grimy little Shadowglen office who will claim to have no idea how you got their line and proceed to convince you that what you really need is a nice, relaxing cruise to Omen Islands in order to relieve the stress of such inconvenient phone systems.

The rep will not bother to mention that the Cast Off Cruise Line happens to be a side businesses of Sorciere Inc.

How many claws does Drizzzt have hooked in various pursuits all over Subeta? You may as well count the stars from Atebus to the rocky rings of Knotta Planet.

Even the most trusted members of his organization could not name more than a handful of the businesses that increase the depths of his pockets. Wise employees of Sorciere Inc. learn to keep their eyes downcast and to trust that even the softest whisper will betray them if the wrong words are said.

He has a tendency to show up at board meetings and important presentations unannounced, his ominous presence bringing sweat to the faces of those present. He rarely comments and never smiles, even when a deal goes well. Those who present the company with losses have a tendency to end up posted on the Missing Subetans billboard at Kumos Patrol headquarters.

Though his reflexes are superb, he never gets behind the wheel. His driver is an old legeica who has worked for him for many years. She can navigate Centropolis in the fiercest blizzard and she is not one that believes in idle chit-chat.

Drizzzt lounges on a genuine leather seat, sipping a glass of champagne as he looks out tinted windows at the passing districts of Centropolis. Nymeria has her own seat custom built into the stretch limo to allow for her comfort, its edge modified to accommodate the snake tail of her body. Feline eyes gaze out on the passing crowd as the mairra growls and hisses in a series of sounds that clearly express her contempt for the workers that toil for her master who is king of the hive. Drizzzt strokes her fiery mane, earning a muted rumble that is too strong to be called a purr.

His private property on Veta Lake is secluded not only by natural stone formations but by a twelve-foot high electrified security fence that has special backup generators for those rare nights when storms over the lake affect the local power supply. A dozen Cerberus trained as police minions are kept in a run bordered on one side by the perimeter fence and on the other by simple chain mesh. They recognize only the scents of Drizzzt and Nymeria. At night when all servants and gardeners are dismissed, special gates give these three-headed terrors full access to the lawn and gardens that border the mansion. A state-of-the-art security system relays images and sounds from every room to a guard station that is staffed by a trio of mortikings who are fiercely loyal to The Boss. There has never been so much as a rubber band taken from the house of Drizzzt.

It is not only for pomp and protection that he takes privacy so seriously. Drizzzt's little slice of Veta Lake is kept clean of all sources of pollution, utilizing advanced filtration technology to provide his home-grown collection of Orchids, Dahlias, and Ranunculus Plants with only the best water source. These are his treasured trio but if a plant is carnivorous or toxic, you can safely bet that a sample is growing somewhere in the manor's expansive cluster of gardens.

His gardeners all bow and keep their eyes on their work when Drizzzt passes. Each gardener is assigned to a specific species of plant. They are expected to know the nutritional, water and soil needs of their charge and to take immediate action at the first sign of wilting. Even those who are successful in their work rarely last longer than six months. Stress-related illness is the number one cause cited for leaving Mr. Drizzzt's least for those who do so willingly.

There is one greenhouse among the half-dozen to which only Drizzzt holds a key. He spends time there every night, caring for the rarest and most deadly members of his green collection.

He smiles as his gloved claws gently check the folds of a custom-bred stalk of deadly nightshade that he has named Lovely Lady. Her beauty has enthralled almost a full two dozen of his greatest rivals by stopping their rhythm entirely.


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Pet Treasure

The Glowing Flower

Wet Your Plants

Hand-Made Seed Sketch Journal

Garden Tools Guide

The Stained Glass Garden

The Big Book of Little Gardens

Steele Blooming Centropolis Park Sketch Book

Stunning Succulents

Perfect Perennials

All About Composting

Amazing Annuals

Garden Journal

The Glowing Flower

Weird Flowers

Blood in the Night

Bark Bound Book

In the Enchanted Forest

Macro Nature Journal

Veined Nature Journal

Iridescent Nature Journal

Shimmery Nature Journal

Coiled Nature Journal

Field Guide to Sentient Plants

Beginner Garden Guide

The ABCs of Plants

Night Blooms


Tepper Flower

Graceful Floral Arrangement

Stylish Floral Arrangement

Classic Floral Arrangement

Delicate Floral Arrangement

Opulent Floral Arrangement

Bleeding Rose of Deepest Blackness

Multicolor Hibiscus

Carnivorous Fruit

Carnivorous Flower

Pitcher Plant

Pitcher Plant Terrarium

Bleeding Pear Tree

Venus Flytrap

Twilight Rreign Flower

Dancing Damsel Orchid

Mint Nocturnal Water Lily

White Nocturnal Water Lily

Pink Nocturnal Water Lily

Red Lotus

Pink Lotus

Pale Ranunculus

Lovely Ranunculus

Cool Ranunculus

Yellow Dahlia

White and Yellow Dahlia

Red Dahlia

Orange Dahlia

Lavender Dahlia

Blue Dahlia

Coral Dahlia

Black Dahlia

Potted Gazanias

Potted Weed

Potted Gladestalk

Meat Lover Sticker

Mairra Plushie

Mairra Beanbag

Enchanted Mairra Totem

Roaring Mairra Sticker

Bloodred Mortiking Beanbag

Bloodred Velosotor Plushie

Bloodred Magic Wand

Bloodred Golem Bloodied Metal Claws

Bloodred Mortiking Maze Trading Card

Bloodred Flower

Bag of Bloodred Chocolates

Bloodred Feli Plushie

Blood Alloy

Bloodred Chelon Gem

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Styx Moondreamer

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