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Nephy the Cloud Baby

Legacy Name: Cloudflair

The Angelic Telenine
Owner: Glory

Age: 8 years, 10 months, 2 weeks

Born: August 3rd, 2015

Adopted: 5 months, 2 weeks, 1 day ago

Adopted: January 6th, 2024

Pet Spotlight Winner
August 1st, 2020


  • Level: 130
  • Strength: 199
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 56
  • Health: 56
  • HP: 56/56
  • Intelligence: 744
  • Books Read: 725
  • Food Eaten: 3
  • Job: Couture Designer


He Keeps His Head In The Clouds

"Some people are clouds, when they bugger off it becomes a beautiful day!"

When Chester "Cloud Watcher" Claris was but a small child he was not very well liked in school. Especially after his family moved to a new area that was filled with sophistication and glamor while they were just plain. Nothing wrong with that of course but the glares and stares they received unnerved poor Chester to pieces. He was constantly bullied in school. His worn clothes would be tugged upon until the ends would ravel and tear. The sharp jeers from his peers drilled into his malleable brain and caused such indescribable pain that he soon shut down from his old bubbly self. Despite his parents best efforts to quell the abuse, the school seemed uninterested in hearing them out. They clearly shouldn't have moved to such a high-end place without dressing to impress. It was impossible to move now too as the two adults settled into their jobs and money was tight after the shuffle. Chester would have to put on a brave face and endure the nightmare as long as he could. Every single day he was tormented by his classmates. Sometimes they'd leave him be after some nasty comments and other times they'd play ugly pranks that ended up ruining something of his. Sometimes it was his clothes, sometimes it was his work. Most of the teachers did not care to help him either as much like the other adults, they too saw him as less than. It felt like hell on earth. Weekends were a blessing at least since he was able to stay home and keep far away from the outside world. Except when mum dragged him out to assist with chores of course. He would witness other adults making nasty remarks about his mum and even though he wanted to mouth off to them he didn't want her to suffer more than what she already was. He would bite his tongue much like he saw his mum bite hers when an unnecessary comment would bubble forth from a stranger's mouth.
Chester was able to find an outlet for his frustrations through the act of cloud watching. On days where he didn't have to go to school and his mum didn't make him travel with her, he would just sit outside and watch as the clouds rolled by. Luckily. Luckily they lived in an area where this was almost an every day occurrence so he could have good access to this method when he was feeling particularly down. He never knew why the gentle floating of the clouds as they passed by brought him such serenity but he was thankful for it. It made those horrible school days a little more bearable. When Chester was old enough for a science class he learned of something called Nephology, the study of clouds. He had NO idea such a job even existed. He'd be lying if he had said he wasn't ecstatic to learn more about this study and threw himself headfirst into learning all about it. They were referred to as a nephologist and they study everything from cloud types to formation, development and their effects. This role was quite important as understanding the dynamics of cloud formation plays quite the essential part in their world's energy balance and climate system. The more he learned the more he was determined to become one of these scientists. Despite the constant negativity that surrounded him in school he worked extremely hard to get good grades. His folks were impressed with his sudden change in attitude and happily supported him in his endeavor, even if they couldn't fully understand why he'd want to go into such a strange profession.
Years had gone by and soon Chester's collage career was coming to a close. He was going to graduate with the appropriate degrees and finally get into the job of his dreams. He was lucky his father had met someone in the same field as he had wanted to go into at a fancy work dinner party. This allowed Chester to have first dibs for the job and he couldn't be more ecstatic. He could barely sleep at night he was so excited! After all these years of constant nonsense when dealing with school he was finally going to do some good for Astrinet! Just had to wait a few more weeks until he got his degree and he was set! Until then he had been invited to join his folks and a few other family members on a vacation to a place called Scarset City. It was a beautiful place. The beach was pretty clean even though hundreds of people would linger there every day. Everyone seemed to make the conscious effort to be good to each other, something that Chester really liked. He hoped if he was promoted to a high enough position that he'd be able to set up a place here to work since the "vibes were immaculate" as his younger cousin would say.
During these couple weeks of vacation there was an announcement that a storm was coming through and to be careful when hanging out on the beach as the winds could be quite vicious and sweep even the strongest of swimmers out to sea. Most of the family heeded this warning and stayed inside the hotel just in case. Though the young cousin really wanted to venture out to the beach and collect one seashell as a souvenir before they'd have to leave. Chester volunteered to go and off they went, the older of the two promising they'd be back before the storm hit. Neither Chester or the cousin would be seen again.

Chester and his younger cousin had just made it out to the beach just as the wind began to pick up. The sky had turned from its beautiful dawn hue to an angry grey. The clouds looked rather upset too and Chester knew it was only a matter of time before they'd be swept out to shore.

"Hurry up and pick a shell, the sky is getting dark."
"Instead of whining, why don't you help me find something? I want a blue shell."
"And if we don't find one for you?"
"Green's cool too I guess."
"You are impossible sometimes, haha."

Chester wouldn't admit he was aggravated about the specifications but knew they had to get back soon.
It took what felt like hours for them to find something the cousin wanted, the darn kid was WAY too picky for Chester's liking. The skies had darkened considerably and the clouds were gathering in a thick clump where the shoreline met the water. Chester had never seen clouds act this way before and was somewhat intrigued to observe but wanted to do so from a safe distance. The wind was blowing them all over the beach and it was hard to keep away from the water as it lashed at them as if it was a living creature trying to drag them into the sea. The sand was soon kicking up and into their eyes, their vision now obscured. Chester swore he could hear a howling of some dog in the distance but couldn't quite make it out since the wind was pretty rough. He called out to his cousin but he couldn't hear the response. A sudden gust threw a sizeable chunk of sand into Chester's eye and he stopped to wipe it out. Just as he cleared his eyes and looked up he saw his younger cousin being blown into the sea. He gasped as he watched the poor fella scream out for help and was immediately silenced by a splash. The blue shell that he was carrying had been dropped nearby and the older of the two picked it up and pocketed it. Chester knew he had to get inside quick or suffer the same fate. He did his best to sprint but it was as if the wind was working against him. He KNEW they shouldn't have ventured out this far. He knew they shouldn't have come out at all. Weather warnings are meant to be taken seriously. He KNEW this yet didn't fight back against his cousin's wishes. If only he had just said no... They wouldn't have gotten into this predicament over a stupid seashell. Chester was getting close to a lamp post and knew if he could just grab on he'd be okay and able to make it inside a building, any building would do. He reached his hand out to the metal pole as he slowly approached, fighting the wind with every step. It was then he felt a presence behind him. The hair on his neck stood up and he froze in place as he felt a breath wash over his shoulders. Slowly he turned around to see what looked like a cluster of clouds looking right at him. No, it was something IN the clouds. Those vibrant red eyes were a sight to behold and boy were they angry. He didn't get a chance to react as the creature within took a deep breath and caused Chester to stumble backwards, a surge of wind blowing him toward the sea.

"No! Nononono!"

He called as he hit the water, scrambling to surface. He wasn't a good swimmer by any means and knew he had to get back to the shore. He was able to get a look ay the creature as he had surfaced. It did look like a dog. A poodle to be precise. He knew those breeds could be bratty but never knew they could be vengeful! A sharp bark came from the dog and he was blown under the water again. He could feel the water enter his lungs at this point and did his best to fight against the current. It was no use though, he simply wasn't strong enough. He surfaced once more and witnessed what appeared to be a hurricane or at least some sort of wind tunnel since it didn't quite act normal. He prayed he wouldn't get sucked up in that thing and shot out somewhere to perish. Of course he didn't get a say in what this strange phenomenon had in store for him and he was soon pulled under the water again where he lost consciousness after being brought into the whirlpool beneath the wind tunnel.

It felt like an eternity had passed when Chester woke again. His eyes slowly fluttered awake and his body felt extremely heavy as if it were still filled with water. He could tell he was on land though or at least some sort of pathway since there appeared to be no water in sight. He assumed his body still felt waterlogged from his little adventure. He slowly was gaining his bearings as he laid on his stomach, attempting to stand but his legs didn't want to operate the way he wanted them to. He also felt something in his hand too though when he looked down all he saw was a paw. A paw?!? He freaked out as he tried to stand again, now noting that it was indeed his paw. He was trying to stand on paws A million thoughts raced through his mind and he sat there in a panic. Beneath his paw had been the seashell his cousin had dropped when he had been taken by the wind. He wondered if something similar could have happened to him too?!? A calm voice managed to snap him out of this state.

"Greetings newcomer."
"Uh... Hello."
"How are you feeling?"
"Not good? But not bad? What is this place? What happened to me? I-"
"Calm yourself. One question at a time."
*sigh* "What is this place?"
"It is called Solaris. Home of the Guardians."
"Home of the Guardians?"
"Yes. Folks who have perished sometimes receive a second chance and are brought here to live the remained of their lives as a Guardian."
"Had no idea you were dead, did you?"
"Not really..."

The creature identified himself as Salvador Dali and informed Chester that a mixture of all kinds of beings end up in Solaris for one reason or another. Past humans are usually given an animal form of some kind regardless. Animals tend to keep their species but are stripped of their identifiers of their species and given new ones for Guardianship. They are usually given new names too and he was no different. Apparently he was now called "Cloudflair. He didn't complain though as it sounded pretty cool. He asked Dali what exactly determines one to become a Guardian and be granted a second chance but the guy had no answer for him. He'd have to ask the one in charge of making such decisions. Which was a giant snake that lived in the clouds of this place called Religious. Gio for short but not to call them that to their face as Dali could get in serious trouble. The snake was finicky it seems. Cloudflair was also told that he could remain as long as he liked in Solaris though Dali suggested he find some kind of purpose to keep himself occupied. Cloudflair mentioned he was going to graduate to become a cloud scientist and the realization hit him that he'd never get that chance now... His new friend simply laughed and told him to look around. There was clouds EVERYWHERE and he was free to explore them as much as he liked. Perhaps he could ask Gio how these things were formed and help the guy in their creation so that their home can remain hidden and safe. Cloudflair seemed to like that idea a lot and thanked Dali for the suggestion. There was a few other things that needed to happen first it seemed but once the grand tour was over, he'd definitely look into continuing his research...

Cloudlflair has since been assisting the giant snake with the cloud task. This work fascinates him so much as no two clouds are produced exactly the same. He's even helped with strengthening the clouds and contributing to their density to help them hide better with less fluff in the sky to reduce suspicion. Gio seems to enjoy the company of the little scientist but never actually speaks to him. Cloudflair doesn't mind though, he's happy to continue his work peacefully. Especially after experiencing those horrid years at public school.

The giant snake that apparently created Solaris and all the Guardian creatures that seem to spawn from it. Cloudflair has a million questions he wants to ask Religious but the snake never speaks. He doesn't know if he's mute on purpose or he just has no have a voice. He still doesn't understand why he was chosen to become one of these fancy Guardians but he isn't going to complain. He can now work in peace without the judgmental comments back home. He's sad he didn't get to graduate or get his dream job but working with Gio is close enough. Least he gets to study clouds up real close and work on his research!

Salvador Dali
The first being that Cloudflair met. Dali answered all of his questions the best he could and was one of the best guides he could ever ask for. He gave Cloudflair the grand tour of Solaris and informed him of any rules and regulations. Mostly stuff like be kind, if you see something suspicious then say something. Things like that. Dali sometimes checks up on him while he's out working in the clouds. He's also chill enough to ask questions even though the other can tell he wasn't truly interested. Cloudflair was thankful for him being nice enough to pretend at least. His wife is very kind too and he's sometimes invited to join tea with them! Definitely reminds him of his parents back home. He truly hopes they're okay.

A more recent addition whom has taken a liking to Cloudflair, much to his dismay. Santeri is a nice fella sure enough but his incessant need to bring up his collection of blinding items is starting to take its toll on his poor eyes. He needs those to keep an eye on the clouds after all! Every single time Cloudflair thinks he's alone, Santeri soon pops up out of nowhere to bother him about something. Any questions asked about his work are thwarted with stories about his own life. He's thankful when Gio sends Santeri off to do something else for awhile so he can get some work done. Least the fella has no access to his room or he'd never get to rest!


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Character/Story by Glory

Thank you Chrysariel for letting me adopt!

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