Jaela has a minion!

Sharaja the Glace

Legacy Name: Jaela

The Custom Glacier Popoko
Owner: Chrysariel

Age: 15 years, 3 months, 3 weeks

Born: December 23rd, 2008

Adopted: 3 months, 1 week, 1 day ago

Adopted: January 9th, 2024

Pet Spotlight Winner
September 2nd, 2019


  • Level: 130
  • Strength: 197
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 56
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 739
  • Books Read: 721
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Couture Designer

Part 1
Part 2

~The Glacier Popoko~

"It's only a dream. Come out, little one."

The soft words penetrated Jaela’s disturbing dreams and they dissipated like smoke as she woke, but left swirling tendrils of the past in her mind. She had been barely weaned, starving and lost. Nothing was familiar and her mother’s comforting and protective presence was just suddenly gone. The oppressive heat was a burden and she felt like she was carrying twice her weight on top of everything else. She had no idea how long or far she had wandered alone when she no longer had the energy to climb into the next tree for safety to sleep. She slid under a pile of leaves under the biggest one she saw and hoped it would hide her well enough to keep her out of sight from the frightening and menacing, and so far thankfully unseen, creatures that roamed the night.

She slept fitfully and kept awakening with a start, her heart pounding, shuddering in fear, as she heard snarls or the occasional cut off screams of unlucky victims. On the last of these, she saw a shooting star through the branches high above. It shimmered with light and somehow seemed friendly, making the terrifying night a little less so. As her eyes were closing again, she made a fervent mostly incoherent wish to it that someone - anyone - please help her. Finally, she was so exhausted she slept again in spite of the danger.

In the morning as Jaela crawled from the leaves, weak and dizzy, she heard the most beautiful voice. It was very far away, and faint and then more clear, as if it surged with the vagaries of the soft breeze, but then she realized it was in her mind. The gentle voice said her name was Sérëdhiel (pronounced Sare-ay-thee-ell) , and knowing Jaela didn’t understand, said to simply call her Raë. She guided her to an insect close by and then a pile of nuts to eat, and after that to a small creek for the first drink she’d had in days. Finally her tiny stomach was full and her thirst sated. If it wasn’t for the awful heat she would have been much happier. At least she was alive, and because of the voice of Raë no longer terrified and alone. She was grateful.

Jaela felt a pull to travel north. Always north. And so began her journey. She heard the lovely voice off and on as she traveled, mostly from tree to tree, and learned what she could eat and what not to; how to find water; and how best to hide when she needed. She discovered that hiding in the leaves on the ground was wrong and that she had been very lucky. Her white and teal coat would have given her away, being in stark contrast to the dark foliage.

As Jaela traveled, time passed and seasons changed. The closer to her goal she went the hated summers became less severe and shorter, which suited her just fine. She learned many more things both on her own, and from the gentle voice of Raë - that became less faint the further north she went. Her ability and comprehension increased with her growth. She learned the names for almost everything she encountered, what some of the creatures who lived in each region were called, and who or what to approach or avoid, among many others. She had numerous close calls, terrible frights, and was often in danger, but also found humor in countless situations, and actually made a few friends along the way.

Raë told her stories at night before she slept of mountains as far as the eye could see with tall timbered forests below the tree line and peaks in perpetual frost above. How the forests had deep long winters, yet still enjoyed the other seasons as well, and where many creatures made their homes. Stories of the peaks where snow blanketed the earth in sparkling white, and the Snow Queen’s castle stood glittering in the sun. Stories where the sky streamed different colors that seemed to dance to music of their own making. A beautiful place where Jaela belonged and her heart longed to see.

It took her two long years, but Jaela found her home. There were many Glacier creatures in the realm, including Popokos. And of course Sérëdhiel, the Snow Queen, whom only Jaela was permitted to call Raë.

By: Chrysariel


Profile by: FallenSamurai
Edited by: Chrysariel
Story by: Chrysariel
Overlay Redone by:Chrysariel
Eyes by:
Background by: Wallpaper Cave
Sérëdhiel Image by: We Heart It
Name Art by: Chrysariel

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Part 1
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Pet Treasure

Small But Mighty Sticker

Sojourn to the North

The Snoring Snoweater

Snowy Night Stories

Snowfall Games Concept Art Book

Collection of Snowflakes

Snow Book

Paper Snowflakes: The Ultimate Guide

Packing Snow

Counting Snowflakes

Caring for Snow Fairies

Mystical Creatures And Where To Find Them

Big Book of Snowballs

Book of Snow Fairy Tales

Autobiography of a Snowflake

A Snowstorm in Darkside

Preserved Primitive Subetan


Snowflake Luminaire Rock

Frost Berry Bunch

Ice Stone

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White Super Soft Fox Plushie

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