Tassary has a minion!

Gellary the Slow Dog

Legacy Name: Tassary

The Glade Jollin
Owner: Valiska

Age: 4 years, 2 months, 2 weeks

Born: February 5th, 2017

Adopted: 4 years, 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: February 5th, 2017


  • Level: 636
  • Strength: 643
  • Defense: 78
  • Speed: 72
  • Health: 79
  • HP: 79/79
  • Intelligence: 1,829
  • Books Read: 1794
  • Food Eaten: 7045
  • Job: Director of SAI

Pet Treasure

Love Letter

Keiths Fluff Pillow

Ziara Pet Bed

Glade Jollin Plushie

Glade Jollin Beanbag

Nostalgic Jollin Toy

Lilac Jollin Beanbag

Lilac Jollin Plushie

Lilac Lifelike Jollin Doll


Cuddly Shinwa Plushie

Ornate Teacup

Sweet Spirit Offering

Mystical Chibi Fairy Doll

Golden Goddess

True Love

Valentines Heart Knot

Valentines Lovers Knot

Valentines Partners Knot

Love Soul Stone

Heart Firecracker

Elixir of Love

Love Candy Cane

Love Champagne Glass

Bag of Heart Shaped Candles

Love Dice

His and Hers Hot Water Bottles

Love Truck

Brass Rose

Dark Chocolate Rose

Milk Chocolate Rose

Pink Chocolate Rose

White Chocolate Rose

Pearl-Thorned Rose

Gold Rose Trinket

Frozen Rose Key

Very Fresh Pearl

Dark Matter Pet Care

Small Colcannon Clover Piece

Bottled Harvest Moon

Fox Fire

Glitter Blade

Phaloroceas Flower Charm

Phaloroceas Leaf Charm

Phaloroceas Rain Charm

Quill of Serenity

Mysterious Truth Telling Device

Mystical Orb of the Gods

Box of Untold Secrets

SAI Morse Code Legend

Domed Reliquary

Book of Shinwa

The Legend of Shinwa

Shinwas Power Book

Shinwa Sketchbook

Shocking Shinwa Secrets

Shinwas Amulet of Flight

Shinwas Amulet of Mercy

Shinwas Backpack

Shinwas Battle Wings

Shinwas Birdie

Shinwas Blessed Water

Shinwas Bow

Shinwa Cameo Brooch

Shinwas Coal

Shinwas Crystal Pendant

Shinwas Dancing Shoes

Shinwas Dark Matter

Shinwas Dark Matter Plushie

Shinwas Defense Potion

Shinwas Flower of Morning

Shinwas Earrings

Essence of Shinwa

Shinwas Flute

Shinwas Glowing Pen

Shinwas Goblet

Shinwas Healing Wine

Shinwas Health Potion

Shinwas Helmet of Protection

Shinwas Jawbreakers

Shinwas Helper

Shinwas Key

Shinwas Life Crystal

Shinwas Lightblade

Shinwas Lolly

Shinwas Ocarina

Shinwa Picket Sign

Shinwas Orb

Shinwas Weather Orb

Shinwas Magical Potion

Shinwas Rose

Shinwa Scratchcard

Shinwas Sealed Scroll of Dark Magic

Shinwas Shampoo

Shinwas Shield of Reflection

Shinwas Soap

Shinwas Staff

Shinwas Back Up Staff

Shinwas Sword of Victory

Shinwas Fairy Sword of Purity

Shinwa Tattoo

Shinwa Tree Decoration

Pet Friends

The thorn in my side that I can't live without.

A fount of wisdom and trivia.

If you want it done right, ask Qihanna.

Queen of gossip & style.

His frivolity is misleading.

On the thin line between enthusiasm & madness

Set the closet on fire when he left it.

The heart of our home.

She's the reason you're fat.

My favourite garden(er).

My favourite person to pig out with.

Sadistic gym trainer friend

He'll smoke you too!

A genius ahead of our time!

Most hilarious person I know.

Zoe Graystone
One to watch out for!