Kyuuri has a minion!

Faerie the Eloa

Legacy Name: Kyuuri

The Angelic Keeto
Owner: Lorax

Age: 5 years, 4 months, 2 days

Born: March 3rd, 2017

Adopted: 4 years, 4 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: February 5th, 2018


  • Level: 149
  • Strength: 163
  • Defense: 146
  • Speed: 127
  • Health: 164
  • HP: 164/164
  • Intelligence: 146
  • Books Read: 88
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Temple Floor Sweeper


Kyuuri lay in her bed sleeping, the sun slowly creeping through the small opening in her curtains. The warmth of the rising sun cuts slightly into her slumber, pulling her closer to consciousness. As with every other morning, a small bird lands on her windowsill and chatters for a moment. She opens her eyes just enough to feel the bright, searing light jab at her eyes. Flinging the blanket over her head, Kyuuri lets out a small squeak. "Too bright!" After a few moments, she sits up, arms stretched out towards the sky. Her eyes adjusting to the light, a small sigh escapes from the small woman. Her home, comprised of one small room with a water closet in the corner, is in disarray. The paint on the ceiling is sloughing off in large chunks after years of using the chimney, which hasn't vented properly since long before she could remember. Her patched curtains match her patched couch only in that they are created of a series of many mismatched fabrics. Looking around, Kyuuri can't help but giggle at herself. All the time she spend helping others and she is too exhausted at the end of the day to spend the time fixing up her home. Kyuuri swings her legs over the side of her bed, her left foot dragging across the top of her slippers. The cold, fuzzy material causes a weird sensation, almost phantomlike, through the lack of circulation. Despite the intense tingling and aching, Kyuuri walks across the room to the slightly parted curtains. The street below bustles with activity; shoppers and vendors moving fluidly in a nearly choreographed dance. It's beautiful. Kyuuri smiles, watching these people walk around, buying their food and small gifts for their loved ones, not a care in the world."Suppose I should get to it, then." Her closet is only a few steps away, set into the corner, one door broken off completely and leaning against the wall, the other immovable, stuck in its tracks. Just barely peeking out from behind the door is a sheer dress, white fabric flowing to the floor. The garment is adorned with dusty roses and light green flourishes. Kyuuri pulls it out, lifting the bottom to reveal a sliken silver slip from underneath. "Perfect." After getting dressed, Kyuuri takes a look around her dilapidated apartment and sighs. "I'll get to you one of these days."Just a few steps and she's out the door, on her way to a day like any other. She doesn't bother locking her door, but shuts it securely behind her. "Good morning, Faerie!" Kyuuri nods softly in the direction of the gentle greeting. Every morning is full of greeting everywhere she went. "Good morning, Kyuuri!" "Morning, love!" She waved at the small group of children standing in front of her. "Good morning, my dears!" The children scattered, giggling amongst each other. Kyuuri smiled and continued on her walk, intent upon the fountain just around the corner. Rounding the corner, Kyuuri is greeted by the warm, bright sunlight. For a moment she stands there,eyes closed, face pointed up to the sun. In the background, she can hear the hustle and bustle of the courtyard. Kyuuri welcomes the embrace and slowly opens her eyes, taking in the sight of the courtyard. Walking around the perimeter are shoppers, bags in hand. They're smiling, talking amongst themselves, enjoying the sunny day. A few long strides forward lies the fountain. Surrounding the fountain is a small gathering of people, some of them regulars and some new faces. The sight of them brings a smile to Kyuuri's face. Just before she reaches her destination, a couple people see her and their faces light up. "Kyuuri!" "Faerie!!" "So nice to see you!" "Where ya been, lady?" The greetings go on for a moment, Kyuuri smiling greatly, her face flushing from the rush of attention. No matter how often this happens, she never is used to the excess of attention. Just ahead of her is a small, empty space on the edge of the fountain. This spot, her spot, remains empty until she arrives every morning. She sits down and sighs softly, the excitement at her arrival waning. Everyone is there to see her, for some reason or another. Some for advice, some just to spend some time speaking with her, soaking in her wisdom. "Excuse me, miss Faerie? I can't seem to find the cavern of curios." Kyuuri looks up at the tall woman next to her, her hands wrought together in anxiety, eyes darting around. Kyuuri points to the alcove behind the woman. "Just through there, dear. As soon as you round the corner it will be on your right." "Thank you!" The girl whispers and turns around, walking briskly in the direction she was sent. Turning to her right, kyuuri locks eyes with a young man. Despite his nice, clean clothing and beautiful physical appearance, he looks very distressed; very uneasy. Kyuuri focuses on him and everything falls away. The square stops. Everyone is still. The near deafening silence is only broken by the boy's thoughts. They enter Kyuuri's head like they are her own. My family is in trouble. My father is very ill and my mother lost her job. We just... We need help. Kyuuri hears the faint sound of fluttering in the distance. Flying in to her line of sight is a small faerie. The faerie is an astral projection of herself, the only difference being the beautiful wings on her back. Kyuuri nods at the creature as she lands on the boy's shoulder. The pressure around her head intensifying, kyuuri watches the faerie more intently as she flits from shoulder to shoulder, a light golden glow following behind her. As the faerie taps the boy on the forehead, the surroundings return to normal. The once still people are moving again, chattering and giggling. The over stimulation jolts her; she jumps, startling those around her. "Are you alright, faerie?" The two people on either side asked at the same time, both reaching out toher. "I'm fine, loves. That one took a lot out of me." "What wish did you grant?" "The boy needed some help to keep on his feet. Tomorrow when he wakes, there will be a knock on his door. A distant relative, someone or other, has passed. They've come in to some money." This brings awide, heart-warming grin to her face. "I believe I have enough in me for a second wish." Just as she begins looking for another person to help, she hears a sniffle from the other side of the fountain. A young woman sits hunched over a small bundle of blankets, crying softly. Kyuuri taps the girl to herright in an effort to get help off of the edge of the fountain. She takes the girl's arm and shuffled around the fountain. As she reaches the girl, the crying stops and she is met with a doe-eyed gaze. The girl's face is red and puffy from crying, her eyes glistening pools of tears. "He-he-hello?" She stammers, wiping the tears from her face. "are you faerie? I - I came here today to ask you for help." The girl unfolds her blanket and pulls out a pherret. The body lay there in a pile, heaving erratically with shallow, uneven breathing. "I don't know what's wrong with him, miss Faerie, but he's all I have. Can you please help him?" At this, the young woman is crying again. She holds the pherret up in front of kyuuri, eyes pleading for help. The sight brings a tinge of pain just behind Kyuuri's eyes, that familiar feeling just before she started to cry. She steeled herself against the feeling and smiled down on the girl. She reaches down and puts one hand on the girls cheek and one on the pherret. Moments later, a bright light emanates from her hand, slowing the breathing of the pherret. Kyuuri smiles and runs her fingers across its coarse brown fur. She pinches the girls cheek and leans down, kissing her forehead. "We take care of those we love, Child. We do this, because they are an extension of who we are. They show us who we are, they show us what we can be. The things we do in our lives for others are all that matter. Remember this. Remember that, no matter where you are in life, no matter what you have, you can always do for others - and you should." Kyuuri looks at her followers and smiles weakly. "it is time for me to take my leave." "See you later, faerie!" "We'll see you tomorrow!" "Have a good night!" She turns and begins walking home, her heart warm and full of love.

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