Alquimia has a minion!

Theory the Cutesy Funnel

Legacy Name: Alquimia

The Nuclear Blob
Owner: Katyanari

Age: 5 years, 5 months, 1 week

Born: April 16th, 2018

Adopted: 5 years, 5 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: April 16th, 2018

This pet has been nominated for the Pet Spotlight!


  • Level: 66
  • Strength: 49
  • Defense: 22
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 42
  • HP: 42/42
  • Intelligence: 58
  • Books Read: 57
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Part-Time Test Subject


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Background Image by Freepik
Haiku/Story by Katyanari
Custom Art by Katyanari

A Potion in Progress

A potion a day,
Perhaps two or seven more,
Make your dreams come true.
Art By Katyanari

They beg me to be
Rid of their imperfections.
To leave here improved.

I am no genie,
But alchemy has a way
To seem like magic.

A medley of bugs,
A tentacle and an egg,
Luck in a bottle.

A Jollin's lost tooth,
A hair from a pegasus,
Helps to make you strong.

Wormwood and pig's foot,
Pixie dust and serpent skin,
Tastes foul, but will heal.

A chicken feather,
The gear from a clockwork finch,
Plus a quark will turn back time.

Though you may doubt me,
Know it is not fantasy.
What do you request?

Pet Treasure

Dragon Heartstrings

Dragon Breath

Puppydog Tail

Bottled Bird Head

Severed Pink Tentacle

Giant Millipede

Shadowed Memory Fruit

Common Rue

Rat Tail

Cow Horns

Magic Wand

Black Sand

Manticore Sting

Whiskers of Kittens

Ruhk Eggshell


Gold Dust

Monster Snot

Ground Redpepper

Dried Basil


Willow Twig

True Love

Empty Vial

Demi Horn Wand

Dark Fire Potion

Live Mealworm

Wild Clover

Monks Hood


Deaths Cap

Foo Dog Fur


Twilight Pearl

Anyu Sleeping Powder

Fester Poison

Magic Wand

Lion Tooth

Deer Antler

Acid Apothecary Bottle

Selkie Skin

Flimsy Blue Insect Wings

Ruffie Bottled Breath

Fallen Hydrus Quill

Pixie Dust

Mandrake Root


Kora Orb of Foresight

Blue Fireside Flame

Purple Fireside Flame

Purple Magic Rabbit Ear

Pink Magic Rabbit Ear

Orange Magic Rabbit Ear

Wind Amulet

Dawn Aeanoid Root

Captured Pixie

Twilight Aeanoid Root

Salvonic Pylonic

Sea Salt

Foo Dog Fur


Yellow Celestial Flask

The Death Book

Ivory Wand


Petrified Wood

Marble Mortar and Pestle

Oval Scrying Mirror

Dark Earth Potion

Blasphemous Shards

Pink Voodoo Doll

Shinwas Weather Orb

Wind Shard

Squid Ink

Sanctifying Pylonic

Bottled Moon Rock

Pixie Dust


Magnetic Stones

Honeysuckle Oil

Earth Charm

Whole Sage Leaves

Newt Eye

Mori Bandage

Basket of Cardamom

Stinging Nettle Caterpillar


Wooden Mortar and Pestle

Naga Fang


Fire Mage Amulet

Dark Mage Amulet

Life Mage Amulet

Mystical Mushroom

King Trumpet Mushroom

Nutmeg Oil

Clover Honey

Crystal Shard

Sun Voodoo Doll

Baby Breath

Deer Antler

Hen of the Woods Mushrooms

Bottle of Light Gray Sea Salt

Jar of Dried Deadly Nightshade

Bottle of Vetan Smoked Salt


Deadly Nightshade

Mystical Mushroom

Clear Glass Square Bottle

Gray Verevolf Tooth

Butterfly Wings


White Sand


Celestium Ore


Raven Claw

Divination Orb

Stubby Shark Tooth

Ginger Root

Cobra Fang


Triple Neck Klein Bottle

Empty Pyramidal Bottle

Empty Corked Glass Bottle

Guarded Flask

Burdock Root

Curved Hydrus Horns

Oxtongue Fungus

Cinnamon Incense

Phaloroceas Rain Charm

Field Noktoa Elixir

Dark Death Potion

Gourd Witch Skull

Water Charm

Honeysuckle Oil

Dehydrated Hydrus Spines

Dawn Mahar Tome

Ginger Root

Blue Mushrooms


Poison Apothecary Bottle

Green Tincture

Bottled Delirium

Gargoyle Fragments

Curly Hydrus Horns

Possessed Vampire Amulet

Black Truffle

Toxic Apothecary Bottle

Bear Claw

Purple Celestial Flask

Soul Stone

Crocodile Tears

Bottle of Shengui Guo Green Salt

Ground Paprika

Dried Tarragon

Devonti Crystal

Useless Spells

Filling Goop

Red Moth Orchid Stem

Allure Potion

Red Poppies

Viper Fang

Sacred Ground


Juniper Oil

Dragon Blood

Unicorn Hair

Precious Alloy


Sun Voodoo Doll

Plasma Bubbles

Rift Fairy Dust

Instant Crunches Muscle Tonic

Leg Day Muscle Tonic

Mirror Gaze Muscle Tonic

Weightlifting Muscle Tonic

Mint Extract

Regular Strength Pain Pills

Extra Strength Pain Pills

Common Popoko Elixir

Pink Dragon Millipede

Antibiotic Ointment

Bag of Blood

Bag of Plasma

Upside Down Chemical Spiller 5000

Glaciating Pylonic

Watermelon Cologne

Grape Perfume

Darkonite Battle Claw

Plain Leather

Fairy Dust

Bronze Alloy

Dark Moonrock

Clear Glass Square Bottle

Neon Blub

Empty Vial

Fireflies in a Jar

Magical Hat

Pink Bottled Butterfly

Phoenix Pinion Feathers

Essence of Purple

Mowed Blade of Grass

Bottled Stinker Acid

Magical Hikei Glow


Hyacinth Oil


Turtle Shell

Bottled Voodoo Doll

Mermaid Kelp-Wrapped Perfume Bottle

Twilight Pearl

Stubby Shark Tooth

Dried Basil

Common Bumbus Brand Honey

Salvonic Pylonic

Fireflies in a Jar

Plum Perfume


Gryphon Heart

Pixie Dust

Gold Dust

Dust Perfume

Phoenix Ashes

Bubbling Bonedust

Storm Honey

Monkey Brain

Magical Radish Seed

Toads Wort

Dillema Corrupted Soul

Love Soul Stone

Morel Mushroom

Grave Dirt Grub

Allure Potion

Horn of Plenty Mushroom

Drops of a Red Morning Sky

Dancing Star Seeds

Bottled Yunlong Breath

Lightshow Sulfurous Powder

Lightshow Potassium Nitrate

Lilac Potion Plushie

Magical Cherry Seed

Toy Chibi Graveyard Potion

Dark Crystal Shard

Golden Seal

Monkey Paw

Dark Feather

Orange Bottled Butterfly

Gris Gris Bag

Scrap of Baboon Fur

Homegrown Omen Islands Vanilla

Dawn Dillema Elixir

Water Soul Stone

Desert Sand

Grotesquely Long Tongue

Pumpking Tail

Life Shard

Dawn Darkonite Elixir

Dawn Illumis Elixir

Negating Pylonic

Red Dragon Scale

Doves Blood

Vial of Dark Water

Wooden Scrying Bowl

Royale Ligero Tonic

Aqua Inflatable Dolphin


Squid Ink

Powdered Lung

Flask of Liquid Shadow

Blood Alloy

Green Bottled Butterfly

Enchanted Bottle of Sea


Bottled Antilovirus

Melted Candy Heart Sauce

Extra Extra Extra Sugary Sugar

Cinnamon Love Hearts Extract

Empty Pyramidal Bottle

Purity Potion Plushie

Allure Potion

Kerubi Orb of Doom

Dusk Celinox Elixir

Arid Dragarth Elixir

Bottled Lightning

Cream Demi Elixir

Cherry Flavored Poison

Common Fester Elixir

Common Archan Elixir

Dusk Sheeta Toe-Jam

Mystical Mushroom

Serum Injector

Kora Magic Powder

Vengeful Undead Kitty

Bottled Bunny Pixi

Soul Stone

Shadow Dust

Delphi Specimen Jar Mask

Void Lord Reality-Altering Pills

Rift Queen Nano Injector

Pile of Violet Eyeballs

Darkness Soul Stone

Mystical Black Serpent Scale


Earth Shard

Accident-Proof Cauldron

Arid Morticlaw

Mystical Mushroom

Violet Infused Oil

Chive Flower Infused Oil

Nasturtium Infused Oil

Carnation Infused Oil

Jar of Tadpoles

Lingering Haunt Severed Tongue

Whole Sage Leaves

Expired Snot-Jam

Pumpkin Parasite Eggs

Dappled Mushrooms

Acid Apothecary Bottle

Death Soul Stone

Pickled Space Slug

Green Liquid Filled Giant Syringe

Shed Erdoo Tooth

Moonsteel Alloy

Gourd Witch Snake Skull

Gourd Witch Cat Skull

Eau De Love

Vigorous Undercurrent Restorative

Deaths Kiss

Strange Carved Crystal Skull

Destroying Angel

Essence of Sheeta

Minotaur Horn

Red Celestial Flask


Revivifying Pylonic

70HP Healing Potion

Golden Mahar Elixir

Whole Cloves

Fiddlehead Ferns

Eye of Newt

Destabilizing Throwing Vial

Raw Opal

Earth Soul Stone

Essence of Blue Centipede

Essence of Common Centipede

Olive Striped Mushrooms

Herbal Medicinal Wood

Pet Friends